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  1. *winks and laughs*

  2. yeap..and the earth starts spinning again ...^^

  3. That sounds oddly familiar... going out a bit late and heavy then saying i'll never drink (so much) again but then afterwards it just happens again :)

  4. hey i was just joking at the drinking thing ^^ and yes it was a hell of a party ....*chuckles*

  5. Haha seems like it was a good birthday party! *rereads*i never wanna drink again..T-T *laughs*

  6. Succes is a journey, not a destination!

  7. thanks for the wishes Joykill ...and yes thank god i have my vampire youth ...^^ see'ya around and have a great day....

  8. Thank you my fair ladie for the kind words...

  9. yes your right ...but i still know that's gonna be fine ...^^

  10. Well I learned not to hope to much either... It can lead to huge disappointments. Oh well, I do hope ofcourse, but I'm carefull. :)

  11. of course silly ...hope dies last..

  12. Well i'm becoming mp4, and taking 24h intervals for the choices, I like to get the max out of the meditation bonus :)

  13. Well I know those results somewhere mid september :) We'll see then how well it went. thanks for believing in me though :)

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