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  1. Time to brag On RuneScape I'm not of a significant level but I have played for 6 years and have every holiday item since the Skeleton Costume except for thanksgiving because I'm on vacation then with no computer access. Also, I have the Zombie Walk and Zombie Dance emotes (those aren't difficult yo get you just have to be REALLY lucky)(Zombie Dance makes you dance like the zombies in Thriller ) -That stuff usually gets people to ask how I got it -I can look good in screenshots (Skeleton costume, Chicken suit, morph into a pile of bones, spider in my hand) On MapleStory I don't have much to offer but I'll see what I can do if I ever feel like getting the patch. -I'm a Cleric and usually they can easily team up with other players because the have Heal On AdventureQuest Worlds I have some really old items from the Gamma phase (It's like beta only they want us to think they are "testing" something but just sound cool) -People usually call me the character I'm wearing the armor of and fun happens Screenshots for AQW- Costume change reason: they both look cool Area change reason: someone else came to the area almost nobody knows about and got in my way I noticed the 10+ downloads on most of the screenshots don't claim you're aaront222 or any of that crap Screenshot for RS- My holiday items screen Some other holiday items (carrot, spider, skeleton spider, etc.)
  2. How about this- You have a "Wetness Factor". It goes up if you are in the rain outside, it goes down if you are inside a structure. The more "wet" you are then the slower you move. Maybe the wetness thing could be connected to the heat variable.
  3. If it affected different people different ways then we'd have to make a different code for EVERY ACCOUNT. Or we could just make a weird algorithm involving player DNA. STILL! It would affect wars and maybe even the HC because it would hurt/help EVERYONE!
  4. What's this? 17 people vote yes and tho vote no and nobody bothers posting a "good idea" or a "that's terrible". At least explain your thoughts on why this is good/bad.
  5. Weather triggered by spells and maybe later on randomly should affect gameplay. For example maybe when it it heavyrain you will use more ap when moving, maybe during sunny you get increased regen from regen timer, maybe during stormy you'll spend lots of ap when moving or not at all (a universal movelock 0.0). It not only has a potential to enhance game-play but would make things more dynamic and very interesting. Vote in the poll ind discuss related ideas here. (don't rate negative because I added a null option, it helps figure out how many people voted and encourages voting)
  6. [quote name='aaront222' timestamp='1289565029' post='71938'] Why doesn't the king of a land just make a rule saying "Thou shall not rebel while thou est a citizen of my land." Or alike. [/quote] The king doesn't need to silence rebels. He just makes this rule. MUR!!! QUICK!!! FIX THE LOOPHOLE!!!
  7. Why doesn't the king of a land just make a rule saying "Thou shall not rebel while thou est a citizen of my land." Or alike.
  8. I have a multitudde of other accounts. It's hard to manage 4+ mmorpg, some socal networking, 2-3 forum accounts, and a farmville


  9. No i was not sayign anything meaningful

    saying random quotes and funny things

    i havent added you nor do i plan to

  10. If someone unjustly attacks you then you should do these things- Steps to report 1. Take a screenshot of the battlescene/battlelog (press Alt+PrintScreen and then paste it into paint, GIMP, etc...) 2. Send attacker a PM asking why and wait for reply or if no reply in next 10-20 minutes don't wait 3. Send a Pm to SG authorities with the screenshot attached aswell as the reasons the attacker stated or if they didn't reply/you didn't ask It's simple and easy. Note: SG no-attack rules do not apply to Mp5.
  11. I wanna make it go up

  12. haha check out my new signature

    1. BFH


      function eat()


      var this=hasflavr;


      if (tummy=full)










    2. Asterdai
  13. Interesting? Hm...


    All your base are belong to us


    I heard you leik mudkipz



  14. By character you mean ingame right?

  15. Sure.... what's with the new picture.... ?

  16. Mur uses us as his guinea pigs. MagicDuel is his experimental world. Maybe one he created out of need for one. But then again maybe he's a "normal" person (very doubtful). He's Mur and you need to respect him for it. Beware- if he gets angry or goes on a mental killing spree we may see the Festival of Pain happen again.

  17. *EPICER POKE OF DEATH* (poke that is as soft as possible with the bonus of giving a free supply of pie, chocolate, and nuclear weapons. That way everyone can enjoy life while getting rid of those annoying neighbors)

  18. *poke*

    *epic poke* (a really hard poke that drills into your flesh)

    *EPIC POKE OF DEATH!!!* (the softest poke ever)

  19. Time to tell the story that's been stuck in my head...
  20. [quote name='Chewett' date='06 August 2010 - 11:04 AM' timestamp='1281110644' post='65261'] Aaront, please do not be condesending. I run my own website amoung other things. I know how the interwebz works. What i want to know is what YOU offer. From your rather flippant response i guess that we have to host our own material. That means we can add pages in ourself and such... And what i have said, When you said add a page, will you format it how we want? Or will you just make the basic html and add it? When you have done the work, are we allowed to edit it how we like? add new pages? or will only you be "able" to do that for a cost? If we break the papers will you fix them for free? What about edits if we are unsure about html will you edit them for us as our papers change? [/quote] I can host it for you and will format it the best way I can to meet your standards. I'm not professional. You can submit your own pages if you wish. I can edit it. I can fix them free. You can add pages (as long as it doesn't go over the limit set by the package. I do understand why Chewett is doing such an extreme analysis. Please discuss the role of the Legend Speakers elsewhere.
  21. By pages I mean- [list] [*]Your Story [*]Quotes [*]Intro Page [*]Acheivements [*]Etc... [/list] You can add pages. It will just cost more... (prices to be determined) If you want to know about hosting your answer can be found in the address bar of the example page.
  22. [quote name='aaront222' date='05 August 2010 - 05:24 PM' timestamp='1281047063' post='65198'] Package Three Includes: [list] [*]A frameset (2 frames) [*]2+ Pages (to be displayed in content frame) [*]A welcome message (to pop up when your papers are opened) [*]A newsbar at the bottom of the papers (see my papers)(may contain almost anything within reason) [/list] [/quote] [quote name='Chewett' date='06 August 2010 - 03:16 AM' timestamp='1281082613' post='65240'] I cant see the example of a newsbar on [url="http://hmgbv.webs.com/"]this page[/url] perhaps you should provide that so others can see what it is. I also recommend perhaps having some pages that show the three different options. [/quote] I listed specifically to see my papers for that one.
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