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  1. Your tools are irrelevant. the public ones would be extra to those. But if you want to keep the monopoly not by work but by the fact that there is no competition then ofc i get the drama.
  2. Make the tools public like the rest of the tools and the entire problem is solved. If you want guilds then create them by using the public tools and gain monopoly with your group.
  3. What i mean is, why there is a need for a guild. Where is miners guild? Make the tools public and finish the tag-roles and that's it. Everyone can have their path.
  4. Mkay, 12k heat, so that system does not work. Still as i said there are enough people with plenty heat.
  5. jeebrus..... there are loads of people who have the heat to make the stones. This is jturning into a joke. Mur should manages his people choices somewhat and everything would be fine. Once you make one heat stone you get 3 casts of heatspell that allows you to make 3 new stones, etc. So you don't need any briskness really. the alliance is pointless unless there is a plan to force a functional market in MD and if so then that needs much more than this alliance.
  6. You can along with your wish to redo the guild also ask it to be relocated to a more friendly land.
  7. Ave, I'm not so much looking for a band-aid or a fix even. Just is it supposed to be like that and if not then what. Miq
  8. Ave, Yes removing inactive role keepers is a good idea for many of the roles.
  9. Depletion is not abuse of the tools (maybe of the resources but that is not Tool Guards issue)
  10. East is yet to become a kingdom, even more a empire.
  11. Miq

    Kill request

    5 gc for death of Blackshade rider.
  12. The heatveins go trough inner GG scenes. Is it your intention that everyone can enter there?
  13. Can who? i can deplete pretty much everything,,, So "can" who?
  14. Miq

    Plushie contest

    Please find me at Ash Arch
  15. Miq

    Plushie contest

    if no new bids are entered Aethon and Ledah have won by 18:00 UTC
  16. I have no plan to argue that it was not the one that you had from the auction.
  17. From the first two posts (i have not and will not read the rest), i say that Aethon was in freedom to take what i wants and needs as long as he keeps a list. As a personal side-note. Aethon sold me a Horseman 26/04/16 20:05. I knew he had a horseman from the auction but the sudden sale was, sudden.
  18. Miq

    Plushie contest

    ledah and Aethon (for being first) in the lead atm.
  19. Miq

    Plushie contest

    Also you can bid what ever you want i'll let the TK decide what they need more
  20. Miq

    Plushie contest

    I'll give it few days to make sure that everyone involved has had a chance to read.
  21. Altho i have not yet received the creatures this is what i'm gonna do. One creature goes to dst because she gave me 50 or more plushies for no demands. The other two go on auction between players who gave me even a single plushie under any deal. Proceeds go to the TK and if a winner has any agreement with me into the future the he accepts that that agreement is nullified. I also forfeit on MD beyond what i owe. Those who know they are eligible to bid, please do so.
  22. The one we need more than item combiners.
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