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  1. well, at least a lot of people love Loreroot. Thnx for letting me know
  2. well, this is a more exclusive side of the Savelites Shop, so I'll peek in from time to time to see the artwork, and maybe comment on them.
  3. [quote name='I am Bored' date='09 May 2010 - 06:58 PM' timestamp='1273453136' post='59616'] So here it is, we already know how smart md is, but one thing we don't know is what type of people reside in md, so i ask this question, What line of work do you work in? NOTE: please, only active (for at least 4 months) players, and veterans respond to this, also anyone who knows what line of work an old veteran worked in who is no longer active are requested to respond, as well as state (if known) the reason the veteran left.... [/quote] Well, right now, I'm a member of the Legend Speakers and prefer to train when I can. Othertimes, I am cobbler, pedicurist, manicurist, semi-masseur, and semi-advisor (all roleplay). So, that's Flamewarrior. IRL, I'm an unemployed guy who's seeking employment, but no one is hiring in this economy.
  4. I daily check my PM box to see if my avatar is finished. If it will take more time, then I will wait.
  5. [quote name='Sir_Kamil' date='05 May 2010 - 07:50 AM' timestamp='1273067407' post='59441'] Black thorne, as allways you show True traits of a Savelite. Bravo. ill cover for the rest of the avatar's Price. and its not possible to make an avy from this tiger. you know woh bad it looks on 100x160?(if i am too keep to body of the tiger, in those proportions(forget about the tail, it will be 1/4 of the avy...tiny size. Mur will not accept it (i tried whth small avys @_@.) can you rotate it so its standing on two back paws/ (ill cover the editing price) this tiger is like...taken live from Animal Planet lol!) [/quote] well, as for a character NEXT to the tiger, i say nay, since i am more tiger than human, or at least my character is. and yes, the tiger looks hungry, very good work Blackthorne. I'll be somewhere in Loreroot, so it shouldn't be too hard to find me Kamil i should be somewhere in Loreroot Kamil, shouldn't be hard to find me
  6. I only have 5 SC, but if you could, would you possibly customize an avatar for me? preferably just a tiger laying down and sleeping would be grateful enough
  7. i only know of two life stealers, and they either target single or multiple. what if there was a lifestealer that targeted all? it would be costly, of course, but also would be worth it, cuz if the first two levels are single target, then levels 3 and 4 are multi, then the max level could be 5 or 6 with all. no other abilities or auras could be used. it's just an idea, since elementals only target multiple.
  8. I'm glad to be a Legend Speaker, I will help out as much as possible, now that I am going to college via internet.
  9. I thank everyone for their suggestions, and I'll think hard about it. As to being a smithy, I'd rather make boots, since people kind of need new boots, rather than get foot fungus from wearing their worn down, smelly ones.
  10. Dawn, I agree that MD is needing something like a Gossip Page or a Yellow Page. Considering as how the Golden Globe Gazette hasn't been running, due to low material to work on that is important, I was greatly confused after my 8 month hibernation from MD. Thus, a Yellow Page would be much appreciated. Also, when one is trying to find a conversation to join and they get a lead, they can only get there when it's after their work shift 9 hours later in real life, thus, they already lost the conversation/gossip. There are a few gossipers out there, and if the game itself had a Gossip Page, it would be quite useful, especially if the person who started the gossip remains anonymous. Granted, some role-plays should be kept OUT of the game. I only have one alternate account, and I don't plan on letting that one spin off to go and woo women into a dark alley or something. Anyway, all I'm saying is this is a great idea. I support it and I hope Mur will see this and possibly develop a code or something for it. Best of luck.
  11. Flamewarrior is a mystery even to me!!! I require help with his role in MagicDuel, Loreroot, and possibly the Guardians of the Root. So far, he can cook, give pedicures, manicures, and make new footwear for those who need it. I am willing to read ideas/suggestions.
  12. I bid 5 silver on #3, just cuz the hoagies are awesome and i missed the Superbowl. I also LOVE cheesecake. Windy, try to contact me in game please.
  13. What about "Welcome to Loreroot, mind the trees, they fight back"
  14. I have been on MD for quite awhile now, and I enjoy being in Loreroot. I consider Loreroot my home, and as an old saying goes, "If you have no peace at home, find out what's causing the trouble and get it out." That being said, I would like to join the Guardians of the Root to help defend my homeland. Please consider my application. Thank you for your time.
  15. I'm just trying to find out who all enjoys Loreroot and enjoying how it all goes down.
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