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  1. Mega Creatures Auction

    Black and white Joker (wishpoint shop item) - 695033 - 2542 days - 8sc
  2. Mega Creatures Auction

    Molima - 851682 - 666 days Starting Bid - 30 Creds (10gc)
  3. Mega Creatures Auction

    Molima - 851682 - 666 days Starting Bid - 6gc10sc (20 creds)
  4. Mega Creatures Auction

    Halloween Elu (uncoloured) - 749935 - 20Creds (6gc, 10sc) Molima - 851682 - 666 days Starting Bid - 10Creds (3gc,5sc)

    i sold some TST year or so ago. I think i got 1-2gc for one. On the other hand the real value of them lies in and if TST only auctions show up (since the top spender shop was discontinued who knows why) So it's a volatile value. I'd not give even a single gc for one.
  6. spam topic

    Paistab nagu hobuseraud
  7. spam topic

    There are three men on the sun, three
  8. spam topic

    smoked pumpkin sausage
  9. spam topic

    Blue refrigerator
  10. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    Ofc it's not fine. You need also the option to select only the last word.
  11. Triggerbox improvement

    Tbh tips ought to be one time anyway. So of close is pressed then that should be permanent of that tip. plus some link to read them all again. All in all, i for example dislike clicking close all the time, but i also think if something is done with it then do the one that takes minimal effort code wise.
  12. Renting memory stone and reality collectors

    Gave you one.
  13. Renting memory stone and reality collectors

    the location limit is two items btw. Going with three is giving 75% of the entire amount to one person. That is exactly what a protector is supposed to stop. Considering there are four of them then if i'd be the guard there i'd limit them one per player.
  14. I don't think that this changes anything about value (maybe for the uncommon ones).
  15. East being one of the territories of Golemus could use some of the tools so that proper delegation could be set up. Miq
  16. Does anyone know...

    You mean CYOA game? Why not just publish it yourself? They don't need any graphics really and tools are available. Ofc i'm oversimplifying but if it is a good story and you have already the multi choices written then something can be figured out. https://writer.inklestudios.com/ http://twinery.org/ Other than that i know: https://www.choiceofgames.com/
  17. WTB Shop crits

    2 colored LR archers 4 colored grasans 2 colored aramors 1 colored joker 4gc
  18. Yeah, i just remembered Well if they where transferred between main and alt (even with middleman) then this is imo just like with normal trade aka abuse.
  19. May i ask how they got moved to MP5. Someone shifted MP3>4>5 just for that?
  20. What i meant was first collect and organize (maybe even fix some) the data and then find a place for it. Creating a nice linking html and replacing all the current random data with direct links to that would be a solid option. So meaning you don't have to start with finding a system that never gets agreed on. Just replace the current pages with a singular source backend. Changing and adding fronts would be long term tweaking.
  21. If excused from my Gateway stuff for the duration i'd work with this for a change.
  22. as my two cents then skip the democracy for now and just take the data into one place properly labeled, categorized. From that you can work on what of the data should or is wanted to be displayed where.
  23. I Aim to become the GG king

    Ave, Nice too see that you think of the new players as your property (my children). As to the King of Golemus thing, then well no. But you do have a point of Grido being lost way too long. If you check the forums then you can see that i called for regular vote long time ago. Miq
  24. Who helps you and how really depends on who you ask :). I never ever used the live help button. I also really did not speak at all. What i can remember from the start are peace, dst and a thomas something giant.