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  1. If we make the reward for voting the BB Game site to 0.24$(sum of daily rewards thru free credits). And no need to give rewards for other voting sites just for 20 more days only. This way 1) new players will be encouraged to vote more. 2) The vets will keep voting the other non-reward sites as usual, so we won't drop in the other game sites (just only for 20 more days then very thing can be restored back to normal). We got to use Game tactics here hehe
  2. What is good? nothing is good. What is your best physical attribute? stamina. What is your best non-physical attribute? never give up altitude. What do you value most? nothing. What is 2 + 2? 4 What do you know? I know what others don't know hehe.
  3. But in reality it should be other way round. Atleast one Maxed angien and a dragon as a requirement for Advancing to MP5 hehe
  4. But plz this rule should only apply for Alt accounts and not for other MP4 players who aren't Alts.
  5. I still remember back when i was mp3, there was time when others don't even care to reply mails But u even being a king was kind enough to reply me and helped others noobs when needed the most. Ur military page was very helpfull, those who had read ur military page r luckly ones. iam one amoung those who joined MB cos u were there. My Lord, I would kindly request u not to leave MD, even thou my rank is low to give u advise but still i feel there is lot more that can be done even without having a king Tag. Kings/queens come and go but King lifeline will remain forever in the hearts of all MB citizens. The Void left by u Can't never be replaced.
  6. [IMG]http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv291/kvsubash/sharp.jpg[/IMG]
  7. [IMG]http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv291/kvsubash/Dot.jpg[/IMG]
  8. [IMG]http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv291/kvsubash/countersymbol1.jpg[/IMG] Cancel
  9. [IMG]http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv291/kvsubash/countersymbol.jpg[/IMG] As per alchemist principle.
  10. U can't destroy what u can understand, Its a eternal flame that can't be extinguished,

    The source of which can't be explained.

  11. I did face a similar situation during last head contest too. In fact almost all Philippines mp4 players did attack me. I did not report cos i did learned [b]all[/b] r not alts. They have a common messenger or a Chat system similar to yahoo messenger. So if some one needs help they will state in that chat like " take care of tipu or F.G" And as the new player login MD they also uses the same chatroom too so they can see the message left by previous players. That whys i used to wonder why none of them uses ur MD chat log. Almost all players do use 3 birds rituals. Hey F.G have u noticed any abnormal movements like they were in the Maze(GG) and all within few seconds they r in GOC(underground). It happened Lot of times including entering the temple(when it cost 115 AP) Twice with a day. All this might be allowed as per the rules but atleast in the future we have to do something about it.
  12. Now as i have recovered from the sedative effects which was injected by Shadowseeker(SS) in GG lab. Iam able to recovery my memories back. Well First i want to congrats the Demon Demi god for his success in getting Commander sedative and locked in a Nowhere in a cowardly manner. Ho yes I mapped all the events that happened During this Missions and i just found how Evil u r indeed. First i was wondering why an Age limit requirements for the Guards in this mission why not Vets now i Understood ur plot. Demon Demi god Plan A: Mission impossible 'Items' Unlike all other Mission. The items required for this missions was not delivered by Postman but by courier. And u manged to sabotage that courier too and distribute the items required to various player in the Realm. In this mission those 5 insulators and 1 spore. Out of which 6 Items where landed in LR members pockets. Cleaver plot u very well know that All most all LR citizens Hate Commander and against his mission. And u used ur Goldly power only to create 7 Insulators and 3 spore and we have to get 5 insulators and 1 spore Uhhmm a practically impossible mission considering some items even went in Inactive accounts. But even against all the Odds we managed to get the all the 6 items required for the mission with the help of Peace, Lord Lifeline and a Secret Friend(SF 004), Also Clock master for his Coins. Demon Demi God Plan B : Diversion 'GG lab thing' Now u really got worried as We have managed to collect all the items required for the Safe mission. U did managed to divert the attention of commander over the lab. (The details will not be discussed). And as per that we have to collect one more spore out of 2 spore owners ( GG king Yrth and Handy pocket (HP). Well again ur evil plot has used handy pockets innocence as every one knows she will even put her self before the Seeds and will never hand over a seed to an Former Army General. And while The negotiation between GG king and commander over the spore was going on and u used this Time to organism ur self and for a Bigger Crime. Demon Demi God Plan C : 'Party At GG lab' Uhhm Now u sent ur Loyal soldier SS Shadowseeker( soldiers of the inner Sun) to sedate commander. He did organize an party at GG lab for commander and food was sedated with 'Whatnot'. And SS knows commanders weakness and that is Foodie. Now iam sure Commander is somewhere Tied up and sedated to weaken him but i don't know where he is kept jailed. My request to all KC fans and his Loyal friends to help Us to find Commander. He is not what he is portrait 'lazy, eater and blah blah'. He is Army General and he cares for his mission and this mission is true he never bluffs for sure. But he is bound by Evil forces. If no one help us them i have left with one final option and that is to Summon an another equally powerfull Demi god Tengri and hope he answers my Question about commander. I did unknowingly summoned him Once during the mission. He seems to be a Good Demigood. Well Demon Demigod Always make commanders mission to fail, but not this time cos' he has his loyal Guards to Fight for him.... Respect and Honor.
  13. The Commander's Guards stays loyal as ever and will only disband on commanders Order. For those who Don't understand the Legendary Army General the great Knator commander here are few words about him " U can't destroy what u can't understand The eternal flame that can't be extinguished the source to which can't be explained" Well if u Still call him a Lazzy pig and a big eater, U will be the one to tell him that But be ready to [color="#FF0000"][b]REST IN Peaceeeee[/b][/color] Muhahaha Ps : Yeah yeah i know i know KC= mur but if u consider them as the same char then there is no fun. So i consider him(KC) a Totally different player. I even would like to see KC vs the New demi God hehehe
  14. want to bring back age of sail. yes possible - oil is limited resource why can't - nuclear powered engines why - adventure want to create my own MMORPG yes possible - have friends who can why can't - i want it totally free to play. why - fun. want to play MD along with lord life line why can't - Murmuss, Murdom yes possible - Its council members. why - he is my King, i don't want him to leave.
  15. Topic can be closed, both the archer and coins exchanged. Thanks
  16. The Legendary Creature For Sale Don't Miss Once In A Life Time Chance, Check central market

  17. Selling a legendary creature of the legendary Army General the great Knator Commander A Sharptear (premium archer) , fully tokened (!!) , borned before it was officialy discovered, currently with 1059 age About this archer, the nice part is that on its first transfer it will not lose age, nor fights, nor level!( it is at maxed lvl now)only its first trade, after that it will be normal trade. Ho yes its a First ever Magic creature. [url]"http://storenow.net/my/?f=2363"[/url] It has fought great legendary and mighty battles, Have defeated the the undefeated Rituals. It has won more than Thousand battles. and Rumors say it is more than a creatures itself. Well we want silver or gold only. The starting bid will be 150 silver(15sc=1 gold). Once we r satisfied we will sell this creatures. The silver which we gain thru this will be used for a good cause the entire MD realm will be benified from it. Be one amoung those who make things better for the realm by being generous in this trade. Plz place ur bids here thanks _ Tipu on behalf of Legendary Knator Commander. [b]The Auction Has ended. Sold to Clock master for a total of 11G = 165 Sc [/b] Perhaps the Highest trade ever done for a Single creature trade with records. Yoshi, master b and lightsage thanks a lot but we have just one creature and we need coins badly. Knator commander himself will hand over the creature to Clock master. Opps since i got an error message i can't contact Clock master "cos message is full" so iam posting the message for him thanks a lot, Auction has ended and we r selling the creature to u. KC himself will hand over the creature. Stone biter one of ur Guards will come and collect the coins. He is authorized to do so on behalf of knator commander. Plz let me know ur location so that he can find u thanks.
  18. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeC7pXdWgYc[/url] haha plz spare me this is my first U tube video hehe surprisingly already 4 Views and comment before i post here hehe the Unique game tag is working hehe if someone has tips or ways to make the above video better plz mail me thanks
  19. Tipu


    Welcome to BD forums alazzah. Hey don't mind what other has to say hehe. Just ignore them. I do understand what u r taking about. The Banning of free credits through voting has affected a lot of players. Which has lead them to discover new ways to find credits and the result is what u see in this poll. First i want introduce alazzah to forum members 1)He is the only player from saudi arabia and now jordan 2)Unlike other capped mp4 with 100K ve, alazzah is a mp5 player and still continues to play no matter how much weak he is. 3)He is not an ALT. 4)He still gives many wins for mp5 players and doesn't stay in a sanctuary for protection. 5)He has worked hard on his own( no MD shop, no land bonus, no alliance bonus or guild) to reach so far and i salute u alazzah. hehe when u point one finger at a person and say he is fool remember the other three fingers points at you
  20. Good work Pash But i would like u to create a creature which does anti - freeze instead of stunning. Cos currently we don't have any creatures which would work against Majestic wind bird freeze auras. The hallow warriors anti- freeze isn't working as it should be.Keep it up.
  21. holy cow now how do we play MD hehehe Any way no need credits, plz put the link back. We were having green arrows that means Growing game by removing the link we will drop all the way to the bottom. It is not the number of votes that count it is the green or red arrow which indicates the Good game. Iam sure many will vote even if there is no reward. Don't worry newbies i will fight for u players. I will start with the Mood panel. Don't give up
  22. [size="4"][b]Calendar Events on Sub- Indian continent for 2011[/b][/size] Based on Hindu mythology 1)Date Festival name Jan 14 Makar Sankranti or Pongal Date of Observance: It marks the beginning of the gradual increase of the duration of the day Description : Pongal is one of the most popular harvest festival of South India, mainly Tamil Nadu. Pongal falls in the mid-January every year and marks the auspicious beginning of Uttarayan – sun's journey northwards. Pongal festival lasts for four days. Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun into Makar (Capricorn) 2)Date Festival name 08 Feb Vasant Panchami Date of Observance: Fifth day of waxing moon Description : Vasant Panchami (also called Saraswati Puja ) is celebrated for the blessing of Saraswati, goddess of wisdom 3)Date Festival name 3rd Mar Maha Shivaratri Date of observance : Thirteenth night of the waning moon Description : Maha Shivaratri is the great night of Lord Shiva, followers of Shiva observe religious fasting and the offering of Bael (Bilva) leaves to the Shiva. Lord Shiva - Shiva is a major Hindu deity. Shiva is seen as the Supreme God. Bael leaves - Bael is a middle sized slender aromatic armed tree native to India. It has since spread to throughout South-east Asia. It is a gum-bearing tree. 4)Date Festival name 20 March Holi Date of Observance : Full moon Description : Holi is a popular spring festival. Holi commemorates the slaying of the demoness Holika by Lord Vishnu's devotee Prahlad. Lord Vishnu - Vishnu as one of the five primary forms of God. Prahlad - Prahlada is a character from texts of Hinduism, wherein he is famed for his exclusive devotion (bhakti) to Vishnu, despite attempts in the story by his father, Hiranyakashipu to turn him to the contrary. 5)Date Festival name 12 April Rama Navami Description : Rama Navami is the celebration of the birth of Lord Rama. Lord Rama - Rama is considered to be the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism,and a mythological king of Ayodhya in ancient Indian Puranas. Based on Puranic genealogy, Rama is believed by Hindus to have lived during 1450 BC, during the Rig Vedic period. 6)Date Festival name 13 July Rath Yatra Description : Rath Yatra is the festival associated with Jagannath. Rath - Temple cars are chariots used to carry idols of Hindu gods. The car is usually used on festival days, when many people pull the cart. Jaganath - Jagannātha is a Hindu deity, a form of Vishnu. Jagannātha is worshipped by Hindus all over India. The Jagannātha Temple in Puri is regarded as one of the four most sacred Hindu pilgrimage places in India. 7)Date Festival name August 22nd Krishna Janmaashtami Date of observation : Eighth day of waning moon Description : Krishna Janmaashtami is the Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. It is actually called as Krishna Jayanthi. Lord Krishna - Krishna is a deity worshipped across many traditions in Hinduism in a variety of perspectives. 8)Date Festival name Sept 11th Ganesh Chaturthi Date of Observation : Fourth day of the waxing moon Describtion : Ganesh Chaturthi is the celebration of the birth of Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh - Ganesha is one of the deities best-known and most widely worshipped in the Hindu pantheon. His image is found throughout India and Nepal. Hindu sects worship him regardless of affiliations. Devotion to Ganesha is widely diffused and extends to Jains, Buddhists, and beyond India. 9)Date Festival name 26 th Oct Deepavali Date of Observation : New moon Describtion : Deepavali which means "row of lights/lamps" is called "Divali" in North India, Deepa means lamp and in Hindi a lamp is mostly called a Diya or Di. The festival is celebrated on the occasion of Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama killing a demon Narakasura. Another story says the festival is celebrated for the return of Lord Rama and Sita to the kingdom Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile. Thats all, this is for an entire year. I found few wrong dates announcement before so i have corrected for the whole year.
  23. sorry iam reducing my offer to 1 sc each for both pimp and imp if it continues even after Mon 4th oct.
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