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  1. Well it's a crap way to flirt.

  2. Is that ment to be some sort of flirting? Oo

  3. If you speak to most girls like you do to me one of these days you will get a slap in the face and worse(hopefully). Keep things IN character, not out.

  4. Get better soon ^^

  5. Wow I have not written anything =P


  6. He deserves the neg rep

  7. Aww why feel sorry?

  8. Nice drawing..?What is it?


  9. Well then the love is not the way I was meaning. I was meaning in a relationship way.Not in a parent/child way.

  10. [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' date='16 November 2009 - 03:06 PM' timestamp='1258383960' post='47627'] Suggestion: Why not make it so that the Heretics have the option to perform a very low attack (say 1 attack for each level, ie level four would have four attack) And then adjust the values for the Bloodpact aura so that it essentially multiplies the attack value on the Heretic, with an increasing value on the aura at each level of the Bloodpact until a fully leveled Bloodpact would produce the same ritual effect on a maxed Heretic as it used to? (By the way, I am an avid supporter of the New Heretic Form, and don't really think we need a new creature to perform this role) [/quote] Having such a low attack would do near enough no damage at all.It would be useless without hundreds of tokens so you might as well keep the new abilitys.
  11. Hmm love MUST have lust to be a good relationship.Just like lust MUST have love.

  12. If you feel like expressing you views and opinions upon the new dark archer abilities then please ppost them here.It should be interesting seeing how everyone feels about all of the changes. I believe the changes are GOOD.The new abilities shall give weaker players a stronger chance at defeating a more powerful, tokened, enemy army. When people get used to using them they will wish they had always had the ability to sap principles. [u]Pro's [/u] Allows weak players a higher chance of winning More varied rituals Makes a boring battle more interesting for those that like looking at battle logs [u]Con's [/u] Wasted experiance Wasted players credits No sacrificing value Will add more as soon as I can think of some
  13. Awww no comments? Thats mean.So Heya.Hows it going? ^^

  14. Aww cute picture.

  15. Conrats on quest ^^

    COme find me to gain reward.

  16. Wow...*raises an eyebrow*your fitter than him...*points to Deba*.

  17. OOh the dragon lance books were great.Especially the ones about the twins.

  18. *points to death ray8Worried about his own sexuality*points to Deba*Why do you keep getting hotter?!!

  19. Mcvitie

    New Quests

    Quest 1 Some of you will remember during the end of the Festival of Pain a contest was set up where you had to dress up as a creature of Magicduel. My first quest is to dress up for halloween.I want the costumes to look as brilliant as you can make them. I will expect to see claws, fangs, beastly faces and ugly noses.You may dress as anything you wish but only the top picture shall get a reward. The quest shall begin on the 31st and will go on till the 7th. Pictures can be sent to me via game pm or Forum.(I shall be creating a section called halloween quests) Prize Wishpoint Quest 2 My second quest is to create a new creature that would suit MD.As before the creature MUST be halloween based. The creature must have a picture, Description and Stats. The top 4 shall gain rewards. Quest shall start on the 31st till the 5th Creatures can be sent the same way as the 1st quest. Prizes 1st- Item+ 1 silver coin 2nd- 1 silver coin 3rd-Aged Priest Quest 3 This quest shall have only one winner.Pm me for further insructions. Prize 1 Wishpoint
  20. "Add as friend" *click* "user rating" *click*


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