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  1. Bump
  2. As topic says, Selling some and others are free. Price minimum is stated next to item. Resources, Avy's, Spell Stones, creatures, common items. All these will come and go. Check up from time to time as i will constantly update when able. Please keep topic to bidding only please. 5 Toxic Gas - 6sc 2 Skin - 4sc 35 Lonsdaleite Shards - 5sc 28 Pure Gold - 1gc 8 Paper- 4sc 110 Fine Sand - 5sc 7 Rock Salt - 2sc 227 Unidentified Ore - 5sc 6 Syntropic Dust - 4sc 2 Wiiya- 2sc 8 Timeless dust - 3sc 26 Water - 5sc 103 Gems - 5sc 4 Flowers - free 21 Toxic plants -3 sc 23 Unidentified plants - 3sc 8 Aromatic herbs - 2sc 19 Tea leaves - 2sc 88 Clay - 4sc 5 Gravel - 5sc 70 Tree bark - 5 sc 217 Rare Metals - 5sc 10 Pebble - 5sc 44 Uncut Diamond - 5sc 20 Golemus dust- 3sc 74 Bones - 2gc Sawdust - free Cup of Cold Tea - free 55 Sticky Goop- 3sc 1556 Iron Ore - 3gc 1 Santa heavy age - 10gc 2, Root warriors decent age- 1gc - each 1 pimp , some age - 10sc 1 Imp , decent age - 10sc 1, BMMO Attack lock spell stone - 10sc 1, BMMO Move lock spell stone - 10 sc Avatars can be viewed here... Prices are stated in ATC line..... Avy's and others will be posted later.......
  3. Tomorrow is a myth
  4. Happy Bday Azull
  5. list updated
  6. Accepted - Comes to 1gc 14sc . a forum pm will be sent to you shortly Accepted- comes to 1gc 4sc. a forum pm will be sent to you also
  7. No problem. Let me know if your interested. I may be open to other services but not 100% yes or no
  8. Selling gold avy. Dont particularly care for this one. 4 gold minimum bid. Or trade for services.
  9. Make fenth collectors and memory stone collectors available for people to grab themselves. Otherwise some one has to rely on a goleman with access to the lab to grab them one. Which is rare.
  10. I want/need someone to make me stone tablets. That's currently the only services I am looking for. Although this kind of service does take time due to having to make them and wait for the process time
  11. Maybe I just don't know enough about them. I'll just stop here.
  12. Problem i feel it will cause though is that most spell docs now are unavailable due to inactive players holding them. (unless im wrong) Who's to say these new docs wont end up the same? I would love to see some way a player can obtain these docs publicly , maybe through the research clues they get lead somewhere to obtain a doc. IDK just a wild idea
  13. I dont know if this is already a thing, or if it can or cant be done. I would love to see an auto translation to X players native RL language. What i mean by this is if X player is from (just an example) Russia , then every thing is in Russian. Including when using live chat. So if player X from Russia doesnt not know any other lanuage but wants to talk to player Z , and player Z is from the USA and only knows english. Some kind of auto translate for the live chat and possibly messaging system would possibly bring in more players. As of right now MD seems to be mostly English based. I think the forum may be nice to have such a feature also. If it was done if could be something you have to turn on, or off in the settings menu of said player. Just a thought
  14. I was wondering if id be getting a 12 anni participation medal/ achievement ? Or if they have even been given out?
  15. If still available I'd like it. I don't mind paying for it either. Message me and let me know or post here. Thanks.
  16. Thank you for your participation. I will be sending the pm out in a few hours. Currently at work , so I don't have the time at this very second to write it all. Next time I was thinking the same. Just judge it myself. Thanks
  17. Story time, and a new Journey Duration: Entire md bday (and possibly a few days after depending on circumstances ) Requirements: Any mind power welcome. 1 account per player. Judging: Judging will solely be based off of forum rep. Neg rep will not be counted Reward/s: 1st place to 3rd place : Gateway tour for an hour or two, and an 12th anni creature (rules of visiting Gateway will be given to the top 3 winners) 4th and 5th get 1 gold (sponsored by me) and 12th anni creature. I may give a wp also. We'll see . All other participants will get cake and spell stones (sponsored by chew) Task/s: There are 3 tasks to this. Each task must be posted separately..... 1st: Tell a story in game, or on this post about when you first came to MD and tell about your journey that made you who you are now. (If story is told in game it must be logged and posted, so others can enjoy the story, and judging reasons) The story does not have to be long but a good story. 2nd: Some how create a scene from some part of your journey. New or old, and post it to this thread. It doesnt have to be perfect. You may use what ever you need to, to re-create this scene. (please include your character in the scene) Get creative with this 3rd: After all that is said and done, you must go to a land that is not a land you care for, one you particularly dont like and you must do something good for it. This can be through RP, preforming tasks for said land, Helping its queen or king for a day. Whatever it is you decide to do for this land it must be documented and posted to this thread. (This does not mean go sprinkle some water on a tree and be done, actually do something) I hope to be reading some good stories
  18. Contest has now ended. Pipstickz wins 1st place by default as he was the only entry. @Pipstickz I will be sending you a pm of the rules visiting gateway island, i will also contact chew about the anni crit promised. @Chewett i will be including you in this pm. Sorry to those who felt it was to much. Maybe around MD xmas time i may be able to do another quest similar. Maybe.
  19. As I have done so before I will sell my plushies to those taking part in the plushie contest. I will only be keeping one anyways. I may also let someone barrow them to help them win. Message me and we can work it out 😆 I wonder who will win the plushie contest this year
  20. I will end this quest after the plushie contest ends.
  21. moved to my own blog. i dont have time for people with no life that like to troll.
  22. I'll be on but mostly afk. I've been very busy
  23. Thank you WittyLeWat. This quest was made because MUR had encouraged me to do this. He thought it was intresting to see how people looked at md a bit and how every one sees things differently and I have the same intrest in what people see things as................ I hope all enjoy this To everyone else below is my new quest. Enjoy everyone. I hope to see every body try this.
  24. I never planned on using negative forum rep. That is something i should had noted. It wouldnt be that fair. Change was noted
  25. 2 judges are still inactive. Since it has been so long and i have not been able to get new judges when asked i will reward the wp to Aethon. Please no more enterys as i am going to change the rules to better suit this problem. Nice work Aethon. Also looking for reffercul for his wp.