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  1. Just a minor thing, but perhaps the time of the awards ceremony could be posted clearly a bit further in advance? I had hoped to attend, but didn't see the announcement until later that evening after the festivities had ended.
  2. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great one.
  3. Happy Birthday, Pample. Hope you have a fabulous day.
  4. Option 1 penalizes far more random people than it does people abusing the system. Let's assume that in the normal course of gameplay, 10 mp3 would reach the cap in any given week as a result of regular battles and progress in the game. Whoever happens to be fighting them when this happens would be penalized. If there happens to be someone running around capping newbies, maybe 5 extra people will be capped. So in this scenario, 10 players get penalized just for level-appropriate fighting and 1 troublemaker gets 5x the penalty. If no one happens to be causing trouble in any given week, 10 random players will still get penalized. I'm picking numbers out of thin air, but you get the idea. Unless this kind of abuse is way more common than I think it is, the vast majority of people penalized by this system would be people playing appropriately. I know MD isn't supposed to be fair, but that seems like a pretty significant negative side effect to me.
  5. Happy Birthday, Ailith! Hope you have a fabulous day.
  6. Misssssssss youuuuuuuuuu

  7. asryn

    Little Or Lot?

    [quote name='awiiya' date='17 December 2009 - 08:47 PM' timestamp='1261111648' post='50508'] No, today is the generation of the specialist. Everything is at such an advanced state, if you spent your entire life learning a little about a lot you would hardly get far. It is often only possible to reach the cutting edge of success by being a specialist. Awi [/quote] Hmm, yes and no. I agree that most progress is made by those who know more than a little about their topic of interest. I would argue that the real cutting edge of success is often on the borders of disciplines, though, and that is more true today than it has ever been. Think of all the recent advances in biotechnology that required knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, and business to make happen. If your knowledge is too narrowly focused, you lack the ability to see those broader connections and to synthesize the resources and insights of multiple fields. How many opportunities have been lost because those who knew a lot about a little didn't even know enough about other things to ask the right questions of those who held other pieces to the puzzle they are trying to solve?
  8. asryn

    Md Award Voting

    I have more than 100 active days now, so it would appear that I am no longer eligible for the Rookie award. I do appreciate the regard of those who nominated me.
  9. *gets blinded by the glitter*

  10. Who needs an excuse to have a party? *throws glitter at Yoshi*

  11. What is this a birthday party? :P

  12. Happy Birthday, Tara! Saturday is usually a quiet day around here; perhaps we can celebrate more next week.
  13. [quote name='dst' date='28 November 2009 - 12:11 AM' timestamp='1259395916' post='48599'] Thank you asryn. But can we see the solution also? Just for pure information. [/quote] So I considered that, but given the nature of the quest it seems a bit spoilery. Since part of my goal was to encourage exploration, I would prefer to let people discover these things for themselves. However if those who participated have any specific questions feel free to contact me, and I will do my best to provide either answers or hints as seems appropriate.
  14. Thanks to everyone who participated in the scavenger hunt. I have finally finished tallying the results, and they are as follows: 1st place, with a score of 193/200 - dst, received a wishpoint 2nd place, with a score of 184/200 - Handy Pockets, received 2 silver coins 3rd place, with a score of 182/200 - Freezeblink, received 1 silver coin The highest scoring mp3 was Yoshi with a score of 178/200, and the highest scoring mp4 was Freezeblink. Please contact me by PM if you would like a shiny new angien egg, and I will respond with the CTC. Congratulations to all the winners! I hope you all enjoyed the hunt, and perhaps even learned something about the lands in the process. Travel safely, and keep your eyes open. You never know what you might come across on your journey.
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