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  1. Awiiya, I think the world outside does not cease to matter when you ignite because from what I see the "Sun" remains outside, and it is the source of that infinite energy, remaining as a bond. ~Aelis
  2. Can we say that Renavoid's fourth point of void is/was his quill? During the times of Master Archivist? An object not necessary for him to preserve the system, but with it he managed to amplify his Sun? (I'm saying that by reading the AL, I was not around during that time) ~Aelis
  3. So the Sun is there as a source of energy to all individual systems? Also, circles symbolises systems? If so I wonder which circle is the symbol of MD, and what is the point of void in it. And the other three points aswell. (It's probably a secret ) ~Aelis
  4. From what I understood we can post our comments to your answer on this topic, right? (If I'm wrong please someone move my post) So, in order to ignite our inner sun, we must identify the fourth point and close the gate? (Which kind of infinite energy we'll get?) Is there any way for the gate to close/open spontaneously? ~Aelis
  5. It's an interesting idea, and perhaps we don't even need to discuss ancient stuff. There are a lot of "actual" subjects we could question and theorize together. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like in the past (I'm not a veteran, so I'm just guessing by reading some old topics) this sort of "everybody speculating together" was a bit common. Guess it wouldn't hurt to try. ~Aelis
  6. I have a question: Will it count if my friend does all the facebook stuff and does not actually play MD? Because I guess I can manage to make some friends like the page but I'm not sure if they will keep logging, as I already tried to make them play. ~Aelis
  7. I think the Sun represents strenght, perhaps needed to unlock our Inner Sun? In the AL we can read: Page 97 [2008-12-18 03:22:22 - The Inner Sun - Ren., Am.] "I channeled all of my energy into the Quill. It was the thing that most closely identified with my mind, you see. When the darkness completely consumed my body, the quill, with my soul and essence, remained glowing. It glowed with the fierceness of the sun, and drove the darkness out. It is here, always, that I wake from the hellish nightmare." There, the light drove the darkness. And a bit later it says his Inner Sun is unlocked. Perhaps the Sun is there to balance the darkness within? To help each one with his own Inner Sun. (Of course I don't know the exact meaning of Inner Sun, and would love to know more about it, if someone has information to share! I certainly would love to learn more in order to find my own Sun!) There are a lot of good lines of thought in this topic, mine is maybe a different approach on the main question. ~Aelis
  8. Thanks, everyone! It was awesome! ~Aelis
  9. Aelis


    Hello everyone. I was looking at the picture that shows up in the background when you log in and noticed something: You can clearly read West, North and South, but there something else where East should be, also, there seems to be some writings next to the word that “replaces” East. I wonder if that relates in any way to the Lands of the East, which is the most recently discovered land and still full of mysteries. The connection to the Lands of the East is just a suggestion (I really hope I’m right because I’m specially interested in the Tribunal ), I’d love to hear other ideas about it. I hope it makes sense! ~Aelis
  10. Giulia Marducci Female Family Event(s): Birth: About 1845 Piana Dei Greci, Palermo, Italy http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/IGI/individual_record.asp?recid=100300038604&lds=1&region=15&regionfriendly=Southwest+Europe&frompage=99 VINCENZO MARDUCCI Male Marriages: Spouse: ROSA TALIENTO Marriage: 31 DEC 1842 Foggia, Foggia, Italy http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/IGI/individual_record.asp?recid=100154631610&lds=1&region=15&regionfriendly=Southwest+Europe&frompage=99 Records of Italian immigrants http://www.ellisisland.org/search/matchMore.asp?LNM=MARDUCCI&PLNM=MARDUCCI&first_kind=1&kind=exact&offset=0&dwpdone=1 A lot of Marduccis (Apparently you must pay to get the full info, but there's a free trial period) http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?cj=1&sid=ancestry.cs-20100808&gss=affiliate&rank=1&gl=usfedcen&pcc=2&prox=1&gsln=Marducci&o_xid=0000295820&o_lid=0000295820 Not sure is this is valid, but I had to try, and quickly, eh?
  11. Aelis

    Fight Error

    I had this problem too. energyburn caused it. Not sure if helps with something, but I didn't have any creature that could use energyburn in my attacking rit.
  12. Yeah! I totally want the top hat avatar! Or maybe the one with the shield! (It sorta looks like Assassins Creed's main character, Altair!) ~Aelis
  13. 1] Yes. I think it's always good to have different stuff to try when you're kinda bored of fighting or interacting with others. 2] At the beggining it was kinda hard, but I don't think you should change that. The only thing that made me sad was the sudden disappearance of my items near the end of the contest. 3] Can't think about anything right now. I shall msg you if I think about something. 4] More items would be interesting.. I'm not sure about what, though. And I didn't have the chance to buy any extras, so I don't know if they change anything. 5] I loved it! But 13 playing hours was too much for me, I couldn't play any longer. ~Aelis
  14. I also have some issues when using firefox. MD runs way better on IE here.
  15. Aelis

    Up Contest

    This is my post and I hereby name it #6! Did I win? No, seriously. What if someone spam until they reach the right post? ~Aelis
  16. Happy Birthday Assira! May your wishes come true! ~Aelis
  17. I hope my question won't be offtopic, I do not think it is, since it is "About Wp Codes": What about characters that are citizen of a land, but not one of the 4 main lands? Will someday we have someone to ask for WP codes? My character (Aelis) is a citizen of the Lands of the East, and I would like to ask: are we supposed to have a leader? Or maybe a council or something like that? I know the Tribunal is not fully released, but I am pretty sure I am not the only one with that question in mind. What about the citizens of MDA and the Underground? I am not saying I want to see quests like "Archives only" or "Underground only". I am merely asking a question which I believe is part of the subject. ~Aelis
  18. It's not a big thing... but what if once you caught a rare fish its image would remain in the page even after you sold it?Sort of to show that you've already seen that fish. (right now the image goes back to Rare Fish once you sell it, right?) Other than that I think the game is great the way it is ~Aelis
  19. Aelis

    Number "guessing"

    I agree with apophys, but maybe this is want you want to experiment. You could make it hidden, like having we guess numbers then the result would be x/y of the average, and you choose values for x and y when the whole thing ends. Oh, and my guess is 41! ~Aelis
  20. Lady Dawn got the Bloodpact. Let's keep this up!
  21. Hello everyone! This is my part of the giving spree! I am glad we are finally doing this. I gave one gold coin to Shemhazaj, and I also offered a Bloodpact archer, but he could not accept, so I will give the Archer to the next person that receives a gift (if they want, of course)! Keep the random giving alive! ~Aelis
  22. Congratulations dst! (I did not think someone would guess it right from the first try ) I will give you your cookie ingame! haha
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