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  1. I can kinda picture the heat veins following a path that costs more (in terms of ap or # of steps) if I consider that heat veins choose a path containing/requiring more information (entropy). This way, it makes perfect sense to me that the veins should flow through gates and have capitols as sources/target, which are heavily symbolic places, carrying a lot of information and requiring a lot of energy. Another way of looking at things is that it flows through the most "intuitive"/easily accessible (in terms of information) paths. Like when you need to go somewhere and you reach a location where you've never been before. In that case, I guess most people will probably follow the main/safe road, even if there is some shortcut that only locals know (because we'd never know about it or risk getting lost at that point).
  2. I was thinking that most capitols can seen as close to edge of the world due to how high they reach (see the Gateway mountaintop, for example). From that point of view, it makes sense for them to be the heat vein origins, making the heat flow from the borders towards Deathmarrow, which due to NC reverse polarity would in turn reach the borders again, but now "expelling" liquid dust. Does that make sense?
  3. The second way (flowing towards Deathmarrow) might make things easier when it comes to disambiguation of out paths, since we can figure out a way towards Necrovion (and therefore Deathmarrow) from most locations in the realm. As for the in paths, we'd make them point to heat vein sources at each land (should there be multiple sources for some lands?), is that correct? That way, in the GoE case, it should point out towards the Path of Loneliness (towards Howling Gates) and point inwards to itself (considering it as NML's heat vein source)?
  4. I'd like to help in mapping the heat veins of the Lands of the East, if possible.
  5. Materiality? Material Points? Material Potential (this one sounds funny )? Edit: I like the idea of changing its name. It'll definitely help in better defining the concept.
  6. Also when using narrow view: the notifications popup show up in front of the scene, which is a bit annoying since we have to wait for it to disappear before having access to some clickables (left arrow in this scene for instance).
  7. When in narrow mode, the scene information (or players online/rp reality when no info is available) gets too close to the orange glow. Also, the talk button isn't aligned with the text box.
  8. Two quick points: 1. Being able to pick 5 items makes getting the rustgold drachorn too easy (just tested) 2. The quantity increase in Gold Bottles of Learning might make it too easy to increase the newer skills (cartography, excavation, finesse, etc.) (id31) Gold Bottle of Learning - increasess skills by 3 permanent , stoc increased from 1 to 20 Are those intended?
  9. I know the contest is over (with no entries, apparently), but I figured this would be a good place to show some experiments with Neural Style Transfer. I tried it a couple times (got a lot of crappy weird stuff) with a couple different pieces from Yoshitaka Amano, an artist whose work was one of the main inspirations for this avatar. I might get better results with some extra work, but the ones below made me smile already (one of them really captured the MD feel in my opinion) And here's the original:
  10. I was taking a closer look at the sidebar and I noticed a couple of minor things (see red "circles"). I compared with old screenshots and it seems most of them were always like this, but the ropes used to be aligned (don't really know if it's this update's fault) -- check the other screenie. I know it's not a big deal, but I figured it wouldn't hurt reporting it here
  11. I don't think the list of winners was made public. I don't remember seeing it here or in any of MD's Facebook posts. I might have missed it though...
  12. As per: The winners 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will get the following rewards; 1st -1 gold coin and a Santa, or snowman. (Wishpoint could be a possibility if we get enough participants) 2nd - Santa or the snowman (1st place picks of the two first) and 1 lock in chaos stone 3rd - 7 silver and 1 lock in chaos stone All other participants will receive 5 silver coins. (Thanks to the mighty wookie )
  13. We all need a break from MD sometimes. The other participants might be going through some busy/rough days too, so it's understandable if they don't reply immediately. That's what I was trying to say in my previous post. As for the sponsorship thing, I wouldn't mind waiting more so you can work the whole thing out. This way you wouldn't need to sell your stuff. That would also give more time for people to post their entries here.
  14. I think it's not fair to give people less than a week to resubmit stuff and "assume they don't want a reward" if they don't do so. The contest ended roughly a year ago, I believe you could wait a little bit too.
  15. Glory to the East! 2 out of the top 3 Congratulations to the winners!
  16. Wiiya is identity in its pure form, like the others already said. I see it as some kind of "mind" aspect (with fenths being "body" and heat something like "blood"). It's as hard to describe as the concept of identity itself. Awiiya demonstrated this idea masterfully when, even after being stripped of his creatures, items, stats -- almost everything that defines us game mechanic-wise -- he remained this insanely strong identity of a character. He ended up becoming "a wiiya". The great thing about him, though, is that he managed to strengthen our own identities as we talked to him. That's some amazing power to me, like he was able to adapt to the person (identity) that was addressing him at the time. That's kind of how I see Wiiya... I think what Wiiya as a concept represents in MD is bigger than the identity of an individual. It's like it contains every single possible representation of identity in MD's lifespan (even the ones that still weren't conceived). "A wiiya" might take form of any specific identity when needed.
  17. Hey everyone, First of all, I’d like to thank Aia for inviting me to judge this quest 😊 The entries were evaluated on 2 main aspects: ‘Spell-docity’: The resemblance of its content to a real spell document (both in content and spell choice) Progression: How each level gradually evolves in complexity and the cohesion between levels While I really enjoyed reading your submissions, I have decided not to award a wishpoint to the winner. That being said, here is the final ranking: 1st: Malediction (lashtal) 2nd: Flight (Aia) 3rd: Explosions (Nepgear) Congrulations to the winning authors! PS: The entries were made anonymous beforehand so as to remove any bias. The authors were only revealed to me after I sent Aia my final decision.
  18. Hey everyone! This is not really a contest, but I imagine it will please most. Here's what you have to do: Create a playlist with at least 5 songs that, in your opinion, better describe your country's music! You can try picking one from each genre, or simply your favorite ones. Totally up to you! Since we have multiple players from a few countries, it'll be interesting to see the different choices! I'll start (damn this was harder than I thought... I ended up choosing 20 songs ): This here is a bit of the rich Brazilian musical identity. I tried to cover a lot, but I couldn't focus too much on more recent stuff... too many masterpieces to choose from Looking forward to hearing your songs!
  19. I present to you: The Crazy Jazzy Welcome to MD Party hosted by yours truly (not shown because I was the one taking the picture!) featuring: a bunch of drunk old geezers, illusions, pimped dudes, a drachat, foods, drinks, decorations aaaaand SAVEL "FUSER" COLTRANE on the jazzy sax! (oh and a happy dancing book because why not display a book enjoying some cool jazz?) -- Oh and a mad guy outside who wasn't invited because he wouldn't let us party properly! He keeps staring from afar with a spyglass... creepy. Hope you enjoy it! Fun fact: Savel Coltrane is known as Mr P.C., or Mr. Paper Cabin, because he often plays there. Last year, during an interview, he's told the press that it's his favorite venue. ______________________________________________________________ I made the scene like this because I saw an old screenshot of the Paper Cabin the other day and it was CROWDED, just like this party. I miss the days where you'd have like 3-4 rows of players in the PC and everyone was having a great time. I guess it was like this when I started, but I didn't really pay much attention to the players or the chat back then... I was too busy admiring the scenes and the story mode and trying to figure out what the hell was going on haha.
  20. Behold my creation: I call it the Sleepy Wind Golem! xD Core components: Hope you enjoy it! haha
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