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  1. hmmm, yeah, the first one is slightly less valueable, but it does have blooddrop3 and firedrop...let's say 3 gold 5 silver for both
  2. updated current bids. imps + joker sold in a combo deal.
  3. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='10 August 2010 - 01:41 AM' timestamp='1281393698' post='65500'] As for curiosity..since I see no rule regarding it, and there is a lot of hiding done right now..I take it necrovion is also open for BHC? Or places like Oak Tower? Oak Tower perhaps less, since we talk about a wp bought measure, but what about necrovion? [/quote] oh, that's it i guess then - i just got access to oak tower today, but i wasn't able to get in and was wondering why that is edit: i was just checking the scores and it shows you in oak tower interior SS, so i suppose it's just me that got the bugged entrance
  4. same as above, Romanian/gypsy version of Greek "Kamburi". the latter one is funnily enough used in a nigerian/419 email scam - http://www.419scam.org/emails/2008-08/18/00437184.310.htm also, as dst mentioned, Rio Camburu is a river in Brazil. It is also apparently the name of a village of some sort in Romania (http://www.traveljournals.net/explore/romania/map/m1702397/camburul.html). There's also a type of crayfish called Cambaridae Camburus (http://www.fishlore.com/Profiles-Crayfish.htm)
  5. [quote name='Grido' date='06 August 2010 - 09:38 PM' timestamp='1281119931' post='65288'] 11 Gold for Morphs and for other bidders for them bare in mind i have 25 Gold and quite want the Morphs.... [/quote] *gasps* you're bidding away the wedding money?
  6. [quote name='Tarquinus' date='06 August 2010 - 01:21 AM' timestamp='1281046889' post='65197'] It's more surreal. I liked it more than [i]At Swim-Two-Birds[/i], which was over my head in a lot of places (though damned funny). [i]Third Policeman[/i] is strange and cerebral, but equally humorous. [/quote] wow, i really have to read it then - it didn't even cross my mind that the guy might've written another book a few years back when i was urging friends and co-workers to read it (surprisingly few of whom actually did), i had coined the phrase "joyous jaunts from Joyce on joints" to describe it
  7. [quote name='Tarquinus' date='05 August 2010 - 11:39 PM' timestamp='1281040740' post='65181'] Recently finished [i]The Third Policeman[/i] by Flann O'Brien. [/quote] is it as awesome as swim2birds?
  8. [quote name='baiano' date='05 August 2010 - 05:54 PM' timestamp='1281020075' post='65154'] For rust 2: -1 gold -Knator war master (774 age) with 4 tokens [blackdiamonds] Black Diamonds Every 29th day of the creature age it triples the attack and regeneration skill of this creature. [stardust] Stardust [claw1] Claw I [claw2] Claw II [blooddrop1] Blood Drop I [emeraldglare] Emeral Glare or a angien(age266) with : [blackdiamonds] Black Diamonds [goldtear] Gold Tear [blooddrop2] Blood Drop II [blooddrop1] Blood Drop I [claw2] Claw II [claw1] Claw I SOmething could be changed if you want ... [color="#0000FF"]If you post 1 more time the description of the tokens I will increase your warning.You're old enough to know what a spoiler is. And you are old enough to know that spoilers are not allowed on the forum. dst[/color] [/quote] dude, honestly, look at the stuff i'm selling - these are creats that i don't use, do you really think i need those knator and angien you keep bugging me about? besides that, i've mentioned already that i'm only open for trades against tokened reins and elementals.
  9. Totenkopf

    Archer Dmg

    i suppose you've already checked, but it's worth asking - is it the same tree? if not did the second one have any tokens?
  10. [quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='05 August 2010 - 04:06 PM' timestamp='1281013581' post='65138'] I just wanted to point out, that you could sell them all quite faster and more efficient in that way, as you mentioned fixed price values before from yourself, so don´t blame me now. [/quote] ok, i added what i'd consider some minimum starting values for the main creats, though coins would not be worth much to me if i drop out of mur's auction.
  11. [quote name='Allyce' date='05 August 2010 - 02:55 PM' timestamp='1281009326' post='65124'] One of them i still like very much is "The Alchemist" by Michael Scott and also "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho read it, they're great books [/quote] lol in Romania we call Coelho "literatura de aprozar", which would translate to "greengrocer's literature", but lose some of the humour in translation - the idea being that they should sell Coelho at greengrocers, since only housewives read his books
  12. @Udgard - OR, we could just stick to silver/gold, like mur proposed...offering medals/wp would be the same as me offering cash, say 100 usd for 100 gold, no? on topic - 7 gold for the morphs
  13. [quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='05 August 2010 - 03:31 PM' timestamp='1281011519' post='65130'] And how will you tell a bidder if the "value" is reached? Will you tell everyone in specific? Set up the "value" price and then start your auction again. Don´t start auctions if you are not pleased with low offers, people will always bid that way. [/quote] well that's very subjective and depends on a lot of factors, such as payment method. This is hardly the first sale where such "i'll sell if i'm happy with the offer" conditions are imposed. especially since we're not talking aramors with stardust token here or whatever, but quite powerful creats, you can't expect to buy them for 2-3 silver or something, but keep in mind that due to the current conditions (e.g. buyer's market, mur's auctions etc.), you still might be able to buy some of these for a lot less than they're worth. to be a bit more blunt, my auction my rules, it doesn't say anywhere i have to be "fair" or whatever - if you don't like this, don't bid.
  14. 88 silver for dark 5 gold for morphs
  15. Selling the following creats for credits/paypal/cash or silver/gold coins: [s]1. Golemus Drachorn - age 302 - tokens [darksky] [blooddrop1] [onyxfangs] [claw1] [jewelshards] [blackdiamonds] - [b]7 gold 1 silver anonymous[/b] 2. Rustgold Drachorn 1 - age 249 - tokens [claw3] [sunshine] [blooddrop1] [blooddrop2] [goldbelt] [darkshield] [claw1] [emeraldglare] - [b]6 gold - anonymous[/b] 3. Rustgold Drachorn 2 - age 124 - tokens [blooddrop3] [blooddrop1] [kellethafire] [onyxfangs] [darkshield] [osirisbelt] - [b]5 gold 2 silver - nadrolksi[/b] 4. Angien 1 - age 367 - tokens [firedrop] [onyxfangs] [blooddrop1] [claw2] [claw1] [blooddrop3] - [b]10 silver Throm[/b] 5. Angien 2 - age 310 - tokens [claw1] [blooddrop1] [blooddrop2] [blackdiamonds] [stardust] [goldtear] [antifreeze] [emeraldglare] [darkshield] [claw3] - [b]1 gold 7 silver - Throm[/b][/s] [s]6. Chaos Archer 1 - age 384 - tokens [claw1] [emeraldglare] [onyxfangs] [claw3] [sunshine] [blooddrop1] [kellethafire] [purpurfog] [purpurmoon] - [b]25 silver - anonymous[/b] 7. Chaos Archer 2 - age 165 - tokens [darkshield] [claw2] [blooddrop1] [onyxfangs] [darksky] [purpurmoon] - [b]15 silver - Fyrd[/b][/s] [s]8. Imperial Aramor - age 327 - tokens [blooddrop1] [firedrop] [darkshield] [claw3] 9. Imperial Aramor - age 55 - tokens [claw2] [emeraldglare] [blooddrop1] [sunshine] 10. Joker (coloured) - age 343 - tokens [blooddrop1] [onyxfangs][/s] post offers here or PM here/in-game for anonymous bids. Auction should run for 7-10 days, but duration may be increased or some creats may not be sold if final bids are much lower than their value. EDIT: to have a rough idea of value, i would say the value of an untokened rusty would start somewhere around 90 silver, 6 gold or 30 usd, while an untokened gg would start around 120 silver/8 gold/40 usd, plus extra for the tokens. tokened archers/angies i would probably consider minimum value at around 30 silver/2 gold/10 usd each. EDIT 2: I'm also willing to accept tokened reins or elementals as part of the trade +/- coins/credits for difference
  16. 15 silver for dark 2 gold for morphs
  17. [img]http://lh6.ggpht.com/_F7PZ_1Ghzm8/S9jDFXKMxpI/AAAAAAAABCo/CAaUwrx2Uwg/bday.jpg[/img]
  18. [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' date='03 August 2010 - 04:49 PM' timestamp='1280843379' post='65007'] as a PhD Physical Chemist who has taught classes in quantum mechanics at Stanford University [/quote] wow, that beats hands-down my high-school fancy for optics (actually it was more of me being the only one in my highschool that year who chose optics over electro-magnetics and nuclear over atomic physics for the final high-school physics exam ) [quote] no "image" at a mathematical point, but rather an electromagnetic wave function at that point in space that follows the blackbody spectrum, which is dependant only on temperature. [/quote] while I fully agree with that, a perfectly reflective inner surface and the "hollow" bit make me think "no heat absorption", at least in theory (and that's only if the observer and whatever generates the light don't absorb any heat themselves). and in that case the light should still be in the human visible spectrum regardless of how much it bounces around, so an observer [u]with human sight[/u] should be able to see "something", though with the above conditions it'd only probably see a whole lot of light coming back at it (not to mention get burned to a crisp if the light-source is strong enough and the observer actually had a body ) however we really must go into "how" the "observer" actually "sees", since it's non-corporeal - is it single-directional (like a human retina - it would need the light arriving at a certain angle to discern it, which would definitely ignore most of the light bouncing around), is it multi- or even omni-directional (does it perceive the whole sphere at once, in all directions - btw i think that's an even better thought experiment, how THAT would look like, to be in the centre of a sphere and see in 360 degrees)? is it in the human visible spectrum? and so on and so forth... [quote name='cutler121' date='03 August 2010 - 05:43 PM' timestamp='1280846633' post='65010'] The easiest way to think about this (yes many other people have already provided the solution) is to use a test object and see what it would look like at different points in the sphere. If the object is close to a wall and you were looking at the closest point on the wall, the reflection is basically the same as looking in a flat mirror. If you looked at the furthest point in the sphere from there you would see an inverted image of your test object. That is where the interesting point of the center of the sphere comes in. Light reflected off the "near" side of the sphere is reflected normally whereas light reflected off the far side of the sphere is inverted. Now move the test object closer and closer to the center of the sphere. The reflected size of the inverted and normal images increase as you approach the origin of the sphere and become less and less sharp due to the defocusing nature of the sphere near the origin. [/quote] i think you're missing the point that there is no physical object inside, both the light emitter and the observer should be non-corporeal somehow, so there wouldn't be a reflection of anything to play around with
  19. heh, nice brain torture though having read the book, i think the answer Mur was hoping for was "circles" (dark and light circles caused by light interference or somesuch) but honestly, i'm curious, now that there's no contest anymore, since i was kind of an optics "fan" in high-school, given the proposed situation, i.e. perfectly spherical (though that does not actually exist), perfectly reflective (though again that does not exist, though we do have "supermirrors" which reflect like 99.9999%) and perfectly uniform punctiform coherent light source in the center (which again does not exist IRL) and non-corporeal observer, is there anyone that thinks the light would _not_ reflect directly back towards the center (besides there being no interference whatsoever due to having a _single_ _coherent_ light source)?
  20. bump, no longer looking for bp, just tokened elementals - willing to pay up to 40 silver for one.
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