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  1. Nava

    World Transition

    All is proceeding as planned, Nava. On that note, consider this my forum account.
  2. It seems that some players are stuck in a server that is about to end, unable to go to the next world. I would like the people running this game to help with this. Truth is; we are ready and waiting on you to complete the necessary work to make the transition occur. All we have right now is our imagination. There has been enough waiting.
  3. Criticism: no Shade would call another Master.
  4. 1. Ailith is Marind's mama 2. Muratus del Mur is Mur's alt 3. Aeoshattr's alts are players you know and he has a plan. 4. lashtal has a rockin bod under his robes
  5. What keeps you coming back to MagicDuel? Boredom What is your favourite thing to do in MagicDuel? Healing people (including the power-hungry ones) However, if healing then does not work: Destroy power-hungry individuals from the inside-out. They take away the joy from us all in their selfish pursuit to fill an emptiness left in them by a lack of love. This is, of course, a last-case scenario. Healing is always preferable. What do you do most often in MagicDuel? Observe the ever-changing web What do you wish there was more of in MagicDuel? Introspection without barriers. What do you wish there was less of in MagicDuel? 1. Steadfastness to outdated ideologies that consider pain to be the measure in which one is deserving of something. 2. Masks 3. Walls
  6. Nava


    No...this is more reminiscent to me in what you call the outer-world.
  7. Nava


    This form is for the forum. The background is for all.
  8. Nava


    (Quick sketch from Sushi <3) From long forgotten tombs and the ancient dream doth flow this stream, In faint echoes of a past unsundered, a grand tale is quietly uttered, First there was she, who birthed them all, and in their lust for power, they would see the world fall, To stop their actions and their might, a barrier was erected between day and night, The place of old fell to dust, and their awe-inspiring magic fell to rust, Two orbs collided then birthed two; one we live on, the other in view, Within the latter held the memories of the past, and within the former, a gateway was cast What do you dream of, what potentiality do you create? Inside your mind, at night, with fate? Fate is a book that one doth write, not an enemy for one to fight, For this is a web we live in, our subjectivity is connected. And within our futures, our hopes are erected, But hold them true and hold them fast, they exist in the present, to inspire and last, Choice and fate go hand in hand, and each is powerful, planned and unplanned, So dream with me, you who would come to the next world, you who fear not the dragon unfurled. If you wish to fly, be willing to fall, this old world we live in is the beginning of the call. The cycle has ended and began as it ends and begins. We are the last and we are the first, now I invite you all to quench your thirst. Make the world whole again, let imagination breach that which negates. And give no pause! For I am the result that is the cause.
  9. If you're not joking, it's time to get out of the mirror and into your life.
  10. Do not equate MD to the real world.
  11. I go where I please. I do not make my power in MD. I make my power in the real world.
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