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  1. Or he decided not to sell. He did say if the price is right he would sell them. Maybe the price was not right so he decided not to sell maybe. He does hold the right to do so if he did. No deal was made it appears.
  2. I do believe bloodprince went back to being inactive
  3. It's only usable once every six months chew. Revive potion might be useless to you but maybe not to someone else. Youd know that if you asked about the revival in the dead.
  4. Sticking to 40 gold 1 revive potion for everything ?
  5. 40 gold and 1 revive potion
  6. 40 gold everything
  7. 37 gold evrything
  8. 35 gold every thing
  9. As topic says, Selling some and others are free. Price minimum is stated next to item. Resources, Avy's, Spell Stones, creatures, common items. All these will come and go. Check up from time to time as i will constantly update when able. Please keep topic to bidding only please. 5 Toxic Gas - 6sc 2 Skin - 4sc 35 Lonsdaleite Shards - 5sc 28 Pure Gold - 1gc 8 Paper- 4sc 110 Fine Sand - 5sc 7 Rock Salt - 2sc 227 Unidentified Ore - 5sc 6 Syntropic Dust - 4sc 2 Wiiya- 2sc 8 Timeless dust - 3sc 26 Water - 5sc 103 Gems - 5sc 4 Flowers - free 21 Toxic plants -3 sc 23 Unidentified plants - 3sc 8 Aromatic herbs - 2sc 19 Tea leaves - 2sc 88 Clay - 4sc 5 Gravel - 5sc 70 Tree bark - 5 sc 217 Rare Metals - 5sc 10 Pebble - 5sc 44 Uncut Diamond - 5sc 20 Golemus dust- 3sc 74 Bones - 2gc Sawdust - free Cup of Cold Tea - free 55 Sticky Goop- 3sc 1556 Iron Ore - 3gc 1 Santa heavy age - 10gc 2, Root warriors decent age- 1gc - each 1 pimp , some age - 10sc 1 Imp , decent age - 10sc 1, BMMO Attack lock spell stone - 10sc 1, BMMO Move lock spell stone - 10 sc Avatars can be viewed here... Prices are stated in ATC line..... Avy's and others will be posted later.......
  10. 30 gold for everything listed
  11. 28 gold for the whole lot
  12. Actually just make it 12 gold whole lot. I just added up all that silver you got ledah. ?
  13. I'll start at 10 gold for the whole lot
  14. How much for the lot?
  15. Would magicduel accept a trade in goldening my current avy for all my extra gold avys? If no I'd say 4 gold each
  16. Bump
  17. Tomorrow is a myth
  18. Happy Bday Azull
  19. list updated
  20. Accepted - Comes to 1gc 14sc . a forum pm will be sent to you shortly Accepted- comes to 1gc 4sc. a forum pm will be sent to you also
  21. Selling gold avy. Dont particularly care for this one. 4 gold minimum bid. Or trade for services.
  22. No problem. Let me know if your interested. I may be open to other services but not 100% yes or no
  23. Make fenth collectors and memory stone collectors available for people to grab themselves. Otherwise some one has to rely on a goleman with access to the lab to grab them one. Which is rare.
  24. I want/need someone to make me stone tablets. That's currently the only services I am looking for. Although this kind of service does take time due to having to make them and wait for the process time
  25. Maybe I just don't know enough about them. I'll just stop here.