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  1. Nebin

    Just Another B-Day

    phew, a lot of 'em at the same time happy b-day to all of you! have a great day (and year, whlie you're at it
  2. hi! hope to meet you in the game as well
  3. true. but look at it this way: if someone steals one of your ideas, it just means you had a really good idea (if you don't agree, maybe we can start a war 'bout it ) but i'll try to be more imaginative next time anyway, great to see you here Glume!
  4. hi! welcome to this side of MD hope you keep enjoying it an i hope i'll see you ingame! cheers!
  5. happy birthday (it's been said before, though )
  6. i'd like to join - the diplomats if possible
  7. [quote name='Grido' date='12 September 2009 - 06:35 PM' timestamp='1252773331' post='41616'] YAY i wondered who's alts they were i banned also, check: Fenth, believe that one is also probably yours [/quote] nope, that would be mine, mainly because i wanted to check out other storylines, and be able to keep playing while transferring to MP4 forgot about the name rule but i've seen the prison on the inside now
  8. heh, i'm in alright *m.smiles in a slightly mad way*
  9. hi! i hope to see you ingame have fun in MD
  10. thanks to that i can afford an egg but ok, i understand can be closed
  11. first of all, this was only at the fenth in MB (fenths wielder) so id on't know for certain that you always get this restult the problem: if you sacrifice an elemental egg, you get: 100 temp VE and 100 temp VP but if you sacrifice an elemental I you get: [u]nothing[/u] this is not much of a problem, i admit, but i just wanted t know if there was a reason why an upgraded crit with 3 age gives less when sacrificed than an egg...
  12. [quote name='Grido' date='23 August 2009 - 02:11 PM' timestamp='1251029507' post='40044'] we've already had a slave market, so slavery already exists in MD [/quote] ah, well, i didn't play the game the but now that i do i will actively oppose any slave markets and alikes be warned!
  13. i wouldn't like to see slavery in MD so, as dst said, take your life in your own hands
  14. *sings* happy birtday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to madalina happy birthday to you
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