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  1. Do i include as a fossil? I usually come at around christmas play 4-5 months, then quit again, and repeat. Have been doing this for around 3 christmas now. Or does fossil count as only coming out on christmas and leaving on christmas? Ofc i didnt get any gift this year due to the requirement, although would love 1 for future quest reward, or just for the sake of giving.
  2. Good to see people using my Avatar ^^. Am soo lost >.<, stuck in a random place in the lands of the east, and each move talks 70ap. This is going to take a while, before i reach no mans land, But expect my return!
  3. Eh, Hello people ^^, like things short and simple, so ill say im back!... Temporary, as usual . You guys see the trend xD.
  4. For those that may, or may not know me, but this is the Goodbye for the 2nd time.(first time was sudden) But this time i will annouce it. And thats all im gna say about it. So ye bye bye MD. Mr Mystery and all his Alts.
  5. What is good? Good is a subjective matter, in which the term good itself have no meaning to the world around you other then you, yourself. What is your best physical attribute? A hard choice to decide, If i look at it towards myself, i would say my complex inner body systems. It tends to keep me alive, and therefore would be the best physical attribute. What is your best non-physical attitude? Being cold but caring, at times of need. What is 2 + 2? 2 + 2 by itself proves no value, as the units are not specified. What do you know? I know what i want to know, and yet a bit more, then what i sought for.
  6. @BC, am not intrested in Imps and Jokers.
  7. 1)Age 231 -6GC No tokens 2)Age 307 [claw1][claw2][blooddrop2][blooddrop1][blooddrop3][stardust][blacktear][onyxfangs][goldbelt][claw3][emeraldglare][enlightning] 12 Tokens Will accept GC. Other types of Drachs(If needed coins can be added. Only intrested in GG Rein Windy. Will add coins if needed. Will only sell no.2 if it involves another Drach, or is intresting(items, etc) Will be sold when satisfied.
  8. Nope, another last min bid made it. I cross out as sold when trade is over.
  9. Auction is over. Could the bidders contact me. For GC, im not able to make the transaction just yet, as im stuck in storymode, will annouced when im out. And Burns Combo Trade offer accepted.
  10. [attachment=2489:Card.jpg ]Recieved from Yala
  11. Its hard to say, but the reason which i didnt highlight your bid is due to the combo deals, which i value higher, but i might still change my mind at the last moment. but if you want me to reconsider your offer, by adding 1 gold, would make me change my opinion on a lot of other bids too. PS. Will not sell the sharptears/markmans, for less then 1 gold.
  12. Highlighted Bids that im willing to trade for. If its part of a combo trade, then it will most likely go to the combo trade, unless something intresting comes up. 3 more days left
  13. Ill decide which one fo the following Combo trade crits, i value the highest tommorow. @ Shadowseeker, can you pm me the full token list? @ adio Sorry not intrested in BP's. :/
  14. its pretty hard to decide, but the GG and rein right now is what most intrest me. But i'll decide in a day or two which i will value more.
  15. @ Udgard. Sorry am not intrested in Avys.
  16. Am not so intrested in Rustys, More on Reins and GG. @shadowseeker and Burns But ill think about your offer.
  17. Can a mod change this to WTS assorted? *Gna add more crits*
  18. I ran over a cup of cacoa on a train because i think i need some serious help. Haha
  19. thats why i said negiotiable. If someone wants to buy it immediately without any negotiations, they can pay that price. Otherwise we can set up a deal then. and 7 credits arnt tradable now is it? cause 5 credit packs.
  20. As title says wts GC for credits. Price can be negiotiated. 1 GC 15 credits -- Immediate 2 GC for 25 credits -- Immediate
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