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  1. uhmm...i thought iam the only spammer of MD forums my my i forgot the world is competitive ...hehe. So now i know why noobs r not taking part in MD activities. cos when they start something ...someone will say " hey u have started in the wrong time ...Moon is not in conjunction with planet Pluto.. ". And when u post something serious " hey it is very funny so Offtopic " and when u post funny " hey its very serious not suitable for lighthearted players they might get heart attack so deleted ". And then u need to comply with all those Ten trillions MD rulz.
  2. [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1354298913' post='126900'] (does not make) sense [/quote] idk
  3. " Welfare of this community "... is self explained. Don't u want to give me a chance to change. Have trust in me .. 1 day gone and still no donation...com on guys & gals we r not a ordinary community. We r the UNIQUE intelligent smartest community ever .. We r magic DUEL...Lets donate and delete the word 'poor' from the dictionary of MD...
  4. Alright i have changed ...Yess thats right i have finally decide to do something good for this awesome community. I wanted to pay retributions for all the sins i have committed over the yrs. So this yr Xmas Alms for Poor collection will be conducted by none other than MD's trustworthy knight, your lord Tipu. So ladies and gentleman, boz and gals donate generous for the good cause. I accept dragons , rare creatures, Morphs or anything that is valuable. This collection will ONLY be used for the welfare of this community. " Alms for poorrr...Alms for poorr..surrender ur dragons o
  5. So u don't want to loose your Pride and power cos' u don't want to lie, cheat and steal hahaha... u r just like other noobs ...disappointing Well let me enlighten u...When i was in my school in Pallavarum(literary means mountainous terrain) there was one bird that i did learn from. Story goes like this.... other than looking at girls and watching porno movies me and my friends had a bad habit of observing nature Yesss. So there was this bird's nest next to your class window. And in that nest had 5 eggs. So the eggs started hatching and 2 tiny birds made out to the world o
  6. [quote name='Ackshan Bemunah' timestamp='1349927706' post='123746'] [left]Baby girl[/left] [left][color=#000000][font=arial, sans-serif]Turn me on with your electric feel[/font][/color][/left] [/quote] Babe girls turns me on hehe
  7. Why don't we have HC for all those who have black HC medal. A rare HC competition for a chance to change their Black HC metal to Gold medal. Participants would be all those who holds black HC medals Separate for MP3, MP4 and MP5. Rest is all the same as per HC rulz. It will be fight amongst the warriors for their lost honor till their last blood for glory for victory and more importantly for REWARDS HAHAHA.....
  8. [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1349796543' post='123624'] wise [/quote] Lord Tipu Also
  9. Fang r u kidding me, u r begging for a SW ...my my Sux was right about u ..u r Total noob If i were in your position by now i would be having some dragons and gold coins stacked in my inventory. Dude u have the Treasure key USE IT ....
  10. Ban me they can't do that ....iam the future legend of this game. Don't worry i will bring this community to the righteousness thats my ultimate goal but ...err its Costs a Lot... Do u have a Dragon, Morp or Rare creatures to Donate for this good cause
  11. Ah now who is going to bring charms to the Jail hehe. Good luck
  12. Girls [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1349428783' post='123151'] FUN! [/quote] Gorgeous Girls
  13. [quote name='Ackshan Bemunah' timestamp='1349369664' post='123090'] Kindness (again...sorry) [/quote] Weakness
  14. Vicious how did u managed to cheat a kid . And Bus great Quest and Awesome Kid. Yeah i love Rabbit Curry
  15. Alright i have lost 1 Active day and 0.30$ ...iam not asking for a something big..All i need for compensation is Just a Dragon or a WP will do also.

    1. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      I get .19 every day.

    2. Maebius


      just counted. yep. 0.19 for me. It must have changed.

    3. nadrolski


      Lord Tipu, are you bullying the Advertisers for higher clicks every day? LOL

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  16. Me too not able to login,, It say SECURITY LETTERS INVALID .. tried many times but in vain, no wait u can't ban me .. i just started ...its too early
  17. Thanks a Lot Nimmy and Thanks manda I have traded with Nimmy. I Hate Tokens Seigh. @ Chewy Trying to Spoil my trade ah ? U need to try harder if u want to Stop me Better luck next time HAHAHAHAHUM....
  18. I have a Tokened nutty age 266 Tokens [b][stardust][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][blooddrop2][/b] [b][blackdiamonds][/b] [b]I need a Untokened nutty. [/b]
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