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  1. 1gc and 5sc for each imperial.
  2. can you put some start bidings... because i dont want to offend with my lower bid...thank you. i am interested to buy the angien.
  3. i dont sell them anymore. please close the topic.
  4. I want to sell 4 imperials with some age, stored heat and some good tokens. Iprefer to sell them in full packet, but if the price is good i will sell them separate. 1st age 97, stored heat 650k, claw1, 2 emerald, firedrop, juwelshards, purpurfog, darkshield, blooddrop 1, 2 2st age 58, stored heat 860k,claw1, 2 keleta, firedrop, onixfangs, sunshine, blood 1, 2 3th age 76, stored heat 760k,claw 1, 2, purpurfog, darkshield, blood 2 4th age 51, stored heat 630k,claw 1, 2, purpoormoon. darkshield, onixfangs, blood 1, 2 Ialso want to sell 4 fresh pimped grasans, no tokens,heat or
  5. I had the same proble too, and i have sent the id's of the stones and i hope they will give me an answer...
  6. VorniC

    New ideas

    i have started a new topic regarding a new idea about Wish option for change of principle in Principles Charge http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13155-a-wish-option-to-change-principles-in-principles-charge/
  7. I'll start by saying that i dont know if it is or not an option implemented, to do this thing, but i tink it would be verry useful idea to implement a wish option in the "Wish Shop" like the one in the topic name. And i say this because, from a while, i began to feel differently this game, and i got involved in various things, like socializing, making commerce, fighting, and even spendind some money in the Shop. I reached a certain point when i saw that the principles can be combinated and get new things if they are choised well. And here i come with the reason of this idea..
  8. 1 fresh sharptear or 1 blood with 4-5 tokens
  9. do u accept any offer with an other creature tokened?
  10. is sold the second angien or it is still available for auction?
  11. 4 of them are sold, the other i dont sell it anymore. close topic please
  12. 5sc min each one of them. i will sell it immediately if i am satisfied
  13. 1) BP age 166 500k stored heat 2) BP age 247 540k stored heat 3) BP age 227 510k stored heat emeraldglare 4) BP age 111 330k stored heat 5) Sharp age162 1,46mil stored heat claw1, claw2 6) Sharp age 64 87k stored heat
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