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  1. Buying Item 1 and Item 2, please. Thank you, Boss.
  2. My favorite movie is Avengers: Infinity War. With 18 movies/stories told prior to A:IW, all the protagonists had happy endings, of course. And then as The Mad Titan got fully matured and ready to fulfill his dream, he entered the spotlight, brought pain and suffering to the good guys. It has intense action and drama scenes that quenched my thirst. Josh Brolin (Thanos) is one hell of an actor.
  3. One (1) "Item 1: Anni creature 2019. Price: 15 plushies" please. Thank you!
  4. http://gamelist.bbgsite.com/io/index/id/28.shtml The link directing to vote for MD at bbgsite.com says MD does not exist.
  5. Item 1 Anni creature 2018 please. Thank you.
  6. What keeps you coming back to MagicDuel? To check if Tipu is back. What is your favourite thing to do in MagicDuel? Giving high fives and having fun with my critters. What do you do most often in MagicDuel? Dowsing. What do you wish there was more of in MagicDuel? Daily quests/activities. What do you wish there was less of in MagicDuel? Winged Boots.
  7. Champion Fighter : Clock Master He brought honor to Marind Bell in the field of combat, as always, and ever since; was not about his stats, but he used brilliant strategies and fought with great finesse. Prime Quest : Ungod He gave colors and fuel to wake every adventurer's mind, making them crave for more; his dedication to this field is very inspiring.
  8. Because I quit. And as far as I know, you are the chosen and trusted "coordinator" of GoT.
  9. One bucket from Winds Sanctuary, and one bucket from MDA Toilet. Is there a problem with me grabbing a bucket (each) from different scene? EDIT : I saw the date, July 30, 2016? Oh yeah, it was a bucket from MB and a bucket from MDA. And actually, I also did that recently, one bucket from WS and another from MDA. So, you want to humiliate me again with, what reason?
  10. I saw a few did this, and just in time I saw another one does it again. Maybe it's time to ask the authority. Is *Sunfire* allowed to carry three (3) Pickaxe?
  11. " Such as? " If minimum number of adepts requirement could be lightened. Lands could have one Protector representative. " What would this improve? " More magic, more fun. What's so magic about MagicDuel Adventure if it is more only on adventures?
  12. Under 'Free credits (0)' section, one vote link appears to be misleading, and most likely we do not give any +vote (for MD to that site). The link was good before, not sure since when did this started. I see this, instead of this. Fyi, Boss BFH.
  13. nadrolski (169416) Heat Donation August 9, 2016
  14. Aethon, that is your opinion. But please, do not ask for the public's sympathy for the sake of making your assumptions real strong. It won't be healthy for you. I am just doing my part, with that Guardian role, nothing personal like what you are assuming. My response of 'LOL' was intended for you (though my fault for not making it clear here what was that for) for your sudden "stunt" action against me. And my opinion with what you done, like what I posted on your PL in-game, you pathetically trying to be relevant again. Nice try. You have a problem with my role? Why not contact Miq? Or if you, like most, want me out in MD? Go for Chewett/Mur. You got the nerve to say I am doing these for personal reasons. Prove it. Anyways, darkraptor, didn't you hoard like three (3) Pickaxe at GG capitol? I may not have a screenshot of the chances I saw your inventory, but I saw it multiple times. Lucky you are the Guardian at that location has not done anything against you. I stand by my belief/judgment, depletion is also an abuse. And as a Guardian, provided with a legislator tool, sticking to that role and without any outside influence, I have to do what I have to do. I may have done the same thing to No one, but I do not have the chance to catch him; and there were times he depleted MB water sources with his customized/modified/god-mode water gathering tool, and this tool I hold won't help me. Yes, you had a screenshot of me depleting a water source inside LR, the one that usually only reaches one (1) water when regenerated (rain-weathers don't refill that source, fyi, and you know that for sure). What about those at Raven's Peace? At Wasp's Totem? You have any screenshots too? Regardless of who depleted/depletes water at those sources, I do not made those as basis to use this legislator tool as it is already outside MB. Or maybe you overlooked my note to you when I used a tool on you? I stated inside MB and never I said any outside MB. Like now, Day 212 04:20 ST, I see No one depleted water here in Raven's Peace. I won't interfere with LR Citizen's resource rule even I have a tool and chance to ban him. Of course, I will when he does that again at MB. Sorry for my grammar if you find it difficult to understand. Merged, no need for 3 consecutive posts. ~B
  15. On Stock : Mineral Water : 3 Thin Wood Sheets : 1 I also accept inexpensive common/roleplay items/spell stones.
  16. Come on, darkraptor. Weren't you one of those who fought against depletion-lovers before, yes? Just because Eon, No one, dst are not around, means you can fill their shoes?
  17. Belated Happy Birthday, Witty! High five!
  18. nadrolski


    Active Days : 2361 Win/Loss quantities : 17267 / 18159 Balance Status : Unbalanced / Allied Available time frame : 3:00 ST-ish to 6:00 ST-ish, and depends on my free time
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