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  1. Nava

    How would you send messages in the past?

    I would use this opportunity to train, strengthen, and empower myself in time for future and past events/goals, as well as occurrences that happen within the loop (as well as creating a permanence to outcomes I desire). Once I believed it was appropriate to move on, I would summon the Traveler.
  2. Nava

    COtE disbanded

    Game mechanics alone don't constitute reality. The effects of the ritual cannot be negated by death. dst has tried to destroy something by disbanding an alliance before. Instead, Necrovion has become utterly empowered, brimming with darkness, guarded by lashtal, and his death patrol. Such a sacred place is deserving of its current circumstances, and what will come of them. And now, dst has attempted to destroy the Children of the Eclipse. Sure, she got rid of the badge, but she didn't get rid of the Children. The Children of the Eclipse live on, badge or no badge. And now...Aia has tasted death. This is important. Part of a prayer I heard by one of the well known Children goes like this: "Through the darkness of death, and light of birth, our heat flows to you as your seeds grow within us" @Aia del Mana take this opportunity to embrace the darkness of death. Your journey isn't done, while this may have seemed like a setback, you're only moving forwards.
  3. Nava

    Happy birthday Mallos :3

    Happy birthday.
  4. Happy birthday! I hope you had a special one.
  5. Once the Red Service was complete, storm clouds appeared above Necrovion. What do you think this means? And how does it connect to fenths and the Old Man? As well, why do you believe the Little Old Man became the Shadowy Old Man after the ritual?
  6. Enshrouded in darkness, you are unconcious to my influence.

    But when he reflects upon me, your inner nature comes to light.

    People become wild, enlightened, and brim with the waters that once were tame.  

    I rule over that ocean within, even when he outshines me.

    Hidden from sight in this realm, I am forgotten by all those save for the children and the nightdwellers. But not even they truly know me.

    I provide the thread to the weavers and spiders to those that wield my mysticism.

    I exist in every fear, but my goal is to soothe them.

    I am the one that you're numb to with the proper substances, and still I survive your onslaught.

    You have made me terrifying to you and thus I will terrify. But I will teach you to forsake that fear.

    You have taken me to yourselves with love, and in turn, I love you. But I always have, as time can be seen from many points.

    For what you perceive is what shall be, and the monsters will come if that's what you believe.  

    Be kind with yourself and kind it will be, when the veil is torn from underneath.


  7. So soon shall I rise.

    1. Dhyone


      The fateful day is coming...

  8. There are people waiting.  There are strands vibrating.

    You need only believe in your potential.

    1. Mallos


      my own saga, stop waiting on me, what are you expecting, I have a very short wishlist, both something I'd need to earn... something I'd learned and forgot or something not available to me from my knowledge, should I write it? is that the goal/ cant you tell us?

    2. Nava


      I promise.  It'll all work out in the end.

  9. Just because you reflect something, that doesn't mean you have it.

    1. Mallos


      put the concepts together and watch them become vivid, almost blindingly so.. Almost melts your heart

    2. Pipstickz


      I asked the question to this answer of Mur once: "Is there a difference between having all the pieces for a concept separately and having the whole thing put together?"

      He was right, of course

    3. Nava


      There is no separation.

  10. You have waited.  And now, you will find the completion that has always been.

    Soon, you can let go of that identity, its purpose served. And finally become one, just as you deserve.

    Scattered you were, and gathered you have been. Let the webbing mend the separation that limits.you.

    Know the flow and do not fear.  All's been planned, the time is near.

    1. Mallos


      ...... melt?

    2. Nava




  11. Nava

    Tithes for the Gray

    The Shades are ever present, and prepared for any meddling. These tithes will create fenths for lashtal to attain for his grand plan--just like when you sacrifice creatures to be allowed entry into Necrovion.
  12. There is this place.  

    A noisy place that echoied with silence.

    In this place, a nest was maintained.  In this place, the world was unchained yet ingrained. Attained and untrained.

    For this place there were words;  no songs, no texts, no tales...

    People who stayed awhile saw truths they came to muster.

    Into darkness, into life, as clear as day, free of strife.

    I know a place with countless passages, yet locked to all except those born of it.

    This place is vast, this place is scary, this place is last, this place is merry.

    Do you want to find this place? Then hide no longer.  Show yourselves to me. So I can help find that which'll set you free.

    Maybe you'll laugh at my suggestion, continue on your path in their digestion. 

    No war is coming, no struggle will occur.  I've already completed the grand transfer....in this place of utter grandeur.


  13. Nava


    Questions are more important than answers.
  14. Happy birthday, Granos.