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  1. The heatveins go trough inner GG scenes. Is it your intention that everyone can enter there?
  2. Can who? i can deplete pretty much everything,,, So "can" who?
  3. Miq

    Plushie contest

    Please find me at Ash Arch
  4. Miq

    Plushie contest

    if no new bids are entered Aethon and Ledah have won by 18:00 UTC
  5. I have no plan to argue that it was not the one that you had from the auction.
  6. From the first two posts (i have not and will not read the rest), i say that Aethon was in freedom to take what i wants and needs as long as he keeps a list. As a personal side-note. Aethon sold me a Horseman 26/04/16 20:05. I knew he had a horseman from the auction but the sudden sale was, sudden.
  7. Miq

    Plushie contest

    ledah and Aethon (for being first) in the lead atm.
  8. Miq

    Plushie contest

    Also you can bid what ever you want i'll let the TK decide what they need more
  9. Miq

    Plushie contest

    I'll give it few days to make sure that everyone involved has had a chance to read.
  10. Altho i have not yet received the creatures this is what i'm gonna do. One creature goes to dst because she gave me 50 or more plushies for no demands. The other two go on auction between players who gave me even a single plushie under any deal. Proceeds go to the TK and if a winner has any agreement with me into the future the he accepts that that agreement is nullified. I also forfeit on MD beyond what i owe. Those who know they are eligible to bid, please do so.
  11. The one we need more than item combiners.
  12. I'll apply for labby ( 1_-4x-1_2 ) also. It's not that many who can. But if there is anyone else then good.
  13. Also very simple would be Creature base. as in cake base, soup base etc
  14. Creature Concentrate Or Concentrate of a creature sound better
  15. Creature framework (if you don't want to call it blueprint)
  16. There are infinite options tbh. First one that pops in mind is a XXX mask. (masked illusion effect) Tools like a toy tool that breaks after one usage Teddy, if you sleep with it you are happy (while idle regen timer @ 1-3 minutes )
  17. One problem with Gold standart coin in MD is that cold is neither rare nor has it any "value" in MD. You can't do anything with gold except use it as a coin. So value of the coin comes from the stuff that you can do something with, tools, creatures, items. avatars. So the gold money in MD works nothing different from the paper money of RL. So all you can do now is be an proper government and print or destroy money from circulation. Thus inflating or deflating the system. And this changes nothing about 1gc being 15sc
  18. It's MUCH easier to get 100 random toys than that specific list of yours
  19. There is one thing about this ratio that you are ignoring. These coins are Currency not tradeable metal. Different valuations of currency are exchanged at a permanent and fixed ratio. Value of any denomination of the currency is dictated but the market(how many coins will i need to feed my elu). So if you someone wants to raise a point that silver as a metal is worth more than it's current market value as a coin (in has happened in real world) then let's make a coin smelter and see what will happen.
  20. Just to make clear this is not a case of pardon.
  21. So he should have been unjailed after 8 months. Ofc the easy solution here would be to ask pardon and be over with this but i'd not. But that's my opinin.
  22. Was he jailed indefinitely or for some said time.
  23. Was he "perma jailed" for that announcement to have any relevance?
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