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  1. Blackshade Rider

    what could help with player retention on Gateway?

    It could be a lot of work yes, but it would be for the better. Many other games do it this way, and do it successfully. My solution to this may be some work but it is simple. When a player first starts off they see a 7 page long intro. I feel it could be better if a tutorial was implemented similar to the old days. What i mean by that is the paper cabin days. A player on gateway when starting has a few things to click. One of which is a sign with a nice message telling them to click stuff and so on. But they are already able to click everything, unlike in the PC days you had to do it step by step. So when a player begins they should get a one page greeting, but it also say to click everything and revisit locations often and such. When a player first clicks a tab such as the creature tab for example it should show them a small tutorial on how to heal their creatures, whats used to heal creatures, and how/where to use CTC's When a player clicks on the new quest page , which was once the progress page they should get a small tutorial about the forums and how a lot of the game does take place on there. And so on. Or even the possibility of a video tutorial. I feel a video tutorial would be a great possibility to explain things in more detail quickly. This video could be implemented in such a way that it forces a player to do step by step instructions to play. It doesn't even need to be long as only the main tabs would need to be explained. the chest icons and such can be learned as they go, However i feel a tutorial for the inventory is more so needed. I've noticed a lot of new players quit cause they felt it was to complicated. Also the island needs a form of NPC for them to learn to fight on. Maybe a journey up the mountain and on the way down they could be forced to get in a fight, if they have creatures. Ive had thought of another scene thats unseen that could be full of NPC's for then to train on. The biggest issue though is most quit due to the lack of MP3 and MP4 players. I feel MP3 and MP4 should be taken out and they start at MP5. With this can come new stages in the future possibly. We have MP6 MP7, and i think MP8 was a thing but i am unsure. But this could also be fixed if MP3 and MP4 could just attack and MP5. I think another fun Idea would be to have a mind power that is based on your active days. Like 2 or 3k and above. It would show the elite players that are vets and such. It could be. I feel more achievements can also be added, such as a 3k activity day or maybe something else. The live help option is just about done as ive noticed most new players dont use it as a lho may be online but they could be idle. can can cause an issue. A player can get frustrated after not getting a response due to one not being online. Another big thing would be if Md had an app of sorts that would allow the player to play normally. With this could bring a hoard of new features and players. Possibly even have players return due to lack of not having a computer. The idea is to keep the player interested till they get the hang of everything. When they get bored they register is as a boring game to them, and then quit. The guardians have messaged players and told them this. Problem is most dont reply or speak at all. Such as they wish to do it themselves. We cant help the players who dont want to respond, but if we can get them to understand whats going on without anyone messaging them then that may help retain players. Thats the thing. To much text is boring. Most players leave just from the forced mass reading they need to do from the start, and i feel is poorly explained and could be better.
  2. Blackshade Rider

    WTB Heat stones

    Ill rent you my heat solidifier freely if you let me have a few of the stones you make.
  3. Blackshade Rider

    what could help with player retention on Gateway?

    I used to keep numbers but once they started getting so high I just stopped keeping track. I agree with the above statement. I've seen players quit just from the long read when they first start. Personally I feel a lot of new players don't want to be bumbarded with a bunch of reading from the start. I feel for new players that the reading should be spread out as they learn. An example would be they get a greeting and a small read on how to move and such, but then when a player clicks on their fight log or creature page they then get another greeting that talk specifically to that section. ( Sorry at work so I'm just quickly typing) Same would go with the message tab. A new player clicks the tab for the first time and gets a greeting about how to use the message system and how you can upgrade it from the MD shop. Does this make sense? Please do tell as like I stated I quickly typed this so I could get back to work. Thanks
  4. buying usuable items and tools for credits. Pm me with what you got and let's make a deal😉

  5. Blackshade Rider

    What can I do?

    Well your waiting for something that will come, just in the wrong spot Like I said if you are that interested in helping new players speak to chew about being a possible guardian. Or wait until us guardians bring the players, or if a player manages to make it themselves. All in all the worst that could be said is no, but in any case us guardains do enjoy having help when we bring them to the mainland. It can make our job a bit easier.
  6. Blackshade Rider

    What can I do?

    Well new players no longer start at the paper cabin. They now start on gateway island. We have been getting new players. Gateway just works differently than the mainland. Its more of a purgatory state for new players so us guardians/gateway keepers can monitor and help then as needed. I would say you may ask chew about becoming a gateway guardian if you wish to help with new players that much. There were 4 of us guardians but sadly I have not seen klawdees in a long time. You can also find us guardians sometimes bringing new players to the mainland, sometimes they are able to find a way themselves. This is also another way for you to help them , when they are brought to the mainland. New players can be seen with gateway island citizenship. Though ive seen a few able to make it into a land and even one made it into an alliance.
  7. Blackshade Rider

    Social media manager

    Thank you for your application. I will send you a pm with further details
  8. Blackshade Rider

    Quest Filter~

    I do yes. Sorry ive been inactive so long. Had some health and rl issues I needed to handle
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    MD anniversary plushie auction

  10. Blackshade Rider

    MD anniversary plushie auction

    73 mine , 5 azull
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    MD anniversary plushie auction

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    MD anniversary plushie auction

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    MD anniversary plushie auction

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    MD anniversary plushie auction

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    MD anniversary plushie auction