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  1. Well i dont really drink so that wouldnt be a problem...... but i do have a camera so drink all you want
  2. Bummer, Let us know if you start recruiting agian......
  3. YAY........................................... I am from North Texas and willing to host a MD Party!!!!!!! Send me a message if your interested.
  4. Last time somebody had a telephone number we could call. Do you have one we can call this time?
  5. I hate to sound like a whiner but i feel as if i am being ignored. I asked some valid questions before and i dont feel they were addressed. Can somebody please help me?
  6. You could make the entrence to looroot an impromptu pub for the duration of the event.
  7. This is the whole list? What about those who would like to join......
  8. teufelhunden

    Page 1

    Great work.......
  9. Well this is an interesting discussion..... I have not played for very long but i have tried to make my playing felt by everyone. I have an easy quest going on thats targeted for noobs and i support that guest almost everyday. I give out at least 2 rewards everytime i get on. I have made the arguement before that noobs need more interaction(look at my post about the clockwork drachorn). This is a fun game but its hard to be a viable new player, i see tons of new people who dont talk and dont interact with anybody. On the other hand i saw one new player (kitty) get a item almost as soon as he started playing. WHATS UP WITH THAT. I can see the value of what he got but how come other new players are not treated the same. I am not saying that every new player is a great addition to the game but some are and they deserve something for trying to play the game properly.
  10. Sounds good, i like how you added nightshade to the name of the second one.
  11. I will come help clean up, of course i have no way over there so.......
  12. I am sorry for you bad luck, not everyone is all about fighting. I enjoyed your story and would like to read more. Goodluck
  13. You are right, i keep forgeting about the alts. I dont believe people would be that crude as to use them to ruin a contest though. It takes a lot of effert to keep one character going so i see no reason to put the effort into more then that.
  14. I like this contest but this seems kinda skewed to older players. How many younger players know about all the creatures and how are they supposed to get access to them so they can come up with a good description that fits. Can there be some kind of sliding scale based on who does the description?
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