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  1. [i]*pulls out a -not so- clean deck of cards of his satchel and shuffles them with an.. interesting smile stuck on his face*[/i] Hmm..
  2. [b]Name[/b] – Maximiljen de la Rey - ''Rhah'' [b]Player ID[/b] – (to be added) [b]Title/Tag[/b] – Feydakeen al-Haqma (unofficial) [b]Role[/b] – A not so long time ago, Rhah gave up his [url="http://maxdelarey.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-story.html"]life[/url] as a warrior as he learned that battles are first won through strenght of mind and only after through strenght of hand. He saw a thousand deaths, he delivered a thousand kills, only to find out that the Way is in strategy and tactics. Burdened by his past, he now seeks his own forgiveness in scholastics. He has not forsaken war as a protective means of evolution and development, but he searches for the possibilities and knowledge that lie outside (but are intertwined with) the circle of blood (conflict/peace/conflict) -> diplomacy, manipulation, subterfuge, deception. [b]Interests[/b] – Psychology, mass psychology, cultural and political anthropology, semiotics, heraldry. [b]Petition[/b] – ''I am a man of the desert. I was born in the desert, it is my wish to go full circle and die in the desert. Aside such macabre yet sentimental plans, I see my place in Necrovion for a couple of other, more earthly reasons. It is here where I can pursue my goals, it is here where I have the time and the peace of mind to continue my researches, it is here where my dreams and nightmares come to life, it is here where my fears emerge, it is here where I tame them. And myself on the way. My soul made a choice long time ago, I shant go against it.''
  3. I am curious on something. Votes for ALL categories are mandatory, or everyone votes for what category he wants, be it only one or three or all?
  4. Maybe there should. Anyways, it don`t matter, in the end there shall still be unsatisfied people, no matter how is the voting system.
  5. Well, I believe everyone should have the same chances in winning anything, even if they did win the same thing before. If it`s all about votes, then it should be a chance for anyone. If there`s gonna be a jury, then those who won before should be left out, like the Nobel Prize.
  6. [quote name='Liberty4life' date='02 December 2009 - 11:34 PM' timestamp='1259789670' post='48973'] best drunkard? eh? since when alcoholics are to be praised? doesnt it gives.. a bad image of society? [/quote] Best drunkard, as in tar 'n feather him and show him to the world, with a big ''WRONG'' sign tied on his back. -- Now, seriously, I proposed the drunkard section without knowing anyone would take it seriously. Since it was taken, I'll stick with it. Much of the community action happens in pubs, and such character would shouw a society as it is, not a cosmeticized face of a world that cannot or would not accept consequences for what those living in it do. It is wrong to praise alcoholism, yet it would be wronger to close eyes and pretend that doesn`t happen.
  7. [quote name='Gargant' date='02 December 2009 - 05:35 PM' timestamp='1259768133' post='48907'] What do I plan to do? - Revive.. - Get the adventure.. - Renew interest.. - Reinstate.. - Make sure.. - Get people.. [/quote] It is a lovely plan, my friend, but people are more interested on HOW are you going to do all that, instead of WHAT are you planning to do. That is, to avoid the feeling that all that are just campaign promises
  8. My post works both ways : I nominated myself, that it is true, yet I gave an idea on what to award. (As stupid as it would seem) I proposed an award for those whose minds aren`t where they should be. Please, don`t mind me.
  9. I nominate myself for Best MD Drunkard.
  10. If you`re starting to talk.. You`ll lose some precious time.
  11. What I want: to explain theories AND find ways to implement them in MD.
  12. de la Rey


    I wasn`t drunk. Yet.
  13. [quote name='Kafuuka' date='24 November 2009 - 04:26 PM' timestamp='1259072814' post='48359'] Do we have cavalry in MD or is that part of the philosophical aspect? I think there are people interested in both the non MD and the MD aspects of conflict and the link between them is also interesting.[/quote] Kafuuka, think of ''cavalry'' or ''infantry'' as concepts and principles, not regular units as we see in movies, men on horses and guys with shields and spears. When I speak of cavalry, I`m referring at the concept of cavalry: speed, mobility, force. You ask about cavalry in MD. Nope, we don`t have it, but the ideas that form up the concept of ''cavalry'' can be used within MD without problem. And there aren`t two different aspects of conflict: in my Way, there`s only one. And that can be applied everywhere, be it a real conflict or a football match. The principles are always the same. [quote name='Kafuuka' date='24 November 2009 - 04:26 PM' timestamp='1259072814' post='48359'] I propose an additional topic: - The origin of conflict [/quote] I agree with you, but this won`t be an additional topic, it`s going to be inserted in the introduction. Being a vast subject, if I have with whom to debate (), then we can surely break the debate into pieces, episodes.
  14. Exactly! The t-shirt had some dude painted on it, he`s the one to be blamed! Ahh... the hell with it. The truth is had too many beers and went to the bathroom too fewer times.
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