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  1. Story time , and a new Journey

    I may have by accident. A while ago my message inbox was full and I cleared out alot of the older messages. Sorry for this. Can you add me back, or if anything please start a new pm with me and chew.
  2. Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound

    Could had been some reason. Like inactivity or rl things. I will look into this later today when home and get this issue fixed for you. Sorry about the issue that seems to be at hand.
  3. Story time , and a new Journey

    Please bump the pm. Thank you. Sorry this was not finished. I will work on getting this fixed and squared up right away.
  4. Caretaking your heads!

    I would say the same
  5. Caretaking your heads!

    If you can not attack and nobody can attack you , what's the point to entering a fighting contest? If you can not fight or be attacked then imo, this is not the contest for you (a dead player). To be honest because of this, I feel dead players shouldn't be able to participate in a fighting contest, as even two dead players still can not attack one another. I vote to ban dead players from fighting contests like this one due to these reasons below 1. They can not fight 2. They can not be fought/attacked 3. They can not recruit creatures 4. They are constantly recalled to the graveyard so this means they can not sit in a place long enough for players to attack them. 5. All reasons said above create a 100% unfair advantage for both the dead , and alive players, and waste alive players time in a contest of this sort
  6. Caretaking your heads!

    Are you not still dead? If so I don't find it fair since people can't attack dead players.
  7. Caretaking your heads!

    If each mp level reaches 6 players I will sponsor 1 wp for each mp level, not just mp5. However i do agree that it's more likely to happen with mp5 before any other mp level And the critter up for grabs makes me want to participate also 🤔
  8. Homepage artworks broken

    I can confirm the same for me. Rechecked.
  9. Homepage artworks broken

    Images seems to be working fine for me. (Old links?) I don't know what links your talking of

    Since there is no set value for TST's I think 1 TST =10gc=50 credits would be a nice set value for the TST's.

    15sc=1gc= 5 credits that's how that's been for as long as I've been playing and can remember. Usable items, can vary, same with TST's. I don't think there is a set value for TST's. I may be wrong as I've never bought one or seen them sold, only traded.
  12. WTR out tools.

    Hello all, I am now renting my perm herb basket, and my heat solidifier. Not really looking for coin. But I will accept it as payment. I would prefer payment be in memory stones. But I will also accept other offers. These tools are open to rent for anyone. Tools will be rented out in the order they are received. Based on how long you would like to rent either tool is based on the renting price. Since I would rather have memory stones as payment here is how I think it is fair pricing to rent out. My perm herb basket, 3 memory stones for 1 day. My heat solidifier, 5 memory stones for 1 day. Looking forward to doing business with whom ever. BSR.
  13. Caretaking your heads!

    Don't forget the rewards I said I would sponsor
  14. Triggerbox improvement

    So are you saying the trigger box basically would have it's own little box for tips while the trigger box still shows weather ect.? One thing I have noticed is some tips are to long and there is no way to scroll down to see the rest of the tip.
  15. I. am. BACK!

    Have not met , but welcome back.