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  1. I can totally hear this one inside the House of the Tainted Times. The melancholic feeling in this song makes me think of all the history related to that scene in times past, present and future. There's also this sense of isolation and darkness that I get from this song, which I feel are perfect for the overall feeling of that place in particular. It's almost as if I can see someone walking slowly and gently touching the bookshelves in the dark.



  2. This was my Champion's Challenge back in Year 5:


    (wish I had their old avatars, but the current ones will do)

    As far as I remember, Ailith was the first person I talked to in this realm. She was probably responsible for me staying around!:) Eventually, I ended up joining SoS and that was when I first became a part of the LotE. I'm really happy that our friendship endured all these years (and today we both being on the same land and alliance again is an awesome bonus).

    This event in particular was right after I had disappeared for some time, due to exams or something, and had just returned. I remember Ailith being the alliance leader and she told me to jump to her so she could show me something. That was the first time I visited the Champion's Challenge and since then it's become my favorite MB scene!

    In this image, aside from Ailith and Granos, Pip is there as one of my oldest alliance mates, and also Awiiya and Kets (Handy Pockets), close friends whom I visited frequently. Also, I'd like to mention Pamplemousse (couldn't find her avatar), another great friend from those days.

    I still have the screenshot that I took back then (which inspired me to write this and decorate this scene in particular). Behold ancient-layout.php, haha:




  3. Totally not worthy of a conversion, but I wanted to try leaving my comfort zone (not that MD doesn't force me to do that like every day, but stil...)!

    I tried picturing a Priest(ess) of the East -- of the Temple of the Void, perhaps? This is what I managed to sketch (of course the real one would have the right proportions and a proper face instead :P).


  4. Oh, awesome! :) I'll gladly accept a wishpoint. Thanks!


    I had a lot of fun writing this and I encourage everyone to take part in it.

    On 3/15/2020 at 12:15 PM, Steno said:

     I'm thinking about trying to make this a yearly forum quest. Hopefully, it can turn into a kind of yearbook-style thing where we catalog some of favorite moments. 

    In my opinion, it should definitely be made a permanent quest! That way we can create a nice repository of past events in some sort of Archivist fashion.


  5. It's hard to pick a single favorite. I'll tell you about my favorite among recent readings instead:


    Mr. Nakata from Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore. He's a solitary old man that , due to a mysterious event in his childhood, lost all his memories along with the ability to read and think "properly". As a kind of collateral effect, he suddenly noticed he could talk with cats, among other things. I can't quite pin down why I like him so much. I guess it's partially due to some sort of inherent wisdom/complexity behind his actions and thoughts (even though on the surface he's seen as a simpleton) and also his way of seeing and dealing with the ways of the world. 


    “It's not just that I'm dumb. Nakata's empty inside. I finally understand that. Nakata's like a library without a single book. It wasn't always like that. I used to have books inside me. For a long time I couldn't remember, but now I can. I used to be normal, just like everybody else. But something happened and I ended up like a container with nothing inside.”


    Interestingly, this book sometimes reminded me of ideas and memories that somehow, in my head, are intrinsically connected to MD.

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