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  1. Honor points at MP3

    Not to be rude in anyway ungod, but yes I think we all want a solution, not a quick fix. But again you do have some good ideas and valid points, but a quick fix here is not the solution here. We need a perm fix/ long term fix.
  2. Honor points at MP3

    I agree with Eon's and neno' s post. Most people leave MD cause almost nobody talks, or new players almost never get to level up to the next mp. When these new players finally do make it to mp4 it makes most mp3s stuck with little people to fight and the new mp4 is almost all by him/herself to figure out who they can fight right now. There are more mp3s than mp4s. To be honest I've only seen maybe 3 or 4 mp4s in the past year alone. And I feel that's a generous number. This may be out of context to say this , but MD is dying because MD does not evolve with the ever changing gaming technologies. Almost nobody plays computer games anymore, and most people that do play computer games are able to play it on their phones or tablets. MD is currently not compatible with a phone. It is slightly but it's very limited. This is just a suggestion/theroy, what if MD had its own app that allows you to play like you would normally on a computer. Approx 85% of people who play games are apps on their phones. So why not MD take a chance and make its own app for the game? I honestly feel this may be the only thing that brings life back to md. Not everybody has a computer but 90% of people have a phone yes? Just my thoughts on this. MD needs to evolve like all other games have. I've found several mmorpg's that have both an app, and a regular computer website. And these games are thriving. Don't believe me you can find many examples in Google play . Again just my thoughts/opinion @ungod you do make some valid points but I still agree with Eon and neno.
  3. WTS Creatures

    I withdraw my bids. There has been no update as to if any will be sold, and I believe bloodprince Is inactive again.
  4. Is the rightbar entirely broken?

    My primary laptop is also about 7 years old. Time for a new one come xmas time. However I mainly use MD on chrome. Recently alot of weird things have been going on with chrome. Sometimes when I log back in from being idle it will open a new page and still keep the old one saying I'm idle.(So one chrome page shows me the idle screen and the new page that opened is regular gameplay page) this sometimes happens with no matter what I click it'll open a entirely new page. (Still me just gives me multiple pages.) Another thing that's been a problem that I thought wasn't a big deal as you (chew) said you've been fixing stuff ect ect, sometimes my moodpanel does not work, and sometime the entire right menu bar won't work. (Like the problem you are having) I've tried refreshing, clearing my cache , even resetting my computer. It sometimes works but not always. Another big problem I seem to have on chrome sometimes is nothing at all will load. (Java script is on, pop ups for md are allowed on my computer.) So I'm not sure what's been causing this to happen. Also sometimes when I type in chat it won't show. I've had to type the same thing 3 to 4 times for it to show in chat. I do believe this is the only problems I have when using.chrome. Hope this all helps. Thanks for all your work chew -BSR
  5. Chrome screen loader doesnt not work............

    Worked. Thanks
  6. Chrome screen loader doesnt not work............

    Not at home right now but I will check to see if that works. Thanks
  7. Chrome screen loader doesnt not work............

    chat and everything else works fine. no matter the account i use it does this. Also yes i cleared my cache and still did not work. It doesnt seem to matter what scene as each of my accounts do this so i cant move with them or anything. Items are working fine just this appears to be the only problem i am getting. Also doesnt show my stats http://imgur.com/a/3MRjw
  8. As topic says........ Chrome Screen loader for the scenes images isnt working. Firefox however appears to be working just fine. Not sure if this is a bug or if it was already discussed about. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  9. WTS Creatures

    Or he decided not to sell. He did say if the price is right he would sell them. Maybe the price was not right so he decided not to sell maybe. He does hold the right to do so if he did. No deal was made it appears.
  10. WTS Creatures

    I do believe bloodprince went back to being inactive
  11. WTS Creatures

    It's only usable once every six months chew. Revive potion might be useless to you but maybe not to someone else. Youd know that if you asked about the revival in the dead.
  12. WTS Creatures

    Sticking to 40 gold 1 revive potion for everything ?
  13. WTS Creatures

    40 gold and 1 revive potion
  14. WTS Creatures

    40 gold everything