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  1. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26hT4jh1-pg[/media] unfortunately my work laptop doesn't have a webcam and i can't find my phone data cable so this is the best i can do for now later edit - wow everyone seems to like it, thanks for the comments guys, i'm just sorry i couldn't include more people in the song
  2. [quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='13 December 2009 - 08:08 PM' timestamp='1260727706' post='49778'] No one is to high for this, but I guess it is only interesting for minor mp levels, anyway, you are to late - sorry, quest is over tomorrow or in a few hours [/quote] sooooo...what are the results?
  3. [quote name='Asterdai' date='14 December 2009 - 10:38 PM' timestamp='1260823115' post='49927'] Dont rub it in!! if you get someone to meet you ....ill kill you.. i mean im soooo jealous!! you all went and met up, and in UK we got...bog all Maybe its me the dont wanna meet up with [/quote] now don't get all emo on me mate in holland no one wanted to meet me except Tara and i got too wasted to travel to rotterdam to meet her
  4. I'm travelling to Milano tomorrow and will be there until Friday evening. Anyone from Milano or around feel like meeting up and going for a beer or something?
  5. [quote name='Asterdai' date='14 December 2009 - 01:16 PM' timestamp='1260789409' post='49860'] lol i had Exactly the same thought, WTF is this ALL about, i mean WHY bother and then i saw the book and all that, very clever of him i must say. But did you not feel you gained anything from reading it?(the one i enjoyed the most was the one entitled Sphere as it is interesting to Picture how we all work together, much like we are doing in MD) (plus, in a way, Isnt MD a way to "make" money, on a real base level, it wouldnt be able to exist without it. But is that really a problem? as long as both parties are happy... dont answer this i dont wanna go off topic!) [/quote] I didn't get to the sphere one, i got till the "detailed example" (http://www.anti-knowledge.com/ExhaustQuestion.htm) and remembered i've seen it before in a few similar formats (e.g. in my organization we do it with sticky notes on a white board in a 4-quadrant kind of thing, inspired by the Lean-based Value Stream Mapping which we mix up with Six Sigma and like a good "cutting edge" corporation we also "love" doing for everything possible, especially services, which means we're avant-garde or somesuch), and if you look at the "innovations" in red, it's basically form without content, a glorified mind-map/brainstorming-capture-format, that doesn't even look that good if you ask me. Now I went ahead and had a quick glance at the sphere one (I didn't have the patience to read more than a few paragraphs - this guy probably never actually reached the "training executives" level, since it's just waaay too much info, even in the ppt - 52 slides?! - they should have a quick exec summary on the beginning of each page of the site and 3-4 slides max in the ppt ), and to me it sounds rather more like Wikipedia than MD, but hey, whatever lights your buttons! it's as good a starting point as any for a discussion on this topic, and in that regard, i'll make a nice gesture and actually stop complaining for a bit and agree with the guy when he says we're moving from the information age of digitizing and storing information to a new age where we'll start thinking about it differently. the first steps are already there with the whole web 2.0, wikis and accent on user contribution and so on. I would even venture a wild comparison that we're heading more and more from rigid storing of information towards how our brains actually store and access information, dynamically, by context, ever changing and ever evolving into more complex patterns of random bits (and not just text but images sounds and so on). I'd even go so far as saying that when trying to remember something our brains prolly act just like that wikipedia game where you're given two articles and are supposed to get from one two the other in the shortest amount of jumps (except the brain does it really really fast and not just one-dimensional jumps )
  6. ok, so what is the guy saying, that knowledge is created through questions? Q: What is he selling? A: His book, and implicitly his "new" gimmick, which is just a fancy way of brainstorming/mindmapping/whatever. Possibly "innovation" services/trainings for corporations, especially if he manages to create enough interest to get published anywhere good like the Harvard Business Review. That's what marketers do, mate. 2 years down the line he'll be selling another "system" and doing the whole "CEO training circuit" again. There, I created some knowledge myself! Though it's prolly "known" already. Then again maybe the big ol' corporate world made me too cynical later edit - FFS, he even has a powerpoint presentation!
  7. Well, I'm a firm believer that the truth is out there...which brings me to the point: [img]http://lh6.ggpht.com/_F7PZ_1Ghzm8/SyJCOz7Q4_I/AAAAAAAAAso/43CwpXAaWSw/SNAG-0017.png[/img] I think I'll go into the fortune-telling business, reading the future in random captcha's On an off-topic fortune-telling side-note - you MUST read Cristopher Brookmyre's "Attack of the unsinkable rubber ducks" - amazingly funny and eye-opening book on the subject, by a relatively young author, winner of the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland 2007 award for writing - if you can't find it paperback (I found it in Amsterdam airport, now home of about 400 of my hard-earned euros, spent there on books this year), try isohunt, but do buy it if you like it, such works really deserve recognition.
  8. [quote name='Neno Veliki' date='04 December 2009 - 08:37 PM' timestamp='1259951820' post='49118'] sacrificed little bird - got everything right (there was that error message on the screen after sacrificeing but i got everything right) sacrificed lvl2 angien - got everything right (there was that error message on the screen after sacrificeing but i got everything right) sacrificed transfered lvl1 angien - got nothing (three error messages on the screen after sacrificeing and got nothing) note that first two creats were originally bought by the character that sacced them and the third was transfered and then sacced after 3-4 days [/quote] was this at fenth's press? and what browser do you use? LE: i gave in to the temptation and sacced a da3 and ele4 at wasp's and everything worked as advertised
  9. it kinda slows everything down for me though (firefox 3.5.5 with just a few other tabs open and running on a c2d @ 3.6 ghz with nothing cpu-intensive in the background)
  10. i have one which i prolly wouldn't sac, since it might be useful in certain situations, but it'd be good to at least have the option
  11. same happens at wasp's altar - same error as in this topic http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5771-no-vevp-when-i-sacrafice-a-creature/ however with proper refresh no ve no vp, however heat received and ap spent. i haven't tried with higher level creature, as i don't want to miss out on permanent increases. later edit: tested also at fenth's press, same error, same result
  12. [quote name='Yoshi' date='29 November 2009 - 09:53 AM' timestamp='1259481184' post='48674'] I went into the maze and had logged out. I then checked the one page where it shows who's online and how many points/heads they have. [/quote] That page sends you to the login screen if you refresh while logged out. If you were able to refresh it, that means you weren't properly logged out.
  13. that's a pretty good idea lifeline, i had great fun when i was doing the hc at mp4 - i'd prolly get wiped out at mp5, but it'd give a good reason to train some more
  14. congrats! keep the kid away from computers, (s)he'll grow up healthier!
  15. i know dyslexia causes difficulty in reading/writing, but for children usually and not really dizziness on the other hand, i deal every day with the "executive syndrome", where corporate types are too lazy to read more than five bullets per powerpoint slide LE: lol burns beat me to it
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