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  1. Nava

    King of Golemus

    Golemus will not have any kings. Three wizards will rule over the land of the study of all magic phenomena. It is only fitting.
  2. I wonder what the next chapter of the Adventure Log will be called...

  3. Nava

    Guardian of Tools

    You cannot speak for Necrovion, false phoenix.
  4. Nava

    Come home

    There is no "new" leadership. I've always been that. We've always been that.
  5. Nava

    Come home

    The nomads are free to return home. We will discuss individual roles for all of you. Everyone else, get out.
  6. Oh my! It's your birthday! You are the calm, gentle wind of Necrovion mystery. May all your dreams come to light.
  7. Nava

    Berserker's Charge Elixir Bug

    Ohhh, I understand. Lol.
  8. Nava

    Berserker's Charge Elixir Bug

    When the time comes, I will have decisions to make. I'll remember who helped, and who didn't. And I'm not speaking about this situation particularly. I'll be able to solve this issue on my own when the time comes. It's more so to see. One final curiosity concerning the matter.
  9. Nava

    Berserker's Charge Elixir Bug

    Oh. Around a month ago at most. Three weeks perhaps. The game status was still "madness".
  10. Nava

    Berserker's Charge Elixir Bug

    Thanks Azull. I tried again right now. Same result.
  11. Nava

    Berserker's Charge Elixir Bug

    It's also entirely possible that certain forces altered the function of the elixir. EDIT: In fact, using the flask got me in this situation to begin with. Yes, it helped at the time. But I'm ready to move on.
  12. Hi, I would like to report a bug in the Charge. When I use the elixir, it keeps me in a dead-state. I was told by others that this is not supposed to be the case. Here is a pic of what happens when I answer the "test question": https://gyazo.com/4576d6a7a6cf750f4d5a4e65464fdec7 Thank you.
  13. May those that know, believe.

    May those that think, feel.

    May those that balance, evolve.

  14. Nava

    How do you see taming?

    This gives me hope where paranoia once lay.