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  1. I think this should be done without announcing it as a perma-quest. If not, it'll be like Syrian said.       ~Aelis
  2. From that perspective, if you increase the score of land-related illusion tags, you'd somehow be granted a chance to turn it into a role and be part of that land, even if you have never had any contact/history related to that particular land before. Is that correct? If so, is that intended for the tag feature?     ~Aelis    
  3. How about sky visibility (and weather in general)? If I'm not mistaken, right now visibility only affects water values. According to the announcement (http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/2665), it would also affect darkness and light "strength" in the scene (more things to be implemented, maybe?). If there is something to be done about it, I'd like to help. I have mapped MB's sky with the sky scouters.       ~Aelis
  4. Farewell, Sunfire. Have a good one.       ~Aelis
  5. Revival item Anniversary Aramors from previous years Shade Item that casts acousticremains Independent memory stone detector Briskness
  6. Baking time is over. Please vote for the winning cake :)       ~Aelis
  7. A real cake, yeah! :) Made in a real oven with real ingredients!
  8. Deadline: Tuesday 22/04/2014 until 23:59 Server Time
  9. The voting period has ended.   As of ~ Day: 116 Year: 9 ~ ST 21:00, the results are:   1st - Kyphis (8 votes) 2nd - ChildOfTheSoul (5 votes) 3rd - AmberRune (3 votes) 4th - Rikstar (2 votes)   Congratulations to all! Rewards shall be announced soon (council approval pending :) )     ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Birthday period is over, everyone. That means it's time to vote for the best cake! Thank you all for your entries and the work put into baking the cakes :)   Due to the neg-repping and Rikstar's late entry, I have decided to open up a poll so people can vote again in a more organised way. You're only allowed to vote for one cake as your favourite.   Links for the cakes: ChildOfTheSoul AmberRune Kyphis Rikstar   Let the voting begin!   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone!   It’s birthday time! And in order to make the party even funnier, we the Caretakers are hosting a Birthday Cake Contest! Ready your recipes! Let your imagination principle go wild!   For this contest, you must bake a real cake (real as in RL) for MD’s birthday!   Rules: Photos of the entire cooking process (from the ingredients to the finished cake) must be taken with MD and your playername written somewhere on the photo (If you manage to have the letters on your cake, even better!) and posted here on this topic. The cake with most reputation “ups” win! (or we can open up a vote if you guys prefer). There’s no restriction on the kind of cake you can bake and details you can put into it (you can go for one as big and fancy as a wedding cake – MD sure deserves it :D )!   Rewards: Rewards will be given based on # of participants and effort put into baking the cakes. This quest has council’s approval, so rewards should be fancy! Also, we’ll all be eating the winning cake (and the others too) during the birthday! Woot!   Deadline: Tuesday 22/04/2014 until 23:59 Server Time     Are you ready? Let the baking begin!
  10. Happy new year, guys!   May 2014 be a great year for everyone.       ~Aelis
  11. Right now I'm at 7_melodyhouse_1 and it says I'm at No man's land. Has anyone else tested the Tribunal?       ~Aelis
  12. Thank you very much guys! You are awesome! :)         ~Aelis
  13. If I understand correclty, when it comes to "giving" features to people, there are the random rewards and the well-deserved ones.   I say you continue doing both, Mur. The well-deserved ones will go to the right hands and they'll make good use of it (or not). The random will go to someone that might or might not do a good thing with it, and if the person disappears or does anything stupid with it, it's his/her loss, we'll move on (as we always do, we have always adapted) and the next feature will go to a next random person. If we're talking about a really important feature, such as mp7, rest assured that will come back in the hands of other(s).   The thing is, by being here, we've survived, each in our own way, the famous filters Mur has set up. So, if we're still around, it's certain that "our time will come". Let's do our best and one day we'll get our fancy feature. Want it bad? Work three times harder.     In the end, I think MD is also a mirror of the real world. And Mur's role is of a Demon.     So, Mur, please stay around and continue doing what you've always done (of course that is my opinion, I can't speak for others). And if not, just stay "playing" with us :)       ~Aelis  
  14. I agree with dst. Looks like everything is becoming a bit "techno". And why is there a bench in front of MB gates (and it's floating!)? I personally think key scenes shouldn't be changed/have something added (but then every scene is a bit "key"...with gates being very important among the important scenes)     ~Aelis     Edit: Changed a bit the parenthesis part to make it clearer.
  15. A) would be interesting to let resources regen a bit.       ~Aelis
  16. Best game ever: Grim Fandango! (check the soundtrack, it's the best!)   Another best game ever: Metal Gear Solid     Lots of other great games there, but these two should do.       -Aelis
  17. I'd like to give it a try.   Aelis (ID:169860; Days:986) [Activity days: 71% (A total of 986 out of 1392 days)]     Lands of the East:  208 (Current land) Marind Bell:            421   Tag: Bringers of Light       ~Aelis
  18. Repair/damage the windmill at the Fields of Abandonment to change behaviour of liquid dust there. (That may be hard to modify because of story mode)         ~Aelis
  19. I'd like to help with lowering viscosity too. Count me in. Perhaps this could become a regular thing? (Expeditions to the East every month? This could be a nice group activity) ~Aelis
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