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  1. Behold my creation: I call it the Sleepy Wind Golem! xD Core components: Hope you enjoy it! haha
  2. Thanks for doing this, Chewett! My ID is 169860. This is the scene: If I remember correctly the statue to the left is a clickie (can't verify that right now. kinda stuck at the GWI :P). Ideally, it'd be awesome to have some bookshelves added to the scene (maybe someday, eh?). The forest mansion bookshelf is this one: That being said, would anyone like to suggest another place or should we keep one of these?
  3. I, completely devoid of any bias, vote for the East to hold the records (:P). As I told Josephine today, I started recording those for some kind of East Library that I've always wanted to build. When she asked my opinion on a possible location, two came to mind: The pratical one: Back then, I thought the Forest Mansion would be the right place to host it (there's a small book shelf there, so no scene changes would be needed). The symbolic one: On the other hand, I think the floatingbook_2 scene would be more appropriate (starting from its name :P). It's next to where Molquert was buried and it's part of the first unveiled bit of the East, right when the Caretakers were created. What do you guys think?
  4. Okay, here's what I have so far (I excluded the deaths I had without additional information. I kept Spartiatis because I think his death was important to the realm history and he should be remembered. I guess it won't be hard to find details about it). I'm sorry information is missing (pretend some bits of the records are illegible :P). Also, keep in mind some dates might be wrong. I tried my best to be accurate, but it was something I rarely updated/paid appropriate attention. Death Records Name Date of Death Killing method Date of Revival Revival method Event of Death Sasha lilias ~ Day: 34 Year: 6 ~ Suicide/Ivorak (stone dagger?) ~ Day: 60 Year: 6 ~ Community gathering Chewett ~ Day: 161 Year: 7 ~ Ceremonial Dagger (Seigheart) Seigheart ~ Day: 185 Year: 7 ~ Molquert ~ Day: 13 Year: 8 ~ Ceremonial Dagger (Aelis) Fire Starter ~ Day: 233 Year: 8 ~ Eon contract (Maebius) AL - A Debt Repaid Peace ~ Day: 254 Year: 8 ~ Eon contract (Maebius)? AL - A Debt Repaid Azull ~ Day: 256 Year: 8 ~ Eon contract (Maebius)? AL - A Debt Repaid Junior ~ Day: 258 Year: 8 ~ (unsure) Ceremonial Dagger (Aelis) AL - A Debt Repaid Maebius ~ Day: 259 Year: 8 ~ Assasination rope (lashtal) AL - A Debt Repaid Princ Rhaegar ~ Day: 288 Year: 8 ~ Eon contract (Maebius)? AL - A Debt Repaid nadrolski ~ Day: 288 Year: 8 ~ (unsure) Eon contract (Maebius)? AL - A Debt Repaid Muratus del Mur ~ Day: 238 Year: 9 ~ Assassination rope (lashtal) Granos ~ Day: 5 Year: 10 ~ Ceremonial Dagger (Aelis) ~ Day: 5 Year: 10 ~ Ailith's item Testing Dark Demon ~ Day: 54 Year: 10 ~ dst The Adventurer ~ Day: 114 Year: 10 ~ Sudden Death Storm Asthir ~ Day: 114 Year: 10 ~ Sudden Death Storm Phantasm ~ Day: 114 Year: 10 ~ Sudden Death Storm Sunfire ~ Day: 114 Year: 10 ~ Sudden Death Storm MaGoHi ~ Day: 114 Year: 10 ~ Sudden Death Storm WittyLeWat ~ Day: 114 Year: 10 ~ Sudden Death Storm Mystic ~ Day: 114 Year: 10 ~ Sudden Death Storm Syrian ~ Day: 114 Year: 10 ~ Sudden Death Storm Azull ~ Day: 114 Year: 10 ~ Sudden Death Storm Records with little information AmberRune Serial killer quest AmberRune Day of fear Aelis Eon contract (Sephirah Caelum) Molquert Sephirah Caelum Ceremonial Dagger (Aelis) Molquert Spartiatis Maybe we should find a better place to host it (ingame, perhaps?). If we keep it here, maybe this reply should be split from the topic? What do you think?
  5. Great idea. A couple years ago I was tracking the kills and revivals for the Caretakers records. It's a bit messy but I'll try cleaning it and posting it here for transparency's sake. If the MDA doesn't agree to release (is that the right word?) the (automated) records, we can continue from where I stopped and make it a community initiative.
  6. I'm with Josephine here. I think the initial research level requirements are just fine (like a little push in form of "here's a 'free' taste of MD research, let's see what you do with it"), but in order to progress further you'd have to somehow grow as a researcher (and maybe get a tag too, why not?). Ideally (to me, at least), one of the paths that could unlock the higher levels would be submitting your own research clue(s) and having the powers that be approve it (though I guess no one's taking care of the R&C interface right now). As for the "alt trick" to unlock clues, perhaps add another requirement to the research wishes so as to prevent it? Fight count, friend count, etc.
  7. Happy birthday, man! πŸŽ‰ I wish you lots of stat increases!
  8. I didn't quite like the old sound, but this one is really unbearable (and it's being played twice here too). Totally not a priority, but could we eventually opt to deactivate this sound (and maybe some others) via settings or something like that?
  9. Aelis


    I was trying to find clues for dealing with the Old Man and the altar issues (for future reference: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/18020-complaint-on-one-man-many-voices-al/) and I found something interesting: Shade Sentinel has a skill named Coherence. I stalk some player profiles from time to time and have never seen this skill before. I wonder what it does and how the Shade got it. It makes me wonder if there is a symbolic meaning behind it (the 1 value makes me think so) or if it is a result of some crazy experiment. Here is the link for SS's profile: https://magicduel.com/players/Shade Sentinel It's worth mentioning that the skill shows up with an asterisk. I don't know exactly what that means, but from what I found, other skills like that are: *skilldamage, *fusioning, *excavation and *taming. Any opinions on this? Am I trying to find implicit meaning in everything (MD made me that way )?
  10. Just to make it clear: yes, I am interested in helping with the documentation Please add me to the team.
  11. Forum could work, but in my opinion it should be more structured/organized than this: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/forum/168-md-script-manual/ I think discussions should be kept separate from the actual documentation so as to make it clean for the reader. The forums are great for discussions, but I'm not so sure as the "final version" page. I've read about document generators that use markup to make pretty pages, don't know if that could be applied to the A25 tools though (also I don't have experience with that kind of thing ). As for what could be done with the tools: let's create a land weapon for the East! Edit: Still on land clickables, perhaps land mechanics such as weapons could require at least one player from certain strategic alliances for said land in the same location (e.g. at least one member from CT, SoS and SotIS) in order to activate its function.
  12. I can't help but picture all this information organized in a documentation page style (such as https://networkx.github.io/documentation/stable/, for instance). That way, we could have separate sections for actual documentation, guidelines (questmaking, rewards, etc.) and examples. And on top of that, it'd be easier to navigate when compared to a forum subsection. What does everyone think? Would it take too much work? That being said. This is great news! I look forward to seeing more stuff done with these tools (and possibly help too). Hopefully this will be an important step towards a meaningful repopulation of the realm.
  13. If you can't bring back any memories, I imagine you'd have to, while you are still aware of the problem, make some change to either (or both): Your environment/reality (so you could somehow prevent the course of actions that lead to that outcome). This would be an "external" solution. Yourself (I think this path would be harder since you'd have no way of remembering, so the change would have to happen on a subconscious level). This would be an "internal" solution. These seem a bit vague, but I expressed them in this way because I believe the specific way of attempting both depends on the kind of thing you are experiencing over and over.
  14. Thank you guys, you're awesome! πŸŽ‚
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    Law Abiding Wrongdoers
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    Out of balance

    Mago's right: https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/571
  17. Auction over. I'll message Fang and dst
  18. Just got some water today and noticed it came from MB! Way to go, Dowsers! Expanding business
  19. Deal, Ungod I'll send you a message! As for the creatures, I'll leave it open like an auction for a while and then sell to the highest bidder. Also after checking Nim's creature auction I've decided to copy her and put a minimum bid of 5gc on the Rein. Will edit the first post stating this and putting the bids so far.
  20. I'll run this like an auction for a while (two weeks maximum). Creatures: - Reindrach ID: 757018 - Minimum bid: 5gc - 75 sc (5 gc) - dst - Santa ID: 757630 Tokens: Stardust, Kelletha Fire - 48sc - Fang Archbane - Imperial Aramor ID:715419 - Imperial Aramor ID:757179 Items (item - description): - Turtle Shell Hair Comb - A brown and white comb made out of a turtle shell. It can be used to untagle even the most strongheaded...fur. - Wormy driftwood - I suppose its a habitat, so you could call them pets. I guess. - Unaddressed ransom note - A ransom note not particularly addressed to anyone. Useful if you want to kidnap someone or something. - Decisive Saying - A small metal plate with the engraving: β€œIt's written in stone.” - Torn Kite - This use to fly until children played with it. - Yang's Fortune cookie #3 - Tastes like sugar and cardboard, the note inside reads β€œWill you marry me?” Bidding shall stop when I like the price.
  21. I have recently acquired an Elu and it seems it's not consuming candy. It's been 3 days and a couple hours and nothing so far. Is this normal? ID: 749935
  22. I'm here Feel free to find me ingame/message me. I think I still have the logs of the Sky Scouter meeting with Mur and would love to discuss ideas for possible outfits and tools.
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    Trying to use it as a profile image :P
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