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  1. Gateway bug #2

    No it works like the announcements and mur said he wants it to stay like that so you can't hide in a sanctuary with heads
  2. MD Christmas 2017 Helper

    Have all current Xmas quest recorded
  3. MD Christmas 2017 Helper

    I've already started 😁
  4. Newbie Christmas plans

    yes they will . even though story mode isnt active anymore you still get things from the PC that lead up to opening the UG
  5. Newbie Christmas plans

    This would be somewhat easy, i could do this if i were to have my tools back but This could be an organized tour for xmas, and they can also have a choice to stay on the mainland as well. With the gateway tour tools you are able to bring them back to the island if they still hold the tour pin badge. Each online player for this day can receive this tour badge and enjoy 1 of two things . #1 , they can take part in the xmas event and gather their presents from the tree and then return to the island after all said and done just by using the current gateway tools. #2 is exactly like number 1 except they can have a choice to stay on the mainland as a (early tour) gift in this case they would get a normal tour as well. Also there could be another option to bring it to the island. A xmas tree could possibly be placed at the top of the mountain. A tree exactly alike and is some how linked to the xmas tree on the mainland so no players can get double presents. However i think the first option would be the easiest and safest way for the current new commers
  6. MD Christmas 2017 Helper

    I would like to apply for this position please
  7. Gateway bug #2

    thank you
  8. Gateway bug #2

    Not sure if the heads thing mur did last night has anything to do with this, but this is a sanctuary so shouldnt a player be safe here? Or does the heads hill tag also have something to do with it? I know for certain before mur did the heads stuff last night that you could not be attacked here at this location. Can some one enlighten me on this?
  9. New Player Thoughts

    >>>>>>Something else.. About bringing basic fights to the island.. I think its good..in one of the closed places of the island. ..but i don't want crit recruiting..i want something more personal like crits given by guardians. I am not sure we have enough people for such a thing there..but what do you think? I think 5 or 6 mp7s on the island would help in training. Each guardian has a different fighting level. So the newbie can try different battle settings ECT. However I also think it would be good to let a newbie cap at mp3 on the island , so at mp4 on the mainland they can at least have a new experience and be able to play with their active heat.
  10. Gappys Request

    There is no need for extra resources on the island. These items are for the clickable boat in gateway island. If a new comer is able to fill it, they can use it to leave, but it is meant to be used through interaction and trading. As you can see there are items it requires them to use that newbies are not usually equipped with. This makes them learn to trade or preform small quests to earn these items from said guardian. These items are supposed to come from the mainland from a merchant of sorts. Though it has not been fully organized the boat is fully functional and works fine.
  11. 666 achievement

  12. 666 achievement

    Loyalty is easy to obtain yes, but anyone else could had gotten it before me. I don't see why I couldn't get it.
  13. 666 achievement

    Hello all. I am asking for the mark of the beast 666 achievement for my gateway loyalty. I do believe I am the first to get this amount of loyalty for gateway and first to record it. If I remember the rules are you must have 666 or 6666 of something that someone else has not already done. I do believe this counts. Will be waiting on a response. Thanks
  14. Giving away 1 gold avatar. For newer players only. Send me a forum pm if any newer player would like one. Please make sure you have the ability to use an avatar.

    1. Nava


      That's so sweet of you.  I respect you for this as well.

  15. Oh man. I forgot the pass. Now I need to find where I wrote it down at 😑