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  3. See. I started an RP which commentated my skill, or lack of it, at fighting with my critters. For that to be shut down and railroaded with an Admin calling it SPAM hurt my feelings about how I see the game. Me posts seem to be "me me me" these days... maybe its because I am too new to comment on anyone else's experiences. But DST, who died and made you head witch? What crawled up your butt? Quit yelling because someone else for seeing blue where you see yellow. Simply put, you can criticise how someone might look at a painting by Picasso and can even add thoughts to their point of view. But you will never crush the uniqueness of the painter or the observer. These people are right: live and let live. If people want to RP their experiences in MD, let them. If people want to ignore the RP route of MD, let them get on with their way of looking at it. MD is a picture. The observers are you, I and everyone else here. If they see blue and you see yellow, who cares? Don't crush someone's creativity or their way of enjoying the game. If anything, add to it or help them.
  4. Well there we have it. I'm a noob that knows nothing, as I expected and I suppose I am more than a bit lost. Meh... I play another game where it takes many people a year to get to level 2... so I do have patience. But I will argue that grinding is grinding, never mind how many battles it is. To do something for so long with little to no change about how you view the game is grinding - tedious and time consuming. A game is there for fun. I haven't been catching the fun-bug yet. Maybe its not for me? Dunno. Early days yet.
  5. Firstly, as a noob, I like the game. It has options, it has a background story line to set adventure. The graphics are... different... and there is something for everyone from those who want to battle to those who are more interested in story telling, albeit limited resources. The thing that disappoints me as a noob is the time and patience. YES - I KNOW THATS WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN - but it requires too much time and patience. For example, for 2 weeks now I have been stuck in Marind Bell, [i]grinding[/i] experience and training the creatures but without much point. The Heads/Mask event thing put me off big time because people were able to attack me when I was offline and whenever I came online I was worse than dead and could not continue the game. Noobs should not have to grind to level - no-one should. One should not have to endure bugs and system errors in the hopes of the game - it should just not happen. When one pushes a button, they expect it to work, not knock you into next week without a finger. Mur, Sir, I believe that I as a noob need more incentive, more initiative to carry on and get my teeth into whatever it is that your loyal fans make them loyal and [i]want[/i] to stay. Anoob shouldn't have to wait for 3 years just to find out what reward loyalty gets them, if anything. Secondly, the battle concept is too much like Pokemon's "gotta collect them all" approach. In the beginning of the game the whole point is that the player makes their own story - but at the moment all I have seen is the same dull figures and characters that every noob endures here. I am not saying that a tutorial is never needed, no - you got a decent tutorial all the way up to Marind Bell. After Marind Bell everything gets different, but it also gets really really dull. There's nothing to do except battle. The other people who finally managed to get into Loreroot(?) actually have quests to do, something to keep them occupied. I guess this is linking back to the 'grinding' issue, so I'll stop there with that, but basically the battle concept needs something more... a duel needs more than just fighting for honour. I am not sure what could be augmented except maybe a betting scheme for observers and maybe the chance of winning/losing something between players. Yes, I know that can be done privately via giving codes for creatures, etc, but the point is that nobody does win anything but honour and experience per battle. There needs to be something more. Something to give the idea that its Christmas every 3rd day or something. XD Thirdly, the link between Forum and Game is very loose - too lose for my comfort. What happens in the forum needs to happen in the game, and the same visa-versa. For instance, I was told I could not RP in the forum, that it was SPAM. Where else am I supposed to do it where the rest of the community can join in? I was told to do it in-game with blue writing, but it gets lost, irretrievable. I was told by someone else that I will have something accessible in 30 days in game. I have to wait 30 days!? No thanks. Oh, hey, what about using an external forum? No thanks - the player base and community who know what is already going on is already here, right here. Yes, I want to record and write RP on this forum. For my creativity to be called SPAM I find quite offensive, not only because it hurts my own pride about my own writing (which one could consider to be called art and culture) but also because that is what these kind of games should be about - creativity. No human wants to be a mindless automaton. Let people RP on the forums - you never know, if [color=red]Mur[/color] reads the RP he may come up with something to augment the game to make it more fun. Next, the wish shop. I like the idea of "if you want it, we'll provide it. For a fee." That's the thing, I am quite poor, as is probably quite a lot of other people. So I am reduced to using the "click a link" for while until I have enough for something might want or might not actually want. "Click a link" is all fair and good for that extra push and for helping spread the word of mouth for your game; however, why not let noobs do some game building and in return give them an entire item? I see many people labelled as "supporter" or something in game. If noobs could become staff for one week or something, that could earn them a really nice creature, spell, artwork or even their own area in the game to do what they want with... the last one may be pushing it a little but I hope it inspires you. The last thing is interaction. Some people have the talent of "meeting" people on their own. Some don't. I like the idea someone else said of employing a buddy-buddy system; specifying a mentor per noob. But, how does one know if that mentor & noob are enjoying each other's company and pulling each other's weight? The solution to that can be easy in a few ways... but the point is, can veterans really be arsed with dealing with a noob snapping at their ankles every time the log in? All too often I see veterans kicking noobs in the head just because they can. I agree, its funny sometimes to the veteran's mates but to the noob who wants to get on with the game, play and have a good time... its not so funny, really, is it? Well... I'll rest my fingers for now and see what you lot say, and see if you chose to [i]listen[/i] to me at all. Remember, listening and hearing are two different things.
  6. I'm new. I guess I am lucky to have gotten through those gates when I did. Would you be interested in hearing the words of a noob about this game? I have a few things to say, some of which I have already said and perhaps hurt the pride of those who love this game so much in doing so, but I have yet more to say. The question is, would you be willing to [i]listen[/i] to me?
  7. and I get moaned at for SPAM...
  8. Wolfmist watched from the sidelines. He had been beaten a fair number of times before he decided that he wasn't going to get anywhere. Not yet, anyway. Draymoore was in a bad mood. He was silent for the majority of the time and only spoke when there was danger... but even when silent Wolfmist could sense his moods. And at the moment, his bad mood stank more than manure heap. He sat on the sidelines. He wasn't sure why, but he didn't need food in this realm. Although he had drank a labelled health potion he found lying around a statue of a fish, he didn't sense the need to eat anything and had noticed the complete lack of hot-dog stands. And Carnivals always had at least one hot dog stand, but not this one. Wolfmist sighed, he was missing home and he hardly ever talked to anyone. It was strange, here, full of weirdos dressed up in strange animal-like costumes or had their heads covered in black hoods. It was meant to be a carnival but there was no colour here... even Wolfmist was dressed in black with long black scruffy hair halfway down his back. He watched a few duels and saw that people always tried to fight to the best of their abilities. They didn't care about winning or losing, just that they did everything they could. He also noticed that he wasn't the only one with creatures sharing their souls. He had lots of questions to ask but anyone he had talked to only seemed to be short in answer or just, well, strange. Had they all been left here, abandoned by other humans to fend for themselves? Wolfmist reasoned that they had all be turned in nature by the creatures that wrapped around their master's mortal coil, and as such speech or friendly appearances were of minimal interest - all they seemed to care about is the will to fight. Warriors, each and every one of them. But what were they fighting for? What kept them going? Wolfmist was just fighting for survival, for a chance to find a way home. He had been as far as he could but most paths out of here either ended abruptly or just trailed off into water. There was one path, however, guarded by animated trees that lead to a place called Loreroot. There was one clue, a note written by another, about a potion one could take to the trees... but he needed to get into a shop guarded by two animated suits of armour. He had defeated one of them but had almost been totally killed off by the other... if it wasn't for a poor wretched soul that he had found skulking around, he would have died completely. That was a strange soul, it either screamed in torment or sulked alone when it wasn't fighting, or just seemed to stand there doing one thing. Healing. It healed Wolfmist and all the other critters latched onto his soul. But it never spoke. The only time it had ever taken notice of anything was when it bonded to Wolfmist... and that was weird, too. Wolfmist was kicked out of his reverie when something hit his shoulder. He looked up and saw only people walking past. Some drunk must have stumbled into him. Oh, wait, there was no alcohol here, or none that he had seen. Pity... Wolfmist would have liked a bottle of whisky about now.
  9. Like I said, I'll make one about MD when I have enough clips for it.
  10. I'll enter this contest. Go watch this for 20 minutes: http://www.livestream.com/wolfmist I'll make one about MD when I have enough clips for it.
  11. Sorry, I guess I don't have common sense. Meh... I guess something's wrong with my coffee or something. Sorry to hassle you all.
  12. Sorry, I am not a coder. So all those symbols and stuff about "array" could mean a cookie recipe for all I know.
  13. Casualties: Defender:51.53883%, Attacker:96.39325% heat A: 0 heat E: 0 logsize:848 usevitality e (you):88 usevitality a:80 looser:A actionnr:120 rounds:9 E lost: 1055vit; A lost: 3314vit; Array ( [vars] => Array ( [statsVp] => 137.8 [statsXpl] => 0 [statsAct] => 0 ) [character] => Array ( [regeneration] => 0 [energeticimmun] => 0.106 [tradesense] => 0 [briskness] => 0 [initiative] => 0 [defence] => 0 [attack] => 0 ) [something] => 1 ) --------------------------------- Please explain?
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