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    Forum Bug

    Seems that the https version of invisionzone goes there if you don't have https enabled on your forum.
  2. Pip, the illusions and invites are about recovering an ally not about takeovers.
  3. Ave, As dst said, mur is not in a habit to take stuff that has already been given. So that settles the question of should or should not they have had the Alliance. They had it and that's it. Why they can not access the island is purely for them or mur to say. For anyone who cares or needs to know my option on the ally. Then it's that i will actively refuse to join it (or any other).
  4. Well you could just point at me about it. Been stalking people who err on they way but obv i don't find them all. But you can shrink the max if you want. Makes my life easier
  5. Kill items take anything with a word gold in it.
  6. if we try to be realistic then gold is gold and a nugget of gold is probably lots of cold coins. But if we think on an economy then gold coin does not even need to be made of gold... It's currency and only a official mint can make currency. Gold nuggets are just resources to sell to the mint maybe or for making gold statues of Miq
  7. So long time missing. First later image from the greenhouse: Sample of produce picked: The Big brown one is not a potato its a seed cucumber. which leads us to me taking the seeds: Some pics seem to be missing but in any case, I thought long and hard how to bring the herbs/fruits to MD. And finally i decided to mail the seeds of my cucumbers to the MD'ers i know. The seeds are packed along with some beads because... The receivers will know.
  8. Value can be determined by demand, supply, desirability, habits. With brilliants we can only have the first two parameters. The others will present themselfs after first deals. So a person can make 6 brilliants a year. Barring GM's spoiling the game you can create only 6 gold coins a year. Cost of those 6 coins is ~300-400 credits with extra benefits. So i'm at this point valuing a brilliant at 7gc. You are free to refuse or counter this is all good for determining the pain point. Miq Edit: i forgot the demand part. Every player wants a currency that can be obtained from in game activities so when a ratio is atleast somewhat set the demand will rise.
  9. Since they exist as valuables in the same category. 4 brilliants.
  10. ??? is bad also. Maybe replace it with default name when unsupported chars are used.
  11. Champion Fighter - MaGoHi for more than doubling his stats this year. (from 9k to ~22k attack for example)
  12. Miq


    Ave, I was thinking why is it possible to sac only creatures. Why not everything in inventory also? Miq
  13. Indeed, in my case the level 1 marksman and nutcracker are missing the buttons. lvl1 grasan works.
  14. So in the Spring i decided to participate and now i'm almost done. So here i started 10.04 with seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers, bazil Progress over a bit less than a month: And then i realized that there is no way i'll grow tomatoes in my apartment So... Time to build a greenhouse. Note MD letters: Not finished but i needed to plant them fast Finished: Progress in the greenhouse (got also more plants): Somehow i have missed to make more photos in the last month. Next week i'll give you the last image from inside and the produce and something else
  15. Role = function that a character has been given in game by GM's role keeper = person who owns that character As to what they do depends on the role but mostly nothing
  16. Miq

    Kelletha tools

    Ave, So i'll but a generic rule here but remember that what is not listed does not mean it's allowed. The mechanical limit there is 3 tools per player. So you can take three. If you take two with the same functionality then you can take only two. That's it
  17. marked balance is something you tune. For example you can add a cooldown to the only tool that does not have it atm.
  18. I assume you are talking about the tools in GG laby. Please Mur,Chew move those to freely accessible location. I have told this many times. Other than that trade will be inevitable. Single person can't gather everything by themselves in any efficiency. So a player chooses some trades that he wants and works with those and trades his produce.
  19. Your tools are irrelevant. the public ones would be extra to those. But if you want to keep the monopoly not by work but by the fact that there is no competition then ofc i get the drama.
  20. Make the tools public like the rest of the tools and the entire problem is solved. If you want guilds then create them by using the public tools and gain monopoly with your group.
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