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    Out of balance

    Mago's right: https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/571
  2. Auction over. I'll message Fang and dst
  3. Just got some water today and noticed it came from MB! Way to go, Dowsers! Expanding business
  4. Deal, Ungod I'll send you a message! As for the creatures, I'll leave it open like an auction for a while and then sell to the highest bidder. Also after checking Nim's creature auction I've decided to copy her and put a minimum bid of 5gc on the Rein. Will edit the first post stating this and putting the bids so far.
  5. I'll run this like an auction for a while (two weeks maximum). Creatures: - Reindrach ID: 757018 - Minimum bid: 5gc - 75 sc (5 gc) - dst - Santa ID: 757630 Tokens: Stardust, Kelletha Fire - 48sc - Fang Archbane - Imperial Aramor ID:715419 - Imperial Aramor ID:757179 Items (item - description): - Turtle Shell Hair Comb - A brown and white comb made out of a turtle shell. It can be used to untagle even the most strongheaded...fur. - Wormy driftwood - I suppose its a habitat, so you could call them pets. I guess. - Unaddressed ransom note - A ransom note not particularly addressed to anyone. Useful if you want to kidnap someone or something. - Decisive Saying - A small metal plate with the engraving: “It's written in stone.” - Torn Kite - This use to fly until children played with it. - Yang's Fortune cookie #3 - Tastes like sugar and cardboard, the note inside reads “Will you marry me?” Bidding shall stop when I like the price.
  6. I have recently acquired an Elu and it seems it's not consuming candy. It's been 3 days and a couple hours and nothing so far. Is this normal? ID: 749935
  7. I'm here Feel free to find me ingame/message me. I think I still have the logs of the Sky Scouter meeting with Mur and would love to discuss ideas for possible outfits and tools.
  8. Aelis


    Trying to use it as a profile image :P
  9. ~ Day: 213, Year: 5 ~ dst the rper :) (also look at the people around lots of fun oldies)
  10. Added lashtal's item and updated Dark Demon's.   Should old PL entries be listed?
  11. [attachment=4489:temporalvault-printscr.jpg]   This one, I believe.
  12. Aelis

    Tag! You're it!

    I wouldn't mind if it ended already. It kinda stopped being fun a couple extensions ago.         ~Aelis
  13. Thank you for the comment, No one. As Rophs pointed out, revival is directly involved with the death system and among the things I want to ask about (I thought I had written about it on the topic :P).   So yeah, definitely revival too.
  14. Hello,   The Caretakers are currently conducting a study on the death system and would like to cordially invite everyone who has ever been involved with death in the realm (be it by killing, being killed, helping with Molquert's quests, etc) for a rather quick Q&A session :)   If you are interested in helping with this, please send me an ingame PM (preferrably) or a forum PM.   After the research is done, results will be posted here :)           ~Aelis
  15. Aelis

    Tag! You're it!

  16. Aelis

    Tag! You're it!

  17. This is a list of instances where misplaced backslashes show up. Please post here if you find an occurrence that is not listed.   Text:                                              Shows up as:                                                                                          MR's Fraternity                            MR\\\'s Fraternity (when you click a player and it shows his/her alliance). Kelle'tha Order                            Kelle\'tha Order (will check on which situations that happens). MRAlyon's Bestiary                     MR Knight\'s Bestiary Dark Demon's Ethereal Ring      "...twisting/r/nallows the bearer\ s...through unusual\r\ndoors." Dominion Gates' description     "...the gate to Mur\\\'s dominion..." Tribunal Pub's description         "Try Phantasm\'s favorite Dark Rum..." lashtal's Mandragora's Roots    Mandragora\'s Roots Password protected clickables A "\'s" is produced when a password containing an apostrophe is entered.
  18. Should a list of instances where the \ shows up be made? Would that help?     ~Aelis
  19. I was referring to what Mur said about vital energy:         As far as I know, "erolin" heat would behave like Asthir described.   Edit: Ary was faster :P
  20. How would heat generate and "move" (be stored) naturally without additional activity? Syntropy?     ~Aelis
  21. I agree with No one on this. But then again I might be biased for having a killing item.   I believe changes are indeed needed, but in my opinion, the death system is the one that should be affected, not the players' possessions   Also, I could understand the items being changed due to some kind of abuse, but surprisingly, I've never heard of such thing when it comes to killing/reviving. Every time they were used, it all seemed very sensible to me.     ~Aelis
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