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  1. As some of you might know, Peace is in Bucharest until Saturday, so no better reason to have the second MD Beer in Bucharest! No more voting as it's decided - [b]Friday the 13th (oooh, spooky! ) 8PM @ Piranha (Regie, close to IDM)[/b] Confirmed attendants: 1. Peace 2. Totenkopf 3. Assurancetourix - ? 4. Rhah de la Rey 5. Aeoshattr - ? 6. Akasha + Mur 7. Indyra Sirenias 8. YOU? In case you cannot find us, please give me a call at 0722.451.301 (Vadim) Since we're pretty close to IDM, spontaneous pool/bowling/ping-pong sessions may ensue after a few beers if enough people are interested Also, since it's Friday night (the 13th!), I propose we go clubbing afterwards (just like last time, but last time no one wanted to go ) - as of now the best option seems to be this party - http://www.nights.ro/party/131109/jai_lectro_2/ - I've been to the first edition and it was pretty sweet [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//cool.gif[/img]
  2. closed systems breed entropy it's Discordia's way
  3. i acquired a few more in the meanwhile Element Principle = 30.77 Principle of Cyclicity = 17.01 Principle of Light = 101.75 Principle of Balance = 53.35 Principle of Syntropy = 21.6
  4. no, i mean today as in a couple of hours ago - yesterday evening i didn't get any extra principles and that's when the bugfix happened i think
  5. I gained element principle (indeed the last one in the list) today.
  6. would we get bonus points for answering in Latin?
  7. [quote name='Grido' date='03 November 2009 - 07:20 PM' timestamp='1257268854' post='46517'] Pip should be below Shadow...along with some more text i would suggest opening it within MD, rather than in a new tab? [/quote] oh yeah, i opened in new tab actually, my bad down didn't work though
  8. i'm torn between dst (who's a co-national and a cool person, despite not drinking beer on the _beer_ meeting ), lifeline (who seems the most affiliated/dedicated and had the best presentation) and pip (who'd probably be the most fun to have as king), but even if i were to choose pip it seems i'd be unable too first time i open the voting link (it was windowed) i only saw lifeline as an option [img]http://lh3.ggpht.com/_F7PZ_1Ghzm8/SvBcW7ZLtpI/AAAAAAAAAdE/mnJsnwZCiwc/s800/SNAG-0097.png[/img] then i maximize and see all but pip as options and no scroll-bar [img]http://lh4.ggpht.com/_F7PZ_1Ghzm8/SvBcW3BQ4fI/AAAAAAAAAdI/cqqmz87gjkA/s800/SNAG-0098.png[/img] which would mean either i'm doing something wrong, or only hi-res guys can vote pip
  9. [quote name='AqlBeast' date='28 October 2009 - 12:57 AM' timestamp='1256684266' post='45920'] [b]Totenkopf[/b] another round for Imperial Aramor Server time Oct 28 00:48:20 defeated first round [b]Totenkopf[/b] another round for Imperial Aramor Server time Oct 28 00:53:20 defeated first round [/quote] just so you guys don't get the wrong impression, attempts 2 and 3 i lost due to time (3/3 playing black), i would've prolly won if i had more time thanks though to Aql, it was great fun on the first attempt
  10. Totenkopf

    Iq Of Md

    i'm a member of MENSA (www.mensa.org), which is the largest world-wide high-IQ organization - the requirements for membership are top 2% IQ (which means a minimum IQ of 132-148, depending on scale - which by the way invalidates what people said earlier that 130+ means genius, as I wouldn't call 2% of the population geniuses). The only "official test" I've had, besides the MENSA one, was when I was younger and it was about 3 hours with a psychologist and the result was 173, though i'm not sure on what scale as it still seems a bit high-ish to me the point with MENSA though, is that it shows you how little IQ actually means, as the range of people you find with top 2% IQs is staggering (mostly techie guys with a poor or no job or teachers, but also including anything from manual labourers to magazine editors to people running succesful businesses)
  11. well, i'm still coming tonight to amsterdam - anyone coming for the dance event?
  12. good job mate! now make sure you get rid of all the tree-hugging hippies over there, like you promised!
  13. is there any reward for the contest?
  14. [quote name='Prince Marvolo' date='19 October 2009 - 09:02 PM' timestamp='1255975372' post='45211'] Exactly, and THIS is the reason >> http://bieren.zonderzeil.nl/fotos/leuke%20fotos/palm%20vs%20heineken.bmp >.< Anyways, Kafu is right Thus... Pple from Belgium and get easily to Maastricht and pple from Netherlands also Thats why I suggested it You can get there cheaply [/quote] lol @ the pic, though Delerium Tremens FTW! if I'd started playing MD earlier we would've had lots of beers in Belgium, Germany or Netherlands, I spent 10 weeks in Brussels and 8 in Dusseldorf this year
  15. i love playing - even participated in a few tournaments when i was like 10-11
  16. [quote name='AqlBeast' date='19 October 2009 - 12:00 AM' timestamp='1255899608' post='45131'] Thank you Toten. May I know your ingame name? [/quote] Same as forum - Totenkopf (i was vadim_ionescu you played earlier on yahoo in case that's what you meant )
  17. [quote name='AqlBeast' date='18 October 2009 - 10:32 PM' timestamp='1255894352' post='45112'] [b][u]Sponsors: [/u][/b]Any help sponsoring this contest is greatly appreciated. [b][u]Requirements:[/u][/b] Fee 1 silver per scheduled match & Be able to login using Yahoo Email for the link below [i]Yahoo!Games Chess [/i][url="http://games.yahoo.com/games/login2?page=ch&ss=1"][color="#284b72"]http://games.yahoo.c...n2?page=ch&ss=1 [/color][/url] The Match: 2 games (alternate between white and black to be fair), Strictly 4 minutes initial time with 5 seconds added per move, Two participants per day. [b][u] Place of Match: [/u][/b]Within the Chess Window, click on "Social Tab" and scroll down to "Zebra Cove" My username in Yahoo! is "[b][i]anh.quang_le@yahoo.com"[/i] [/b]should be near the top of alphabetical player list [b][u]Reward: [/u][/b]Must win both games to receive a reward giving by Sponsors [u][b]Difficulty: [/b] [/u]May be tougher than the first contest since my defence for black is hard to overcome when there is time limit. [u][b]Further Notice: [/b] [/u]Multiple sign up is permitted. Scheduled match is posted here and open to all spectators for entertainment. Sign up now to reserve your match when the contest begins on November first. Contest ends when all the reward(s) are won by participant(s). [b][u]Previous Winner: [/u][/b]Devilish Smile: A Santa with trade value over 100 Best of luck to all [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif[/img] (Participants may find my traces at Beserker Way's Puzzle) [b][u]Current Sponsors: [/u][/b]AqlBeast: Joker with 349 trade value [b][u]Current Participants: [/u][/b]1) ? [/quote] i'd be intersted in playing - i'm at zebra cove right now - vadim_ionescu@yahoo.com ok, we did a few quick rounds and i definitely want to join the contest. just tell me when to send the silver and when we play.
  18. Totenkopf

    Who Is Right?

    [quote name='Grido' date='18 October 2009 - 03:36 PM' timestamp='1255869369' post='45059'] but i'm real too!!! i'll prove it when i gather enough monies and time to come over [/quote] next trip to England i'll definitely find out!
  19. We were discussing this since next weekend from Friday evening to Monday evening i'll be in Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event - anyone else willing to come to Amsterdam or Rotterdam or can we agree on some other common point to have a quick beer? Otherwise next week and the first week of November I'll be back in Lausanne, Switzerland, so if anyone's close to that we should definitely meet for a beer
  20. [quote name='Chewett' date='18 October 2009 - 03:42 PM' timestamp='1255869768' post='45062'] This made me burst out laughing, If i say he can make a gallery, he should be able to make a gallery! [/quote] with the help of advanced wookie technology, i uploaded everything to the gallery
  21. Totenkopf


    From the album: MD Beer in Bucharest 17 Oct 09

    Totenkopf and Rhah de la Rey - the last survivors on the battlefield of beer

    © © MagicDuel.com

  22. Totenkopf


    From the album: MD Beer in Bucharest 17 Oct 09

    Akasha: “Parting is such sweet sorrow”

    © © MagicDuel.com

  23. Aeoshattr notices a hot chick passing by
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