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  1. [i]I have a remark in taking account of the latest voting for MD Birthday's quests. It is rather interface involved. If possible it would be better if you actually see a screen that confirms your vote, cause otherwise it's rather unclear if your vote was counted or not. Otherwise, great feature! Elthen[/i]
  2. [i]MD player name: Elthen Airis RP character name: Elthen Airis Time: mostly from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. thursday and friday(18th & 19th) Gender: male Age: late thirthies Species: human Special abilities: move lock, locate A small background story: You could always read my papers. If more info is needed tell me.[/i]
  3. [i]Greetings Neno, I need a picture of a detective's magnifying glass, an item i have in-game. Would you be willing to draw something for me? Elthen[/i]
  4. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1365263424' post='134680'] I'm sorry, you must have mixed me up with somebody else I didn't give that suggestion (at least I don't have memory of it). I was saying that current state of protectors allows open interpretation of a specific MP6 player, allows him to create a cult like Savelfuser did, or something different, depending on RP, but that I encourage interface addons that will allow more 'depth', depends on the addon itself. (my words summarized up) That you shouldn't enforce a specific kind of approach for protectorship, rather leave it for the individuals to develop it in their own way for themselves. [/quote] [i]Yes, apologies, Rhaegar. It's true, it was Lightsage who gave the suggestion about resources. I changed the post. Anyway, continuing on-topic age related solution to adepts is indeed a wonderful idea. However, i reckon it'd be better if more weight is given on players with more age, considering they hardly change their adept choice(due to loyalty to a person who introduced them into the game, due to the fact that no everyone could actually teach you more at the level, etc.) and having less weight on new players. Now the exact ratio should be considered if everyone agrees to the idea. Elthen[/i]
  5. [i]Well, i've talked with quite a lot of previous MP6 players and i got some interesting ideas. Firstly, reasons why you might want to become MP6 have been:[/i] [spoiler]- Upgrading creatures - Obtaining the spells - Helping others[/spoiler] [i]Lightsage gave a very curious idea on involving Protectors with lands. That's by giving them the power to regenerate resources more quickly(due to a spell of sorts) or making others gather more resources for a limited time, let's say, just to name a few. I'm not sure about my opinion on the matter. You could state yours. The problem is we don't really have enough players to support too many MP6s in the game. From my personal observations i'd say not more than 3-4 at a time. What would bring a little more adepts to the game is perhaps include in the requirements of advancing to MP4 adepting someone. Now, even if you could quickly change your preference as adept you'll still be obliged to have one. I've seen players with no adepts, i believe that will help not only to people searching for adepts, but to new players as well. That will also encourage a closer relationship with the player you are trying to convince taking you as adept. Afterwards, advancing to MP5 could require becoming a worshiper of another player. I reckon you see the big picture already. Last but not least, there should absolutely be an option for players who have adepts or worshipers to remove them. I'm sure there are people flooded with inactive adepts. Or well, if not a button to actually remove them, at least they shouldn't be shown in your adepts/worshiper status bar. It should only state the active ones. Elthen[/i]
  6. [i]Since there is already a big enough discussion about resources, i don't feel necessary to create a new topic for what i'm about to say. Since memory stones, water, now sand, etc. are limited to certain land affiliates it is quite difficult for others not affiliated to obtain any of those. While it is true that every land has the right to "rule" over their resources and do with them what they like, i still feel that others shouldn't pay 1 gold coin for a memory stone or something, just to name a value. Other than using the resources of a certain land for your own gain, i believe they were created for a different purpose. And that purpose, i reckon, is another reward people could receive when say solve a quest. Therefore, Golemus Golemicarum's population for example could come up with a repeatable quest with a reward of a memory stone. That way the population will have a certain responsibility over how they distribute their resources to other players. And that would bring up the number of quests created, which has declined lately. Moreover, repeatable quests that are always active for anyone to make. Just a matter to think over. Elthen[/i]
  7. [i]187) There's a rare creature that can be recruited in the Eastern Lands, called rum, contrary to the popular believe that it's called mur.[/i]
  8. [i]I've also sent an e-mail to [b]bugs@ [/b]stating that i would like to involve myself in translation as well. So that pretty much makes us two. Keep me updated as to what happens next.[/i] [i]Elthen[/i]
  9. Elthen Airis

    New ideas

    [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13850-protector-pact/"]http://magicduel.inv...protector-pact/[/url] [i]Protector/Worshiper relationship discussion.[/i]
  10. [i]I remember when i started playing i read the description of becoming a worshiper of a Protector. I'll quote it here just in case someone hasn't figured it out.[/i] [quote] Type in the playername you will worship. Player must be MP 6 and you will get in a close gaming relationship with him. You must respect and obey your protector, denying your protectors wishes or changing him [b]WILL COST YOU DEARLY[/b]. Your protector will have [b]LIFE AND DEATH[/b] powers over you. [/quote] [i]I thought it's quite a decision to actually involve yourself to such an extent with another player, even allowing him to play with your life, in a way. Lately i've been noticing that becoming MP6 is nothing more than just healing your worshipers and trying to get your hands on as much as you can. I doubt that was the initial idea of the Protector/Worshiper relation, so this is a thread to actually see different ideas on how to make this harder and probably worth your while. Of course, we now have the option of creating items with certain capabilities, which could aid in this case. Please share your thoughts on the matter. P.S. Thanks Burns for the new thread.[/i] [i]Elthen[/i]
  11. [i]Items of this sort could be quite useful for the worshipping, don't you think? [color=#0000ff][Refering to [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13791-wts-unrefusable-answer-pact-for-credits/"]http://magicduel.inv...ct-for-credits/[/url] , Burns][/color] At the moment someone becomes your worshiper he is granted an item that creates a pact like this one with pros and cons, influenced by your actions. Of course, so is the worshiper himself. That would force certain actions. After all the worshiper is supposed to follow any orders from his master. On the contrary, the master is quite obliged to help and grow his worshipers. If you don't meet the requirements you'll have to do something to compensate your incapability. Just a thought after reading the item's description. Elthen[/i]
  12. I'd like to sign for the next period(April 15th - June 15th), if possible. I hope it will take place. [i]Elthen[/i]
  13. I'd like to try myself if time is generous. [i]Elthen[/i]
  14. Yes, it worked. Thank you. You may close the topic. [i]Elthen[/i]
  15. Greetings, I cannot log in to the game. It says "invalid member's id". I've tried searching my account on the players list in the game, but i also receive "invalid member's id". I hope my account is not lost and i would hopefully be able to log in again soon. Waiting for your replies. [i]Elthen[/i]
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