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  1. I would like to try, please. ~Aelis
  2. [attachment=3271:shining.png] "Heeeere's Johnny!" (hopefully you'll know where it comes from )
  3. I'll watch a Liverpool (hopefully against Chelsea or Arsenal) match for you, Rhaegar!
  4. Hello everyone, you might have noticed my absence this last month. I couldn't find enough time to log and play lately. I was making arrangements because I got this chance to live in London for a few months, I couldn't miss this oportunity! So, my flag will change in a few days and I don't know whether I'll have internet access or not. I'm sorry to all of those I "ignored" lately! I'm making this post because I'll probably have limited access during these months and don't know when I'll return to log in frequently. I wish you guys all the best! I miss everyone! See you soon, I hope! ~Aelis
  5. [center] [img]http://magicduel.com/art/housing/8b.gif[/img] If you are interested in joining us by following the Squire path to become a Knight, or if you wish to walk the Pilgrims path, contact me (I am usually at Wind’s Sanctuary or MDP/GoE. If you can’t find me, send me a forum PM). This topic will contain information regarding the recruitment process and my duties as recruiter. Aelis, Knight Recruiter of the Bell [/center]
  6. Today I tried to click "view all" announcements and it wouldn't work. "View last 20" works fine. ~Aelis
  7. Aelis

    WTB Avatars

    http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/8308-avatar-shop/ Asterdai has two of those you're looking for ~Aelis
  8. I think it's this avatar: [attachment=2926:yoshi.gif] ~Aelis
  9. Aelis AD: 314 I consider myself patient, and I think most of MD players are, because for sure patience is mandatory to "survive" in the realm. Since my first days around, I've always been curious and asked a lot of questions. And I believe this hasn't changed, I try to keep in mind "Do not stagnate" as my motto. With this I have gained some knowledge and am always willing to learn more! ~Aelis
  10. So, here's my attempt (with birthday cake and hat!) I hope you guys like it! (Is that eligible for the contest? I had a great time drawing that) ~Aelis
  11. Oh my god, the cloak looks totally awesome!! The only thing is that I guess he's way too muscular, perhaps you can change that? And can you make the cloak cover more of his body? Perhaps even remove the armor and the sword and focus on the cloak (As you might have noticed, I really liked it) I hope that can be done! Thanks in advance. ~Aelis
  12. Welcome! You should follow Maebius advice! Hope to see you ingame soon! ~Aelis
  13. A knightly man, wearing a white cloak with a sheathed sword on a sword belt. Shield is optional. Some small details on the cloak (so it won't be completely white) would be great, it's up to you! About the stance, maybe something mysterious or noble (or both), not offensive at all. Hope that is a good description. Thanks in advance. ~Aelis
  14. [b]EDIT: I'm still looking for the current owner and I'd like to add that I wish to buy it (or trade, negotiate, whatever).[/b] As the title says, I'm looking for a picture of Eden's old avatar. Also I'd like to ask if any of you know who's the actual owner? Thanks in advance. ~Aelis
  15. Aelis

    Team Bunny

    Can I join? ~Aelis
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