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  1. Sign is wrong part II

    The sign at gateways stair gate reads like so Its important to read signposts before doing anything else. Try picking up the Rain collector, but not the Shovel, then go back to the Dock and pick your reward. The item is not accessible if you pick the shovel first, usually you won't be told such secret tips, but you can ask around others to find them out. Don't worry, each choice has its own interesting outcome, there is no wrong move, just deadly ones... This sign really doesnt have much wrong with it other than the first part, Its important to read signposts before doing anything else.. Why is this itself not a sign at the dock, where players first start off. This is one of the few last signs they'll read while on gateway and its not the first? I am asking if the sign at stairgate in gate way would have the first sentence be taken out and moved to its own sign at gateway dock. i feel it would be better placed. any thoughts are up for opinion
  2. Protector Papers Bug

    I'd be happy to help. You know where you can always find me in game 😉
  3. Sign is wrong

    i have went through every sign on gateway and read them all more than once. Not one sign says your inventory is on the left. The sign for the mattock says it can be picked up on the left, not that it is in your inventory is on the left. I feel this may have been a player just breeze reading and did not understand due to rushing? I honestly dont see anything wrong with this sign. However there is one sign i feel that could be better written and another sign that should be made at the dock
  4. Sign is wrong

    No problem chew I'll do it now
  5. Snow is falling

    I can do this. If you'd like I can make an update and a new art folder for this. Just a thought , but what if it is a perm holiday quest that can be done one select holidays, like Xmas, Halloween, Easter, maybe valentines day. And each holiday it's open to do the prizes would be different, maybe make the Xmas version the one with better rewards? Again just thoughts. I like this idea mallos. Would be nice for more artwork to be added here on the forums
  6. Renting memory stone and reality collectors

    It's a shared one. I'll pass it to you when I get home. Not a problem
  7. Renting memory stone and reality collectors

    I currently have one I can pass you chew
  8. Snow is falling

    First time I've ever done anything like this. I actually found it a bit frustrating to get it how I wanted it , but this is the best o was able to do. Hope you all like it.
  9. AP bug

    Be happy fang, I had almost 500 max ap when I died the first time. It took me down to 192 as a max ap now.
  10. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    Its normal , The "Bottled emotions are that of a nameless person or thing. Its not like the personal item " MRF's Bottled emotions" Its part of the new rare items mur has released for x days. Its an uncommon item, not a personal one.
  11. Social media manager

    Hello all, Me and chewett could use a new social media manager. Mainly on Twitter and Facebook. Right now the other managers we had have been highly inactive with this job. We also now have a new social media app we have been expiermenting with right now. So things are busy. We need 1 maybe 2 people that are active on social media said above. Please know how to use these sites before applying. (Note.. discord may not be an option but can be discussed with chew) If interested Submit your reply here and state a reason you are a good choice. Please know this is not a role tag job. No tag will be given to you. I also can not promise you will be rewarded for this job either. This job is to help with our advertising on social media and posting things such as new features that effect every one in md to new land releases and more. This is to help encourage new players to come and even old players to come back. Thank you to all who apply , if picked you will be given a message with more details.
  12. Snow is falling

    Can we do more than one scene?
  13. Mobile doesnt work with intro MD questions

    Just keep up that awesome wookie magic we all appreciate the work your doing.
  14. Mobile doesnt work with intro MD questions

    I said almost any game. I didnt know. Its starting to look fairly good. but the mobile link works worst than me just using chrome browser on my phone. I never use the mobile link tired before but couldnt do much with it besides talk and check messages
  15. Mobile doesnt work with intro MD questions

    Also i can just go to the regular site on my phone browser and be able to do more on that than you can with the md mobile link
  16. Mobile doesnt work with intro MD questions

    that works yes but it is still limited. there is no movement, no item passing, no attacking ect. So its right back to it being limited and still needing more availability
  17. Mobile doesnt work with intro MD questions

    I know this is not on subject but ive seen a few players leave md without even passing the dock cause they were on their phone. Md only works with certain browsers on phones and from what i have seen (i may be wrong) these browsers make people alts. I still believe MD needs more availability. Almost anygame you can play on a computer can also be played on almost any phone. We need more availability for md. Sorry to take it off subject
  18. Mur took the uncolored lr archers away from loreroot. He said they may be available again through building (like other buildable crits) The lr archer still hasn't been put back to my knowledge
  19. the Knator . One of my most favorite critters as it is the closest ill likely ever get to having a hound in md, also because their artwork. I love watching my knators level up
  20. Social media manager

    I kindly ask to keep this post on topic please Thank you
  21. WTS memory stones

    Well I know he is making tablets, cause nobody else would do it for me no matter what I offered. So he is helping me with making them. So does the tablet processor consume a whole stack even if above 20 mem stones? I havent got to make one of my own yet I don't think. I just remember buying one from someone
  22. Murmas cookies

    Ok thank you chew
  23. Murmas cookies

    Hello, Seems I have no cookies. Also did not have any last year. Is this because I had once upon a time used all the ones I had x murmas's ago? If so is it fixed by a shop reset? Just wondering thanks
  24. Murmas cookies

    So all branches? Or certain ones? I had looked in them all so I'm going with what chew had said, but what of this new player? Wrong branch likely?