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  1. Thank you for the comment, No one. As Rophs pointed out, revival is directly involved with the death system and among the things I want to ask about (I thought I had written about it on the topic :P).   So yeah, definitely revival too.
  2. Hello,   The Caretakers are currently conducting a study on the death system and would like to cordially invite everyone who has ever been involved with death in the realm (be it by killing, being killed, helping with Molquert's quests, etc) for a rather quick Q&A session :)   If you are interested in helping with this, please send me an ingame PM (preferrably) or a forum PM.   After the research is done, results will be posted here :)           ~Aelis
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    Tag! You're it!

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    Tag! You're it!

  5. This is a list of instances where misplaced backslashes show up. Please post here if you find an occurrence that is not listed.   Text:                                              Shows up as:                                                                                          MR's Fraternity                            MR\\\'s Fraternity (when you click a player and it shows his/her alliance). Kelle'tha Order                            Kelle\'tha Order (will check on which situations that happens). MRAlyon's Bestiary                     MR Knight\'s Bestiary Dark Demon's Ethereal Ring      "...twisting/r/nallows the bearer\ s...through unusual\r\ndoors." Dominion Gates' description     "...the gate to Mur\\\'s dominion..." Tribunal Pub's description         "Try Phantasm\'s favorite Dark Rum..." lashtal's Mandragora's Roots    Mandragora\'s Roots Password protected clickables A "\'s" is produced when a password containing an apostrophe is entered.
  6. Should a list of instances where the \ shows up be made? Would that help?     ~Aelis
  7. I was referring to what Mur said about vital energy:         As far as I know, "erolin" heat would behave like Asthir described.   Edit: Ary was faster :P
  8. How would heat generate and "move" (be stored) naturally without additional activity? Syntropy?     ~Aelis
  9. I agree with No one on this. But then again I might be biased for having a killing item.   I believe changes are indeed needed, but in my opinion, the death system is the one that should be affected, not the players' possessions   Also, I could understand the items being changed due to some kind of abuse, but surprisingly, I've never heard of such thing when it comes to killing/reviving. Every time they were used, it all seemed very sensible to me.     ~Aelis
  10. Here's my submission:   The Drachorn War: http://storenow.net/my/?f=431947032d3b8b2595a808a1c5a2c729   (I uploaded it on storenow because it's a bit lengthy and I wanted to keep the formatting and pictures)   Hope you enjoy it!       ~Aelis
  11. I have always "believed in the box" for matters related to the shape of the realm, but lately I've noticed the coordinate system for "Realm 1" (No Man's Land and the 4 main lands) does not picture the map the same way as the box does.   From the box's perspective, you'd have 3 (or 2, depending on how you look at it) sets of rectangles forming "Realm 1". That can be seen from the picture Burns posted.   On the other hand, the map coordinates form a 10x9 rectangle in which all Realm 1 is included (Curiosity: Realm 1 has exactly the same grid size as the Labyrinth. Mods, if that's considered a spoiler, please remove it). My brain's been more inclined to believe in the coordinates rather than the box, but judging from this announcement, it seems the box might show the right shape. Perhaps the coordinates system do not take scene size into account. If it did, the Loreroot section could indeed be bigger and deform a part of the rectangle, making the coordinate-based map resemble the box picture. Does that make sense? But then again, if that indeed happens, it would ruin the "coincidence" of Realm 1 being the same size as the Labyrinth.     Edit: Replaced "cube" by "box" thanks to a smart friend that pointed that out for me.   ~Aelis
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    Death System

    I think dead-only content would be great. Not a lot of things to do, but at least something interesting to be seen and/or done:   Scenes only available to the dead (not many). Perhaps with cartography-increasing obelisks (or something similar), like your cartography skills increase by seeing/exploring the land of the dead. (Limited) Resource-gathering. Unique or rare resources (perhaps non-transferable?) that could be gathered by shared tools only dead could pick up. Developing some special relation with Molquert and/or Kraubawnis/Rawquist. Perhaps you could ask for their help once, or some sort of molqguard-army spell with limited casts. Different shrines or graveyards and limited movement on a few scenes or two (based on the land affilliation). If you have affinity to a certain land, I think your "soul" would prefer finding rest there, perhaps even be able to walk around a bit after a while (via heat veins). I believe those wouldn't require a lot of work to implement and would make being dead not 100% boring (something like 85% or so).   As for revival methods, aside from getting the community to aid with Molquert, there should be some harder way to be revived without the help of others (what if you're hated by every single person and no one wants to help you, but your will to live is bigger than that and you manage to revive?).     What do you think? Let's keep this discussion alive!           ~Aelis
  13. I think this should be done without announcing it as a perma-quest. If not, it'll be like Syrian said.       ~Aelis
  14. From that perspective, if you increase the score of land-related illusion tags, you'd somehow be granted a chance to turn it into a role and be part of that land, even if you have never had any contact/history related to that particular land before. Is that correct? If so, is that intended for the tag feature?     ~Aelis    
  15. How about sky visibility (and weather in general)? If I'm not mistaken, right now visibility only affects water values. According to the announcement (http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/2665), it would also affect darkness and light "strength" in the scene (more things to be implemented, maybe?). If there is something to be done about it, I'd like to help. I have mapped MB's sky with the sky scouters.       ~Aelis
  16. Farewell, Sunfire. Have a good one.       ~Aelis
  17. Revival item Anniversary Aramors from previous years Shade Item that casts acousticremains Independent memory stone detector Briskness
  18. Baking time is over. Please vote for the winning cake :)       ~Aelis
  19. A real cake, yeah! :) Made in a real oven with real ingredients!
  20. Deadline: Tuesday 22/04/2014 until 23:59 Server Time
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