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  1. Quote

    And then not so wide men fill the pantheon of heaven with hierarchies of angels and set the plagues of man on horseback and write down the dimensions of Heaven in which to imprison the lord of infinite space. The stories begin to choke the system

    --T. Pratchett

  2. Having a way to store volatile stats to be consumed later by oneself or others would be nice.

    Aka use some resource like Lonsdaleite shards. Combine with personal AP (lose all AP get 50% of it on the shard.). You get shard of perkiness or what ever that has 5 usages each giving 20% of what was stored in it.

    Same with other stats. totem of health! (wood, something sharp, personal VE). there could be quite limitless amount of combinations and efficiency levels.

    These items can also be used at later combinations to some more complex tools or consumables. Like revival and poison potions. Pickaxe that finds only one type of resource :)


  3. The thing is to find use for all the resources be it at level 1 or level10.

    Make it into a creature. Make sand forms, melt metal ingots with wood and charcoal (moar wood atm) to pour statues of King Miq. King Miq statue gives 17 minutes of unlimited AP :)

    If MD is to keep armorsets than alot of resources could be used for that (iron, jewelry, coal, gold, resins, park etc). That also would mean that all existing pro bono armors get stripped from everyone.

    Honestly this needs a solid coherent work with known limitations of what actually is allowed to be produced with the resources. What kind of effects are off the table. Or is a diamond shield of dragon resistance a thing(0 effects and stats for any attaking drach)?


  4. Guilds are monopolies.

    If we have a woodcutter guild then 90% of the tools needed for the job should be under their control (or the resources). Same with CT's. TK, and Crafterrs are like that already.

    But also the guilds are local. MD as it is does not offer the manpower for any guilding really but there should be atleast 2-3 of the same kind of guilds under different dominions, be it Kings or Mur or council.

    This of course does not work with any guild (archivists?)

  5. Ave,

    Since you all know i hate how roles die with people and also do not like to be holder of too many roles, i hereby resign from the Mt, Kelletha tools Guardian position.

    This position has historically been given by GM's so if you find a new suitable candidate let me know and i'll transfer the tool.

    As King of Golemus Golemicarum i also make a recommendation for Fang Archbane as the next guardian.


  6. Combiners come in multiple ways yes. personal progression, multiple diffrent items and personal, and both for shared progression. 


    As to the tools then

    Shared (one per land or alliance but still shared)

    reliability depends on the actual amount of possible outcomes but for getting the same thing out that you mined 10%

    getting into the who can pick up, cooldown, transferable or not and such i'll not go.

  7. Ave,

    A idea i had today.

    All the combiners have resources left in them by players gone or players who don't care to finish the amount needed and so on. 

    So i was thinking that why not make a tool to mine the combiners. Not with particular accuracy on who's stuff get's removed from there and what is the end result (bulb of toxic plants. toxic plants, impotent flask of toxic plants for example the one combiner).


    Offering this idea for few reasons,

    1)Otherwise the combiners will end up being filled with stupid amount of stuff for no good. 

    2)It's interesting/fun

    3)depending on how it's implemented might allow even to sabotage someone(s)



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