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  1. What can I do?

    Well your waiting for something that will come, just in the wrong spot Like I said if you are that interested in helping new players speak to chew about being a possible guardian. Or wait until us guardians bring the players, or if a player manages to make it themselves. All in all the worst that could be said is no, but in any case us guardains do enjoy having help when we bring them to the mainland. It can make our job a bit easier.
  2. What can I do?

    Well new players no longer start at the paper cabin. They now start on gateway island. We have been getting new players. Gateway just works differently than the mainland. Its more of a purgatory state for new players so us guardians/gateway keepers can monitor and help then as needed. I would say you may ask chew about becoming a gateway guardian if you wish to help with new players that much. There were 4 of us guardians but sadly I have not seen klawdees in a long time. You can also find us guardians sometimes bringing new players to the mainland, sometimes they are able to find a way themselves. This is also another way for you to help them , when they are brought to the mainland. New players can be seen with gateway island citizenship. Though ive seen a few able to make it into a land and even one made it into an alliance.
  3. Social media manager

    Thank you for your application. I will send you a pm with further details
  4. Quest Filter~

    I do yes. Sorry ive been inactive so long. Had some health and rl issues I needed to handle
  5. I have been getting alot of messages. I will respond when i can. I am dealing with health and personal RL issues. Hopefully ill be back soon. Sorry to anyone waiting on a message from me. Ill get to it in do time.

    1. Pipstickz


      Due time*

      a lot*

      Sorry to go all grammar nazi! Best wishes <3

    2. Sashimi


      Take care! 

  6. MD anniversary plushie auction

    😂 miss read your post.
  7. MD anniversary plushie auction

  8. MD anniversary plushie auction

    73 mine , 5 azull
  9. MD anniversary plushie auction

  10. MD anniversary plushie auction

  11. MD anniversary plushie auction

  12. MD anniversary plushie auction

  13. MD anniversary plushie auction

  14. MD anniversary plushie auction

  15. MD anniversary plushie auction