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  1. Happy Birthday Eon I hope some day you will find peace in your mind and sacrfice it all
  2. So clear up that shallow mystery and tell us the truth, maybe? Leaving things like they are now not just chain him and aramors, it chain us the blind helpers too.
  3. Abra asked for help even from me (a Marind Bell citizen) when I visited GG. After that he regularly writes pm to me regarding the aramors and their freedom. SInce I don't know why is the reason they 'must' be trapped, I'm willing to help him to build his path out of chains.
  4. Atrumist


    Don't want to open new topic so I'll post here... this is a thing I wrote for the Rain festival but it wasn't bringed over on it. [b]Song of Ba'al Hadad[/b] Pray for the rain and thunder my fellow like I taught you - cut your throat if your prayer does not sound mellow Imagine the rain crumbling in your brain with my will wrapped inside the water script offer your sacrifice and raindrops will appear Gather! Be Storm! Gather the people same like you Hit the drum all of you fall In a strange dream to crawl Gather! Be Storm! Gather the souls same like you Hit the word all of you call The cursed spirits to mourn Gather! Be Storm! Gather the bodies same like you Hit the blade all of you bleed In holy blood the rain to meet.
  5. How long will this last since I'm in Tribunal and probably me will have to learn to fly like bird and sing a song to the Oak tree
  6. MD has gone too far with this , I mean this perversdion is so damn good !
  7. [quote name='Azull' timestamp='1328134292' post='103115'] Here's another idea I've had. My appologies for the poor quality. [/quote] Thalia and Melpomene ...and some hybrid in middle
  8. Oh I see you make some redundancy in this election process hehehe good good
  9. Welcome, you must be a programmer , enjoy in the game and community
  10. the problem is that the general chat would be one for me, and different for others, so general public discussions would have to be organised with great discipline. I dont want to mention the possibility to be spammed *grins*
  11. this idea is not bad, but it seems that the programming implementation would be a little impossible except new chat boxes for the proper listener are added.
  12. I thing that this illusion is missing the point of the originial idea. Making an illusion has nothing with starting again from scratch, it is some kind of 'safe' forgetting about our exterior. Making an alt is also wortheless, only the change of the original character can do any change on its development. I don't support this useless illusion, but if a group decides to dive into an MD ascetism I maybe will consider such an action. For inner good.
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