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    [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1287252817' post='70441'] As it happens he's not the only one of the magical people who thinks that. You may be used to some kind of gift in the generic mmorpg's where many others play (yes i played some before), but it would be VERY unusual for MD. For heavens sake, it's an announced alpha? stage I think, or beta. That#s unlike any other games which claim that they are fully working, and if then something breaks it's common to give something for not holding up the promise..nobody forces you to play a game that has not been finished. If you ask me a clear no. If you want more feedback than just a vote, we can enable it easily, as stated. [/quote] i voted yes(random) just to see the score but i tink what SS says is right, and be glad that the game is free and is not like other games where u must pay to be a good player and speaking of gifts u recive gifts on Cristmas and i tink is enough. see-ya
  2. Hy to all. I voted for 1 WP per year and i tink it is the best option because a year is a pretty long period that a player spends with Magic Duel, and even for a few minutes each day; most important thing is that he remembers every day and he makes time to login on this game. 1 WP will not greatly affect the fluency of the game, on the contrary, will give some players a chance to lower their experience to 0, or anything else they want... Otherwise, suggest to choose just one character, not necessarily the main (each player can made a choise on what character will receive this WP/ear) and i say this because we can improve attention toward a single character... (i say this because this is my main account(19821) and certainly i will not choose it for that even though i have several characters that have almost 300 days played with each one and to encourage what i'll tell you below i'll choose a character that have less than a month regardless of the choice will be made) But it would be very nice if this feature would be implemented for all players equally, means the monitoring of the activity of players to start in the day when this option is available(like land activity) and so will not make the difference between new and veteran players (last enumerated they had the chance to obtain these WP on other ways; they can still get these WP's because they have enough experience in this game and anyway they get medals for what they did until now; get the equal chance to each player). what i say here i think i'm done with that, but 1 more thing: would be very nice if the option that will return the caracter back to mp3 should be available again
  3. i have tryed for much times to sacrifice creatures and i get a bug... attached here... i dont get nothing from that creature... just 20Ap lost... no temporary stats and no permanent stats... pls help me
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