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  1. Happy Birthday Assira! May your wishes come true! ~Aelis
  2. I hope my question won't be offtopic, I do not think it is, since it is "About Wp Codes": What about characters that are citizen of a land, but not one of the 4 main lands? Will someday we have someone to ask for WP codes? My character (Aelis) is a citizen of the Lands of the East, and I would like to ask: are we supposed to have a leader? Or maybe a council or something like that? I know the Tribunal is not fully released, but I am pretty sure I am not the only one with that question in mind. What about the citizens of MDA and the Underground? I am not saying I want to see quests like "Archives only" or "Underground only". I am merely asking a question which I believe is part of the subject. ~Aelis
  3. It's not a big thing... but what if once you caught a rare fish its image would remain in the page even after you sold it?Sort of to show that you've already seen that fish. (right now the image goes back to Rare Fish once you sell it, right?) Other than that I think the game is great the way it is ~Aelis
  4. Aelis

    Number "guessing"

    I agree with apophys, but maybe this is want you want to experiment. You could make it hidden, like having we guess numbers then the result would be x/y of the average, and you choose values for x and y when the whole thing ends. Oh, and my guess is 41! ~Aelis
  5. Lady Dawn got the Bloodpact. Let's keep this up!
  6. Hello everyone! This is my part of the giving spree! I am glad we are finally doing this. I gave one gold coin to Shemhazaj, and I also offered a Bloodpact archer, but he could not accept, so I will give the Archer to the next person that receives a gift (if they want, of course)! Keep the random giving alive! ~Aelis
  7. Congratulations dst! (I did not think someone would guess it right from the first try ) I will give you your cookie ingame! haha
  8. Here is my decoration (one cookie to the first one who guess who is the little fella on the left): [attachment=1376:parcial.JPG] edit: typo
  9. Merry Christmas! It is such an honour to be part of this community! May your wishs come true both ingame and in RL (mine did)
  10. Aelis

    The Alliance List

    If you're going to update this, don't forget the Tainted Warriors.
  11. I would like to emphasize the fact that you must send me a PM to my character ingame, not forum PM or signing in by replying on this topic. (Of course I will never ignore people that post here or send me a forum PM, but I will ask you to send me an ingame PM so I can reply with the names easily)
  12. UPDATE: The Secret Reindrach has already happened. Thanks to everyone that participated! Hello everyone! You are all invited to join the Secret Reindrach! What is a Secret Reindrach, you might ask? It is the MD version of Secret Santa! Still no clue? From wikipedia: "Secret Santa is a Western Christmas tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned other members to whom they anonymously give a gift. Often practiced in workplaces, or amongst large families, participation in it is usually voluntary. It offers a way for many people to give and receive a gift at low cost to those involved." RULES CHANGED: Due to a significant amount of people not being able to attend, the rules will change: You must give your gift through PM to your secret reindrach, then write something about him/her (anything you want: what you think about that person; wish something good for the new year; etc) to send along with the gift. What about the gifts? No restrictions at all, you can give a cookie, coins, creatures, wishpoint codes (wow!), anything you want! (They can be RP'ed, you don't have to give something tangible!) More info will be added in this post, pay attention! (Credits: Thanks to Pample for helping me, creating the pic and suggesting the name ) [attachment=1322:promo_tamed.jpg]
  13. Honesty edit: damn I did not see Asterdai's reply :/
  14. I have some problems on ff.. it seems to load things slower than IE (specially the sorting cloud, and some battles). In general I prefer firefox.. IE is just for MD.
  15. Aelis

    Md Award Voting

    If the Sage's Keep is not available, perhaps the Hall of the Sun (I guess this is the name, it is located in MDA) or the Hall past the stairs on the Lands of the East?
  16. Indeed. Go to the Tribunal pub, it is a great place to have a drink or just chat! And a chef would be great. Assira just makes me get drunk, no food at all :/ ( )
  17. Rookie of the Year: Robin Mea
  18. I agree with Observer on the Rookie of the Year. I have 79 active days right now.. (not saying I will get nominated or something like that) and I know some people that have active days (I guess) ranging from 80-100 that would make great nominees!
  19. Couldn't agree more.. My first days in MD were all about exploring and reading the AL.. it was something unbelievable to me that a normal player just like me could change the history of the realm! Eventually I finished reading the AL and wondered why did it stop. From time to time I even reread some entries. I am relatively new here, but I can see that lately we lack interation within the realm. I have always wanted to research and find out about new things.. but I had never found people willing to do it (suprised myself after reading Pample's post). Maybe kings will change this aspect, maybe not. I really hope to keep reading and maybe even being part of such excellent stories like the ones in AL. This post did not say much.. it is merely the point of view of a "newcomer".
  20. Are you a martian? (or he could ask any known fact) Then the martian would do the gesture for "yes" and Jonathan would know what he wanted
  21. I met you few weeks ago.. but I can say you are a very honorable person and I'll miss seeing you and chatting at the plains. Good bye, mate. Hope we can talk sometimes.
  22. Aelis

    Best Captchas

    Not exactly funny.. an interesting coincidence Perhaps a sign of dst's power beyond MD realm edit: forgot the link -> http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/9467/dstu.jpg
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