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  1. Well one could easily have assumed that used in a pile means like the way the memory stones work. Just pass the pile and then get it back with some used away. I'm not against the pile system. I just think that maybe a onetime free splitting would be nice. With a loss. Say split in half lose one half and then split the other half into 6.
  2. There was no way to use most of the the raw material and for a lot still ain't. So now when someone has gathered for 3-5 years you want them to throw it all away? Splitting once by two with wp is not even close to sane. In short, Mur you want people to pay for the lack of comprehensive development. Meh, why not, I personally avoided getting any big piles.
  3. gold ore converted to 3 gc would value the ore at 15 credits(at current rate). or devalue the entire monetary system. I'm not going to even comment on the diamonds and stuff
  4. Amount of things you can take from one place fluctuates from location to location. GG capital has always been limited at three (no idea why).
  5. Ave, the Unread Content view does not show content from restricted forums. At the same time the activity feed shows that something is happening even if i don't have access to the forum in question.
  6. Wood Grinder. Convert lumber into pulp (later to be made into paper) 2-3 lumber = one pile of pulp clicky @ LR secret exit
  7. Anyone care to give their opinion on what would i one buy for 1 gc? For example, i'd buy: any creature that is not in shop or requiteable independent tools information, services As you can see what i'd buy for a 1gc is commonly considered to be worth much more. So what would you?
  8. I'm seeing negative time on memory tablet maker. 1_-3x2_2 Time remaining to process -1460191765/259200
  9. I never said any of my ideas where 1 on 1. The point of many to less was clear and did not need repeating
  10. Oh i forgot one thing. Remains- wood boards and metal as a byproduct
  11. Rainwater <> water would be nice. Fents into any resource you want Sticky goop into glue sand castles into glass castles
  12. If nothing else can be done then maybe atleast change the ingame link to http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/discover/unread/?&stream_classes[IPS\forums\Topic]=1&view=condensed instead of all activity.
  13. One thing that changed with this is that your land loyality has no effect on entering land gates. Also it's not possible to have NML loyality. So for example you need 400 (minus volition) ap to enter GG, no matter what.    Is that intentional or not?
  14. Miq

    WTS various

    Nim, deal.     Topic can be closed. 
  15. Ave,   Is NML supposed to give NML loyalty? At the moment it seems that it does not give anything at all (not even "no homeland")
  16. With the latest update we are forced to go into the lands (out of common reach). So locations will be advertised.    Next camp will be tomorrow at the historical Willows's Shop.
  17. Miq

    WTS various

    so for sale:   3x joker 5x imp 9x pimp 2x marksmen 2x bp root warrior   all are untokened and with some age (50 days to 1000days).
  18. I have a 10th to spare. I'd trade for 6/7. Or make an offer. 
  19. This is a trap for new players.
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