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    Now that's interesting..... I usually use CrawlingChaos as a nickname (One of the Great Old Ones - H.P Lovecraft) But this time i decided to use sthg completely new for a change.. Due to lack of inspiration though i used the first thing that came in my mind. That was North Equilibrium...I had no idea whatsoever that in the game there was also a GoE !!! Quick remark for Aeoshattr.."Aeonas" in Greek means "century"...Did you know that? and DST...the only DST that i am aware of is the Department of Science and Technology in my former University...but i doubt that it has sthg to do with that
  2. Ooooppsss did i say that?? Never meant to say THAT Sooorrryyy Kaf ...I am biting my tongue and keep waiting patiently
  3. I suggest the Slide, the twisted machine, Slappy Joe, Kamisha's Kontraption and every other torturing device posted here, to be used on Kafuuka himself should he persist on keeping us in ignorance about the results if this contest
  4. Indeed chaos archer was funny.....Nicely done MoNSooN..I didn't pay much attention to this contest at first, but now i am squeezing my mind to come up with an original "be a creature" idea
  5. [center][u][b][size="6"]The Fun Slide[/size][/b][/u] [/center] [center][img]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2665/4014313291_c939f2f387_b.jpg[/img] [/center][b][u][size="4"]Operation Manual[/size][/u][/b] "Persuade" our poor subject to leap in.. 1) That is actually the Fun part. For the first 20 meters there is nothing strange about the slide.Our subject is having doubts whether this has been simply a bad joke. But since our aim is not to entertain our subject, when the first 20 m are over, and our subject has gained enough speed we are moving on to.. 2) The Pain part.. For the next 50 m the cool smooth surface of the slide is replaced with spikes..Thousand of spikes, short enough not to prove fatal for our"volunteer" but long enough to cause tremendous pain..And if that was not enough when the slide comes to an end, our poor subject lands in.. [img]http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3532/4015079298_853577511c_b.jpg[/img] 3) The Feast tank...where hundreds of hungry rats are more than happy to meet our flabbergasted "volunteer". It would have taken them 25 sec to devour our tasty but unlucky subject..but we will only give them 4 before the bottom of the can splits open and all of its content's fall in the.... [img]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2630/4015080578_45f793a682_b.jpg[/img] 4) The Liquid tank..after all that our guest has been through he deserves a drink..So we, as gentle hosts are going to offer him one... one tank of pure alcohol..Needless to say how soothing that will be...for all of our "guest's" open wounds..and after that... 5) A veteran Golemus wizard is going to kindly "lent" us his services for a while -actually that old bastard is being paid dearly for this -...by entertaining our tired "volunteer" with some...electricity..just enough to shake him a little.. [img]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2506/4014314711_eb75df7e87_b.jpg[/img] 6) And last but not least , the most kindhearted hosts might choose to end the "guest's" torment..just a torch in the tank would do the trick...it's not recommended though So ladies and gents...who wants to take a ride...in the Fun Slide??????
  6. Stupid me.. Thanx (Zl-eye-f)-nea
  7. [size="2"]THere is sthg that fell into my attention and i want to report. I managed to aquire (thanx free credits!!!![/size] [size="2"] ) some potions from the MD shop..But i have a question about two potions inparticular..From the Permanent Boosters item category aren't (according to their description) the Toxic Endurance Potion and the valuable Metal Orb suppose to give you a silver coin as well??? I got several of them but so far i ve never seen a silver coin..[/size] (there is still no (I) indicating items under my name)...Is this a bug or am i doing sthg wrong???
  8. Quick question..Where is that "new" area that everyone is talking about..how can i find it?? does it need a special action in order to unlock it? Hope i didn't tire you with my ignorance...
  9. Been playing for quite some time, but until now i have not been bothered to post anything (hell not even register in the forum-shame on me ) Just popped in to say hello..you will probably see me running around somewhere in the game..so we will get a chance to talk there.. Ciao guys.. and btw the name North Equilibrium was chosen way before i see that there was a Gazebo of equilibrium in the game.. ..but i can make an excellent connection to it when i narrate my story!!!!
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