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  1. MD anniversary plushie auction

    😂 miss read your post.
  2. MD anniversary plushie auction

    73 mine , 5 azull
  3. MD anniversary plushie shop

    Item 1: Anni creature 2018. 20 plushies
  4. MD anniversary plushie auction

    Item 7: Darkling. Age: 2022. 25 plushies Item 3: Death fenth. 10 plushies Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 10 plushies
  5. Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound

    I havent remade the rules and redone this yet. So at this very moment I am sad to say no its not active. Since you are showing interest I will work on it tonight and have it ready to be reopened in a day or two
  6. Discord Emoji Competition

    I never entered your competition soooo technically how am I disqualified? Makes no sense. Dont you mean to say I am not allowed to partake in your quest? Sounds more senseable since I never entered this quest
  7. Extreme Magicduel

    He probably could if he tried. But each day I gain more and more soo...... It may be a while before he achieves it. Hope he does though.