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  1. Back in Year 4, the seeds sprouted into the East gate. Roughly four months later, Elthen Airis, one of the first inhabitants of the Tribunal lands, had settled in the Sunny Bedroom to start working on his private detective cases. Back then, one could only walk up to the Temple, with the rest of the locations being revealed later on the occasion of the 6th Birthday. This lack of other similar scenes at that point might help us understand why he picked that exact place instead of some other room. Elthen Airis, Private Detective Shortly thereafter, in the beginning of Year 5, The Sunny Bedroom was made private as a reaction to a sequence of controversial events, and Elthen was assigned to become its first key holder. Interestingly, the Sunny Bedroom key was the first usable inventory item in the realm. Elthen’s role did not last long, though, for the other realm summoned him and his absence called for a new keeper. People suggested potential candidates and those names were put to a vote. After a very close election, Miq was chosen to become the next key holder or Concierge, a title/tag that he would help popularize throughout his almost 5 years of service. As a reward for his hard work, he has earned the send to checkers hall spell. Miq the Concierge After a long period of performing his duties as Concierge while also working on other roles, Miq decided to step down and set up another election for the next keeper. This time, MRF was voted to receive the official items and spell. It is worth noting that, during the election, an update made it so that earfocus and acousticremains would no longer work inside the Sunny Bedroom. MRF At some point, MRF decided to focus on other activities and handed the role to Syrian, the current key holder. As a realm-shaper, she’s been in charge of making interesting upgrades to the Sunny Bedroom. In addition, the Sunny Bedroom has recently been the first scene to have its privacy enhanced by the new Protected Chat setting. Syrian This brings us to the present. The Sunny Bedroom has been the first “unique feature” of the Tribunal and it certainly plays an important role in the history of the East. One cannot help but wonder what kind of secrets have been shared in this mysterious room during all these years.
  2. I'd like a tainted angien, please
  3. Time However powerful one might be, time makes no distinction of power in its flow. It encompasses all that have ever been and all that will eventually be, and will outlast anyone/anything who might be considered "strongest of them all".
  4. I can totally hear this one inside the House of the Tainted Times. The melancholic feeling in this song makes me think of all the history related to that scene in times past, present and future. There's also this sense of isolation and darkness that I get from this song, which I feel are perfect for the overall feeling of that place in particular. It's almost as if I can see someone walking slowly and gently touching the bookshelves in the dark.
  5. r1c6 r2c7 r3c8 r4c8 r5c8 r6c7 r7c6 c8c6
  6. This was my Champion's Challenge back in Year 5: (wish I had their old avatars, but the current ones will do) As far as I remember, Ailith was the first person I talked to in this realm. She was probably responsible for me staying around! Eventually, I ended up joining SoS and that was when I first became a part of the LotE. I'm really happy that our friendship endured all these years (and today we both being on the same land and alliance again is an awesome bonus). This event in particular was right after I had disappeared for some time, due to exams or something, and had just returned. I remember Ailith being the alliance leader and she told me to jump to her so she could show me something. That was the first time I visited the Champion's Challenge and since then it's become my favorite MB scene! In this image, aside from Ailith and Granos, Pip is there as one of my oldest alliance mates, and also Awiiya and Kets (Handy Pockets), close friends whom I visited frequently. Also, I'd like to mention Pamplemousse (couldn't find her avatar), another great friend from those days. I still have the screenshot that I took back then (which inspired me to write this and decorate this scene in particular). Behold ancient-layout.php, haha:
  7. Totally not worthy of a conversion, but I wanted to try leaving my comfort zone (not that MD doesn't force me to do that like every day, but stil...)! I tried picturing a Priest(ess) of the East -- of the Temple of the Void, perhaps? This is what I managed to sketch (of course the real one would have the right proportions and a proper face instead :P).
  8. Nimrodel also made a bunch of awesome clickie quests. She's still around, we could maybe ask her for material if accessing clickie history proves to be impossible.
  9. Reference: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/18916-help-ive-run-out-of-paper-for-scholarly-purposes-i-promise/
  10. Always making that awesome right turn there
  11. I'll try to show up for both. But ST 10:00 is a little too early for me. I'd vote for ST 15:00 on the first one and anything after that for the second.
  12. On Day 95, Year 15, at Sage's Keep, @Chewett was made Grand Duke of the Lands of the East and King of Marind Bell. This is the first time someone in the realm is elected to rule two lands at the same time. An official minute of the event is located at the following topic: Following the unprecedented ceremony, the Demon of the East has recognized Chewett's rulership over the Tribunal part of the Lands of the East as seen in Announcement 4963. This also marks the first time kingship tools are made available for the Lands of the East. Prior to this election, the East had seen a couple of (somewhat unsuccessful) claims to power from Granos to Eon and Shadowseeker, then Sunfire and finally Pipstickz. Chewett went a different route, though: he met directly with all interested parties and managed to gather their support. It was a very clever move in terms of strategy and timing. Interestingly enough, the concept of a Dukedom in the East was proposed before by Pipstickz, but his idea did not gain enough traction at the time. With all this happening only a few days prior to the very anticipated 15th Anniversary, it almost looks as if the birthday is already happening. I look forward to seeing (and documenting) the changes that this new dual rulership shall bring to our realm.
  13. Oh, awesome! I'll gladly accept a wishpoint. Thanks! I had a lot of fun writing this and I encourage everyone to take part in it. In my opinion, it should definitely be made a permanent quest! That way we can create a nice repository of past events in some sort of Archivist fashion.
  14. Aelis

    Weekly silver

    It's hard to pick a single favorite. I'll tell you about my favorite among recent readings instead: Mr. Nakata from Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore. He's a solitary old man that , due to a mysterious event in his childhood, lost all his memories along with the ability to read and think "properly". As a kind of collateral effect, he suddenly noticed he could talk with cats, among other things. I can't quite pin down why I like him so much. I guess it's partially due to some sort of inherent wisdom/complexity behind his actions and thoughts (even though on the surface he's seen as a simpleton) and also his way of seeing and dealing with the ways of the world. Interestingly, this book sometimes reminded me of ideas and memories that somehow, in my head, are intrinsically connected to MD.
  15. https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3227 Apparently there are 24 (some might have been added later) obelisks. However, it might be the case that Tissy bought the shop item that boost stats by a fixed value. It works on cartography as long as you had points on it before using the item.
  16. 10th Anni Aramor (very limited stock left in storage) - 27
  17. 10th Anniversary Aramor - 20 plushies 11th Anni Hollow Warrior - 20 plushies
  18. 12th Anni Hollow Warrior - 10 plushies 11th Anni Hollow Warrior - 10 plushies
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