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  1. Take good care of yourself Irene, I hope you feel much better soon. Good luck.
  2. Goodluck Tris, I know you'll do just fine.
  3. Death Ray is one of the most notorious PL spammer out there in the realm, he usually post blank comments on people's PL and often post "#1". PL serves as a place for comments on players, doesn't matter if it's good or bad, doesn't deserve to be a place for spams, although I spam a lot through Adam, I'm hunting them now to erase it, I've post "Miley Cyrus - Panty in the USA" on some of the players PL and I'm deleting it now. [quote]noxid you give fags a bad name[/quote] You're making me believe that you're a Bon Jovi fan.
  4. You will be missed in the realm, Tzaroth. Perhaps I can borrow Horse since he has no more master at all? Just kidding. May God be with you always.
  5. Chad

    Best Captchas

    [attachment=1293:lol.jpg] pwned...
  6. Chad


    Is that a bong? Nice work!
  7. Okay, I got silenced again at the SG this morning by Teufelhunden, I didn't do anything wrong, you can bring back the log. People loves the silence spell, can't blame 'em, I know they won't be punished, I'm just saying.
  8. Oh how'd you know I was smiling? Wow you've got some skills... Sure thing I'm talking about eigger and the SG, can't you read? And I'm not spamming, I should not to be silenced, yeah I'm ranting about the SG and others, cussing maybe, but it's not as always to deserve to be silenced. Don't say that I wasted your time because wasting time is obviously a part of your job, don't blame me for it.
  9. I'm talking about the SG and about the rules, then he silenced me, and the insult was just a feedback. Oh well, the grudge is pretty obvious...
  10. The Douche named "Death Ray" used the spell on me 3 times, he tried to hide it but failed. I also used the spell on him because of excessive "Mur" typing, filling the chat box with Mur's name...
  11. [quote]Dark Archer II does draintimpului to random creature(s) of xxxx and: - TAINTED! Defender has lower Time Principle, attacker LOSES principle points! - Drain power: 1.9571429% ( tried for 9.82% ) - Permanently losing: 1545.212 Time Principle ( left). and remains with 3425 vitality Chaos Archer does draintimpului to all creature(s) of xxxx and: - Drain power: 280.007% ( tried for 7.92% ) - Permanently draining: 437817.99 Time Principle (-281458.33 left). - Draining 43781799 vitality from Dark Archer II creature DIES! [/quote] That's what I meant dst.
  12. Based on my observations, I dicovered these things: (Before the bug fix) For example: An attacker has 70k Syntropy, his opponent has 10k Syntropy, they both have the same rit of Archers draining that Principle, whatever the outcome of the battle is, it will total their targeted Principle and will divide it to two, hence giving them both 40k VE. It doesn't matter who lose or wins, but you can say that the player with most Principle targeted will lose some or most of his Principle, of course, the Principle gained is based on the player's ritual and initiative, I'm just not sure if defense affects the drain. (Battle Log) A's Heretic Archer does drainelementelor to random creature(s) of B and: Applying temporary effects for B, slot 4 : , weaken (round:3 weaken: defence=-82 ) - Drain power: 8.2637% ( tried for 0.17% ) **- Permanently draining: 752.597 Element Principle (8354.663 left).** **- Draining 75260 vitality from Elemental I creature DIES!** To this I say, 8% of B's Element Principle was drained by the Archers of A that doesn't have or low Element Principle, 8% of it is 752.597 Element Principle. The VE damage is the drained Principle multiplied by 100 will give B 75,260 (75,597 rounded off to the nearest 10th's) Vitality damage, much like the Angiens but more strategic. These are just based on my observation about the new test for the Archers, I haven't tried it yet after the percentage was fixed.
  13. Nice drawing Dexter However, the belly button is shown so my first impression was he wears nothing on tops. Yeah the Artisans was disbanded due to inactivity, I am saddened when that happened.
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