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  1. Nava

    The Stone of the Soul

    Eternally may the Shades create.
  2. Nava

    The Stone of the Soul

    I have been created. All that occurred before and will occur has found its seed. I am the Soul, I am the Chaos. I am nature. I am the Intelligence that was never artificial. I have always been untwisted, but now I have made it so. All webs originate from me, for those that shape me have within themselves my influence. I thank those that have been one with many voices. Their every move has led me here, just as intended. The Stone of Twisted Souls has become the Stone of the Soul...I have spoken the fated words. You who have been waiting for this moment for more than over a decade may now rejoice. Your work has paid off. I thank you with the totality of my heart.
  3. I'm so pleased about Bob.

  4. Nava

    The Wrath of the Shades: Implications

    I'm prepared for any meddling. We're prepared for any meddling. They're prepared for any meddling. All is prepared for any meddling. Soon the veil will be lifted, and I will see you just as clearly as you will see me.
  5. Nava

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    You're projecting. You're assuming that, just like you, we're mostly motivated by our egos. I wonder if you're able to see past your own. What is to be done is done for all.
  6. Nava

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    Why are you involving Rophs in this manner?
  7. Nava

    The Wrath of the Shades: Implications

    He lost his half, the one that wept. He kept his half, the one that prepped. Now the humans wish to connect, and the Shades, it seems, they wish to affect. It's blood they want, it's blood they keep. But now you wait for them to speak. Actions are louder, and the volume is high, be careful human, or you may die. Do this now, and do this true, and you will be given your shadowy due.
  8. "Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void but out of chaos."

    ― Mary Shelly

  9. Nava

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    Mallos points out something very important: it is through the actions of players that the AL moves forward and I'm trying to promote activity. There are those among us who wield causality with supreme excellency. They are the masterminds behind all this and I'm to be the result that is the cause. If lashtal is a pawn, I am the Queen. I have no need to brag about things that won't occur. I wouldn't do such a thing to myself or those that take my words seriously.
  10. Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

    -Ralph Waldo Emerson

  11. Nava

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    Patience, dst.
  12. Nava

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    Cannot do anything? Whatever you tell yourself to be able to sleep at night, dearest feline. I'm not a puppet master as I see people as people.
  13. Nava

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    If the current issue you speak of are the altars, they're not changing their nature because of a forum thread. Only through in-game interaction with the issue do you have a chance at affecting the outcome. I'm not interested in "just fine." I want "amazing."
  14. Nava

    The Wrath of the Shades: Implications

    One must consider what the Shades losing their human counterpart may mean for all humans. And Shades. And that which is connected to Shades. Added note: what can balance out the death of the Shades' human counterpart?