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  1. what I'm doing for April's fools day in the office: 1. i brought an extra suit and two extra sets of different coloured shirts and ties to work and keep changing throughout the day - it has already psyched out a lot of people that have seen me more than once, as they keep getting odd feelings that something's out of place and keep coming to see me for no real reason or asking me if i've done something to my hair 2. i've put up through the office Illuminati-style signs signed "The Mgt.", such as "This area is temporarily closed for maintenance, please do not enter. - The Mgt." on random doors. including toilets
  2. 4 gold. ps - does it have any tokens?
  3. [quote name='dst' date='29 March 2010 - 11:20 PM' timestamp='1269894056' post='57153'] Can someone post the solution of that puzzle? As in how it was supposed to be deciphered? [/quote] Yeah, I'd be really curious about that too!
  4. today 27 march, starting around 11:15pm server time and until around 11:40 when i gave up and logged off, i've been completely unable to play due to the issues mentioned above, i.e. firefox maxxing out my cpu while doing something in md, (in my case attacking at ggg - i've been able to attack two people in 20-25 min). tried restarting firefox, computer, nothing helps. note - as soon as i logged out of md, everything started working fine, ff cpu usage went down to 2-8%, mem usage went down from 270k to 110k. later edit: issue seems to be related to firefox (using latest version 3.6.2) - on internet explorer md consumes very little cpu and is a lot faster on my laptop.
  5. i think the idea is to make it available even to people who don't speak english that well, what with the "translating" potions tests and all
  6. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='27 March 2010 - 10:18 PM' timestamp='1269721115' post='57022'] Toten..check please. he said NO tokens. [/quote] yeah, but just putting it out there in case he REALLY wants the id number and gets desperate enough
  7. i have a pimped grasan w/ id 50xxxx, that i'm priming for saccing and have 8 tokens and ~2300 wins on it, so i would only sell it for a really outrageous offer
  8. Totenkopf

    A Scam?

    [quote name='Kamisha' date='26 March 2010 - 07:38 AM' timestamp='1269581920' post='56917'] important is that the address is xllm113@hotmail.com. It would be sent from an administrator also hotmail has the right to freeze an account so they obviously have the right to look at your password. [/quote] the email id it's apparently coming from should never be trusted, spoofing email id's was around even when i bought my first 2400bps modem (although back then it was more common spoofing fidonet id's) this usually works by forging the mail headers and/or submitting the email through an open relay (a server kinda like a proxy which allows outsiders to send mail through it), it would be very easy for instance to send you an email from kamisha@magicduel.com, but that can by easily countered by checking the email headers, which will show either the original computer/server the mail originated from, or rather the open relay in case one is used.
  9. Totenkopf

    A Scam?

    [quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='23 March 2010 - 03:25 AM' timestamp='1269307526' post='56787'] You need to be paranoid to survive. At least if you are to be scamed, let it happen when they fake yahoo dns for your isp, then there is realy nothing you could do or know.... but few do it right You should be honored if someone steals your accounts with that methid. (meaning you see url as http://yahoo.com, it looks like yahoo, but behind it its not) [/quote] btw, there's an easier way to do the above, they don't need to fake the dns for your whole isp - check your hosts file once in a while (should be under windows\system32\drivers\etc for xp) - you should only have bound to localhost there or any bindings you want to do yourself - if anything adds or anyone asks you to add let's say "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx magicduel.com" in that file, it will translate magicduel.com to that ip instead of the real one and when you visit magicduel.com it will send you to their site, which can be a mirror of the original one and they catch your pass.
  10. thursday night around midnight server time was probably the worst... PS - usually it helps a bit to ping -t magicduel.com, on thursday it only made it worse
  11. [quote name='Macnia' date='19 March 2010 - 08:49 AM' timestamp='1268981345' post='56599'] Hello Ive had some major difficulties playing due to lag. Takes ages to load pages of not load at all. For all of my accounts. My internet is fine as I am at work. So any other site is loading no problem. Has anyone been having troubles too? Macnia [/quote] I've had huge lag (though no login problems) this week, while in the Czech Republic, both from work and from my apartment, and I was blaming the wifi for that (even though other sites worked fine), but now that i think of it, even last weekend while I was back home in Romania, where I have really high speed FO, I had some lag issues. It's also pretty weird, on my laptop (C2D @ 1.66Ghz, 1 gig ram) whenever "pop-up" windows (like fights etc.) are loading (especially when they take long too load), my cpu usage for firefox jumps to 50%, so basically maxing one core and my whole system gets unresponsive, and this sometimes happens even on my home computer (watercooled C2D @ 3.6GHz)
  12. [img]http://lh4.ggpht.com/_F7PZ_1Ghzm8/S5wT9Nn_GRI/AAAAAAAAA9w/MWwEjkRlU7w/s512/chan_tara.jpg[/img]
  13. Totenkopf


    Some of my favourite quotes from imaginary clipart figurehead of the Church of the Subgenius, Time Magazine's #1 "Phoney Or Fraud" of the 20th century, the one and only J.R. "Bob" Dobbs: "Don't just eat that hamburger, eat the HELL out of it!" "F**k 'em if they can't take a joke, joke 'em if they can't take a f**k!" "Pull the wool over your own eyes." "You'll PAY to know what you really think." "When two or three are gathered in my name, am I not there? Do you not feel my hands in your pockets?"
  14. UPDATE - auction ended, all winners have been contacted for arranging the transfers - you can find me idling at GGG for payments. Raffle will happen once all transfers have been made and I actually calculate what the profits are
  15. [quote name='Grido' date='03 March 2010 - 07:57 PM' timestamp='1267639027' post='55687'] LE: Can we at least know when you're happy with certain offers? cos otherwise this could go on forever [/quote] that's a fair point - since i'm currently happy with most of the offers, but i keep receiving bids (and i'd need to have weak commercial skills to sell it while people are willing to offer more, not to mention being unfair to those who don't have regular access but still want to buy), i've updated the terms to no new bids for two days, thus, much like a real auction, giving a fair chance to any potential buyers that want to raise the bid. i've added the last bid date for each creature - you can notice for example that several creatures have last bid on 2-Mar 7-8PM, so if there are no further offers for those until tonight when I'm able to log in, those making the bids in question will be declared the winners and i will contact them to arrange the details of the trade.
  16. maybe you should increase the chance of catching stuff for beginners - i get how the system should work, i've tried in several fishing places several times, i've even done a "perfect" game once, marking everything correctly (although usually I only mark 4-6 correctly), and it still says i didn't catch anything ps - using the free stuff (combined them) and attempted prolly 12-15 games or so
  17. [quote name='Grido' date='03 March 2010 - 12:56 AM' timestamp='1267570577' post='55648'] This cos me and anon bidded the same? 2 silver each if so. 9. Water Daimon - [kellethafire] - 85 - 1 silver - Grido/anonymous 10. Tree - [darkshield] - 183 - 1 silver - Grido/anonymous [/quote] that's correct - updated with 2 silver.
  18. one more round of updates - sorry if i don't answer all pm's for bids, i got a lot of them today, rest assured that i'll try to update the main list as often as possible
  19. [img]http://www.motifake.com/demotivational-poster/0901/happy-birthday-holiday-birthday-demotivational-poster-1231346039.gif[/img]
  20. Hello friends, I'm selling/trading the following. [b]I will raffle off 10% of the profits to one of the 12 auction-winners! The more creats you buy, the more chances you have at getting your money back + extra! [/b] Creat - tokens - age - current best offer - bidder (if not anonymous) - last bid date/time [s]1. Soulweaver - - 8 - 3 gold 8 silver - anonymous - 4-Mar 3PM[/s] - [b]winner anonymous[/b] [s]2. Unholy Pope - [claw1] [firedrop] [osirisbelt] [onyxfangs] - 178 - 6 silver - anonymous - 4-Mar 2AM[/s] - [b]winner anonymous[/b] [s]3. TS - [claw3] - 183 - 5 silver - Jester - 2-Mar 8PM[/s] - [b]winner Jester[/b] [s]4. Master Lorerootian Archer - [jewelshards] [goldbelt] - 183 - 4 silver - anonymous - 2-Mar 7PM[/s] - [b]winner anonymous[/b] [s]5. Joker - - 186 - 4 silver - anonymous - 4-Mar 8PM[/s] - [b]winner anonymous[/b] [s]6. 5xBird - - 150x4/188 - 15 silver - anonymous - 2-Mar 7PM[/s] - [b]winner anonymous[/b] [s]7. Elemental - [claw1] [claw2] [goldbelt] - 227 - 10 silver - anonymous - 2-Mar 7PM[/s] - [b]winner anonymous[/b] [s]8. Elemental - [claw3] - 124 - 23 silver - anonymous - 3-Mar 9PM [/s] - [b]winner anonymous[/b] [s]9. Water Daimon - [kellethafire] - 85 - 4 silver - Grido/anonymous - 4-Mar 2AM[/s] - [b]winner Grido[/b], as his offer came first [s]10. Tree - [darkshield] - 183 - 8 silver - anonymous - 4-Mar 2AM[/s] - [b]winner anonymous[/b] [s]11. Imp - - 171 - 6 silver - anonymous - 3-Mar 9PM[/s] - [b]winner anonymous[/b] [s]12. Chaos Archer - [blooddrop1] [claw1] [emeraldglare] [claw3] [goldbelt] - 227 - 40 silver - anonymous - 4-Mar 6PM[/s] - [b]winner anonymous[/b] [b]LAST UPDATE - 6-Mar 2AM GMT+2[/b] Obs: - Age is counted as of day 60, year 5. - [b]Auction for each creature will continue until there have been no new bids on it for 2 days, and I'm happy with the latest bid (i.e. not much lower than their usual market value)[/b] - Bids will be posted here or via forum PM for anonymous - Will trade all/any of the above +/- difference (up to 10 gold) for any type of drachorns
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