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  1. Or he decided not to sell. He did say if the price is right he would sell them. Maybe the price was not right so he decided not to sell maybe. He does hold the right to do so if he did. No deal was made it appears.
  2. I do believe bloodprince went back to being inactive
  3. It's only usable once every six months chew. Revive potion might be useless to you but maybe not to someone else. Youd know that if you asked about the revival in the dead.
  4. Sticking to 40 gold 1 revive potion for everything 😆
  5. 40 gold and 1 revive potion
  6. 40 gold everything
  7. 37 gold evrything
  8. 35 gold every thing
  9. 30 gold for everything listed
  10. 28 gold for the whole lot
  11. Actually just make it 12 gold whole lot. I just added up all that silver you got ledah. 😆
  12. I'll start at 10 gold for the whole lot
  13. How much for the lot?
  14. Would magicduel accept a trade in goldening my current avy for all my extra gold avys? If no I'd say 4 gold each
  15. Bump