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  1. well it does not have to be that you can get score off the same land that you score against, that is if loreroot goes to score against necro then he gets points for all wins against other lands (same "cheating" can still be done between lands). The 1 point for reaching enemy capital is something I'd vote for.
  2. I have always felt that you should be able to take only the torch of your own land and no torches for neutral players. But that still leaves the problem of location...
  3. Miq

    Help Grido Marry Dst!

    Only one gold coin for the marriage of the month! Consider it!
  4. Miq

    Sunny Bedroom

    [quote name='dst' date='18 June 2010 - 12:01 PM' timestamp='1276851671' post='62181'] @Pazur:that was exactly what I was looking for: a reaction to confirm my theory. Thank you! (pssst: yes! you got it! I want Miq to have the keys so we can spend time together (Grido, you're not reading this!)). [/quote] I have no problem spending 1 sc for some time in the bedroom with you dst so don't worry about me getting the keys. Miq
  5. Miq

    Sunny Bedroom

    *sigh* I resisted replying for whole yesterday, but me infatuated with dst. Please I'd like to hear more.... seriously where do comments like this come from? Miq
  6. I just wanted to post a succession to make stats gain dependent of the fighters "level" but as i see i have been preceded. Anyway what i tought is that you calculate stat gain multiplier (like heat) for the attacker (only attacker) based on the difference of age,amount of crits,number of fights fought,stats, (age being the least relevant). That multiplication can also go to negative at some point. That would give the new chance to catch up and protect the from win farming. In any case is see this as being quite logical. The young have more to gain experience wise from fighting old players than vice versa.
  7. I'll trade it for my Mop of mopping that allows you to clean all floors in md!
  8. Miq

    Wts Rusties

    I'll withdraw my bid.
  9. Was a carpenter for some time now sysadmin.
  10. I just discovered that i can make credits with avatars. That is i can get my first avatar free, so then i sell it back to the shop for 1 credit. After that i get it again for free and sell it again..... Bug or feature? Miq
  11. Actual points of raw material creation (mines, etc) are very good idea. And remove the item owner list Miq
  12. Well I tried my best (10 solid hours on phase IV) just could not see the logic. Otherwise well built but unfair on those who don't know how do go to golemus (most quest seem to be like that). I also think it assumed too much that people think the same way as you do. Miq
  13. Miq

    Pimped Present

    Weee! I feel special this Christmas.
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