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  1. Apo's post has seriously gone out of context. in other news, lol.
  2. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1305540771' post='84492'] Email change. [/quote] ah. thanks.
  3. I dunno where to post this, but since it's still a question... curious on how it happened.
  4. Because life stabbed me in the back again, and I'm only able to play for short intervals (meaning I won't be able to hunt Alyon down), I'm forced to back out. sorry B, Alyon, for making you wait.
  5. creatureboost, antifreeze and others are special influences. He did say no influences, so only Jokers and pimps could be used. otherwise, /in.
  6. BURGER! BURGER! BURGER! BURGER! lol, maligayang pagbati
  7. /in. Half of the time I'm online in MD, I lurk in the forums.
  8. [s]*sighs deeply* I'll edit this when I get an idea. [/s] I have two ideas, and I'll share one of them here. a man, even though he is statically standing or kneeling on one leg (up to you) seems like he could move with great speed at any second. He is fully covered with a light plate of armor, aside from his head, which only shows his hair. his facial features and expression could not be determined, but is that a grin? in his left hand, he holds a spear with a large blade: a combination of a twin-headed axe and a standard arrowhead. he holds it near the blade, like he could make a one-handed thrust with it. and holds it at an angle with respect to the horizon. in his right hand, he holds a gigantic bow, mechanical but streamlined in physical appearance. its shear size surpasses the whole width of the avatar (it's meant to be cut if you drew it horizontally) as it seems to be taller than the man at the length. It is also large enough to accommodate the spear he's holding. And now for the important part: the spear, the bow and the armor he's wearing seems to be made of a black metal. because of this, aside from the edges of the spear and the bow, and other markings and details, all the non facial parts of the drawing are violently shaded black. also, there seem to be... wisps of trailing light that orbit the metal components. I'll send you a PM for some detail on the 'wisps'. The other idea I withhold, it's for when all else fails *winks*. I hope you're up for this challenge.
  9. True, that you have to pick the scenes which are available to all players, but then you don't need to focus the artwork on the general places that are visited in MD. you could pick scenes which seem to make long winding roads, like sage's path or fortune's well. but that's only an example. that said, oooh, FF4! :3
  10. thanks cots. pm to you.
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