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    Lazarus reacted to phantasm in WTS Creatures   
    I do not wish to clutter the forums at all.  Taking that is the way you feel about it, the Day and Al are sold.  The rest will continue until bidding is over.
    *edit* actually noticed most creatures bids are 2 days old or more minus Timmy and Elrond.
    Bidding will be considered over about 13:00 day 318 year 9.
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    Lazarus reacted to Sushi in Design your own animated Golem   
    My golems love to spin & dance! 💃

    Spinning Golem #1 [Water energy]
    I reused the plastic bottles & straws at my first attempt. Water is life.
    Spinning Golem #2 [Electromagnetic energy]
    After that I got another idea, I made a simple motor with neodymium magnets, battery & copper wire, and sculpted the form with tin foil paper. Now the golem can dance so much better.
    Thank you for watching ! 😊
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    Lazarus reacted to Sunfire in Equilibrium tourney IV   
    The tournament has finished, be prepared to greet your new champion!
    but let us begin with the beginning, the fight for bronze: Ledah vs No one
    No one was so impressed with Ledah's path through the tournament he kindly bowed out to maintian his honor. (Or the other world kept him from completing his fight is in a reasonable timeframe).
    Leaving the MD truest fossil as bronze medalist, proving that age is just a number!
    And now, the main event, the legendary fight between a (former) king and a god! Jubaris vs Chewett!
    this much anticipated battle more than delivered, these two oldtimers exchanged jabs without a second thought. when the bell ran and the fight was over only one was left standing... the one and only...
    well done, well done. and as his armor showed not an easy win. a 3-1 result however giving a clear image that his victory was hardfought.
    of course our losing finalist deserves praisings too, a tournament regular that always ends up in the top is certainly a sign of skill.
    from the discussion during and after the brawl we have gathered some interesting information, here are some reactions from our finalists:
    Jubaris has shown his skill in battle throughout many times over, this is a key example of his wisdom:
    as for our finalist, only a mastermind strategy could be used to earn this crown, this is what he had to say on the matter:
    Clear signs these gentlemen are at the top of the foodchain!
    And for now the most important part the rewards:
    1) Chewett:
    the honor of carrying the title of Equilibrium Champion
    1 WP
    1 anniv creature
    Golden wreath 
    2) Jubaris:
    4 gold coins
    1 anniv creature
    3) Ledah
    2 gold coins
    1 anniv creature
    This concludes this Equilibrium tournament. I would like to thank all contestans for making this tourney a truely challenging experience. I'd also like to thank the treasury for their generous donations towards our victors.
    I hope to see you all again next edition. And who knows you could be the next Champion! 
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    Lazarus reacted to Aia del Mana in A Necrovian Blessing, or, the Transformation   
    [07/06/19 07:36] :Aia steps into Deathmarrow, taking a moment to gaze at the full-moon peering through the spires 
    [07/06/19 07:36] :Aia turns to Lazarus and curtsies in greeting 
    [07/06/19 07:37] Aia:Ah, Lazarus; this were quite the change in scenery from our usual sacred grounds; and yet, I sense of auspicious omens. 
    [07/06/19 07:38] :Aia glances at the Shade in the corner 
    [07/06/19 07:39] Aia:Wer't safe to commence of sacrament in its presence? 
    [07/06/19 07:40] Lazarus:We are 
    [07/06/19 07:40] :Lazarus appears from the dark cave behind him 
    [07/06/19 07:42] Lazarus:With the blessings of the Shades, we can commence the ritual 
    [07/06/19 07:42] :Lazarus thrusts his walking stick on the ground and chants, motions Aia to bow down 
    [07/06/19 07:43] :Aia bows deep and low 
    [07/06/19 07:44] :Aia joins Lazarus in chant 
    [07/06/19 07:44] :Lazarus looks up to the sky and chants to the Moon 
    [07/06/19 07:45] Aia: *chants* Through death and darkness life arise 
    [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:Thy glimmers do ignite the skies 
    [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:Cast shadows upon Necrovion's palace 
    [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:And from within, restore the balance. 
    [07/06/19 07:46] Lazarus:Luna, I ask you to bless your Daughter, Aia, with strength and perseverance so that she may traverse these lands safely 
    [07/06/19 07:47] :Lazarus turns to Aia 
    [07/06/19 07:48] :Aia nods to Lazarus and produces an intricately carved silver chalice 
    [07/06/19 07:48] :Aia places the chalice in the moonbeam on the ground and fills it with elemental rainwater 
    [07/06/19 07:48] Lazarus:In the name of Necrovion and of the will of the Shades, I bless you, Lady Aia of the Eclipse 
    [07/06/19 07:49] Lazarus:A rebirth of Tainting. May you be exalted and held high by your peers and enemies alike 
    [07/06/19 07:49] :Aia solemnly nods 
    [07/06/19 07:50] :[Spell] Arise Aia 
    [07/06/19 07:50] Aia: *lifts the glowing chalice* Solemnly do I receive; 
    [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Fervently do I believe 
    [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Mine vessel ever thine to shape 
    [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Thy blessing ever mine to take. 
    [07/06/19 07:52] Lazarus:Rise and show the realm who you truly are. Rise, Aia, Daughter of the Moon: Priestess of the Moon's light 
    [07/06/19 07:52] :Lazarus bows to Aia 
    [07/06/19 07:52] Lazarus:My lady 
    [07/06/19 07:53] :Aia drinks the tainted waters from the chalice and rises, her new form unfolding before Lazarus 
    [07/06/19 07:54] :Aia spreads her new wings 
    [07/06/19 07:54] :Lazarus stands up 
    [07/06/19 07:55] Aia:Blessed Lazarus; what a wondrous gift. 
    [07/06/19 07:55] Lazarus:You look divine, my lady 
    [07/06/19 07:56] Lazarus:Such a being is worthy of a corpse Knight, I feel honored to be yours 
    [07/06/19 07:56] Aia: *blushes* I am ever changed, of thy blessing. 
    [07/06/19 07:57] :Lazarus nods 
    [07/06/19 07:57] Aia: *beams* And ever blessed to have thee in mine service. 
    [07/06/19 07:57] Lazarus:I hope that you adore the taint 
    [07/06/19 07:58] Lazarus:For it is the most beautiful thing 
    [07/06/19 07:58] Aia:I accept the taint as mine own. 
    [07/06/19 07:59] :Lazarus takes his walking stick and distances himself from Aia\'s magnificence 
    [07/06/19 07:59] Lazarus:I'm afraid I have to part ways, my lady, if you will 
    [07/06/19 08:00] :Aia nods 
    [07/06/19 08:00] Lazarus:I shall see you soon 
    [07/06/19 08:00] Aia:I shall remain; I believe Necrovion may need of our service. 
    [07/06/19 08:01] Lazarus:I see, I am glad 
    [07/06/19 08:01] :Aia draws up the many folds of her dress and curtsies low to Lazarus 
    [07/06/19 08:01] Aia:May the taint ever remain as witness to Necrovian blessing. 
    [07/06/19 08:02] :Lazarus bows to Aia and walks backwards until he disappears into the darkness 
    [07/06/19 08:04] :Aia spreads her wings again and flutters them a little 
    [07/06/19 08:05] :Aia used the Acousticremains stone to temporarily learn the Acousticremains spell 
    [07/06/19 08:07] :Aia audite 
    [07/06/19 08:08] :Aia audite 
    [07/06/19 08:08] :Aia frowns 
    [07/06/19 08:09] :Aia audite 
    [07/06/19 08:09] Lazarus: (Lol change casting words maybe?) 
    [07/06/19 08:10] :Aia audite reliquiis 
    [07/06/19 08:11] Aia: (maybe it seems to hate that word) 
    [07/06/19 08:11] :Aia reliquiis 
    [07/06/19 08:11] Aia: (nope... okay) 
    [07/06/19 08:11] Lazarus: (Does it have asterisks?) 
    [07/06/19 08:12] Aia: (yes... two on either side like the other spells) 
    [07/06/19 08:12] Aia: (what...) 
    [07/06/19 08:12] Lazarus: (Try getting rid of it perhaps) 
    [07/06/19 08:13] :Aia murmure 
    [07/06/19 08:13] Aia: (argh) 
    [07/06/19 08:14] :Lazarus failed to cast a spell 
    [07/06/19 08:15] :[Spell] **audite murmure** Aia 
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    Lazarus reacted to Sushi in A25 Quick Adventure Ideas   
    I was thinking some ideas about how to make a series of scene arts more quickly & effortlessly, so players can have a quick/one time adventure or mini quest/festival event in MD for fun, or maybe even for A25 users to train/practice their tool, skill & creativity.

    This is how it works~ mainly I just need to draw EVERYTHING (included all items/doors/triggers etc) in a single sheet of paper and make them all clickable & glow separately. Then the A25 users can mix & match all the clickies freely in the frame and create their own scenes & puzzles, of coz we can add few more extra drawings for important scenes later so they'll look more special. Still, this method is very good to reduce workload & generate creative scenes for the fun adventure.

    Below are some of my concept sketches & examples(eg: Escape Room theme) only, I think you can get the basic idea~
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    Lazarus reacted to Aia del Mana in An Adventure Journal - or, a continuation of the Adventure Log   
    As I am told the Adventure Log doth lie at an indefinite hiatus, I did think to continue of its progress. I hope that mine narration, in the common-tongue, were enjoyable to read; if it were not so, I should like of constructive feedback.
    It doth continue where the Adventure Log has paused, upon page 572.
    Memories in the Wind, Ch.1.
    Samon wiped the sweat from his brow as he walked inside from the rain. It had been a while since he had been called upon for a burial. Such a violent death, he thought; the image of the priestess's lifeless body flashing before his eyes once more. Such was the job of a Caretaker; at least it was something to break up the repetition of dusting the gravestones, trimming the poppies, and tormenting the Tormented Souls.
    A tap on the door, then, muffled murmurs.  Samon rose hastily, but the messenger was gone; in her place a woven wreath of white flowers, and a small envelope with a waxen seal. Samon examined the seal briefly before breaking it; this was unmistakenly the Lorerootian royal seal. How odd, thought Samon; Lintara certainly preferred to communicate with enchanted butterflies. 
    Ah, of course, thought Samon, as he read the flowing script-hand. He gently lifted the wreath and stepped out to place it upon the freshly filled grave.
    Lintara set out towards the Drywater Temple; her small entourage in tow, carrying all sorts of heat stones and erolin-spheres. A risk, perhaps; she briefly recalled the butterfly that had whispered advice from a far-away mentor. A risk worth taking. She directed her entourage to place the stones in the receptacle, and ignited them with the heat from the erolin-spheres, careful not to burn her fingers in the process. Before long, a roaring fire lit up the receptacle, and Lintara and her entourage stood and watched in solemn silence; broken only by the crackling flames, and then, by whispers...
    faint whispers; but present, unmistakable whispers, in the old language. Lintara breathed a sigh of relief. "Aia! I thought we had lost you for good." 
    The priestess's form materialised within the inner chamber of the Drywater Temple, and many curtsies and hugs were exchanged.
    Aia sat by the water's edge. The faint reflection of the moon on the pond at Raven's Peace always brought her solace; why was it so different now, she thought, as she racked her mind for her favourite memories. Mnemnosis was not kind to one's mind; she thought; some memories may be lost forever; but there was something important, just... gone. Maybe it would return to her, in time.
    Aia sighed; at least she was alive.
    Necrovion stirred; an unusual state of matters for the once barren land. Dark beings shuffled within, agitated, for their Voice was gone; their Chaos apparent without its direction. Lashtal recalled watching a shadowy figure disappear, and a barrage of shades follow after. He could sympathise with their plight; after all, the humans of Necrovion had once had their own chaos, brought about by espionage and internal conflict; then had been exiled from their homes.
    Patrolling the land was much too dangerous now; death would already find those that dared enter. He stashed his assassination rope into his satchel; he would no longer need it, and it would hardly do to appear threatening against a barrage of shades.
    Ailith awoke from her restless sleep. Again, she thought. Dreaming was hardly a luxury these days; if only they were more pleasant! Ailith paused to reflect before turning to a new page of her journal; the last two were already filled with visions from her dreams of the last few nights; dark figures; one a shadowy, humanoid; a blood-red moon; a tiny angien. She dipped her quill and began another expert sketch; this time the shadow of a little girl; illuminated by the glow of the faint embers of three newly extinguished candles. Such vibrant, familiar dreams, thought Ailith, as the final quill-strokes completed her artistry. Far too real for a dream - it was almost as if someone else had implanted this memory into her own mind. Frowning, she closed the pages of her journal. There were definitely some familiar places; maybe they would reveal the meanings of these vibrant memories.
    An easterly wind brushed the cheeks of Ailith's stoic facade as she ventured south past the solitary Gazebo. Ah, here it was - the tiny angien stood within the broken frame of the ominous Howling Gates. Ailith sat beside it, and procured three candles from her satchel, placing them in the soft Necrovian sands. Satisfied, she struck a heat stone to light them, and sat in seiza; closing her eyes to the world. Maybe a continuous dream might make more sense.
    Three days did she keep her vigil, as travellers passed by the Howling Gates.
    Ailith awoke from her trance to find her candles extinguished, and her satchel full of delicious, smoked bacon, its aroma rudely interrupted by the caustic scent of belladonna. How long have I been here, she wondered. Putting this thought aside, she opened her journal and began sketching her visions once more, rapid, coarse brush-strokes making quick work of several pages. Leaving the pages to dry, she paused to consume the bacon before reigniting her candles. The gentle sway of the flames in the wind distracted her only momentarily before she closed her eyes and continued her motionless vigil.
    The second chapter were forthcoming; if there do exist events which I cannot observe and yet were worthy of this journal, I should like to know - do send myself a message in private upon this Forum.
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    Lazarus reacted to Nava in Come home   
    The nomads are free to return home. We will discuss individual roles for all of you.
    Everyone else, get out.
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    Lazarus got a reaction from Azull in Happy Bornday Azull!   
    Happy birthday 🙂
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    Lazarus reacted to fallen god in Guilds - A Discussion   
    Just a few two cents but, as of now, resources is a mess most without any practical application, and guilds do not have any significant impact whatsoever. It'd be great for the guilds to have some impact, such as the ability to maintain and provide better tools, and a way to protect the resources. The fact that resources are scattered throughout the lands, naught of caretakers, and there's almost nothing someone could do to fix resource regeneration nor punish those who crippled the environment.

    At the same time, the types of resources are too vastly different, yet governed under the same engine, essentially making them re-skin and re-name from one another (minerals regeneration? a lake having... 20 buckets of water in it?)
    A quick fix won't last forever, and a full fix requires re-thinking on how resources should be implemented from the ground up, in my honest opinion. It seems that it's all tossed up together with no sense of direction of how they'd impact gameplay. Hard to play make-believe with things that have no intrinsic values, which can't even be split and used for proper trading.
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    Lazarus got a reaction from Aia del Mana in Happy Birthday Aia   
    Happy birthday Aia 🙂
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    Lazarus reacted to Lintara in Happy Birthday Lazarus   
    Have a great birthday, Lazarus!
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    Lazarus reacted to Ailith in Happy Birthday Lazarus   
    Happy Birthday!!
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    Lazarus reacted to Azull in Happy Birthday Lazarus   
    Happy B day
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    Lazarus reacted to Vicious in Happy Birthday Lazarus   
    Happy Birthday, Lazarus.
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    Lazarus reacted to Aia del Mana in Happy Birthday Lazarus   
    I wish thee a blessed birth-day also, Lazarus. May it be filled with joy and merriment for thyself and those dear to thee.
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    Lazarus reacted to MaGoHi in Happy Birthday Lazarus   
    Happy Birthday Lazarus!
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    Lazarus reacted to Jubaris in Conspiracy Theories   
    There's a level 2 Magicduel server, you just have to earn the access. That's where all the legendary players (that are supposedly inactive) went. 
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    Lazarus reacted to Rophs in Conspiracy Theories   
    the reason lashtal has a rockin bod under those robes is because he's actually a golem
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    Lazarus reacted to nadrolski in What do you love about MagicDuel?   
    What keeps you coming back to MagicDuel?
    To check if Tipu is back.
    What is your favourite thing to do in MagicDuel?
    Giving high fives and having fun with my critters.
    What do you do most often in MagicDuel?
    What do you wish there was more of in MagicDuel?
    Daily quests/activities.
    What do you wish there was less of in MagicDuel?
    Winged Boots.
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    Lazarus reacted to Vicious in What repeatedly consumable items would you use?   
    Sculpting Tools - Allows you to create figurines out of wood or other materials for players (Alternatively, Tiny Men or Aramors). (Could be used with Pure Gold, Iron Ingots, Crystals, Gems, Cut Diamond etc.)  (Could allow for long-range spellcasting on a target, but have it be used up? Different materials could have multiple uses?) Requires materials and perhaps some heat.
    I second Ailith, an item that creates a jumplink would be great for when the celebration is over and the meeting casts run out. I was under the assumption that some scenes were already protected from jumping?
    Feathery Quill - Allows you to write on paper to create notes that you can pass around, or potentially even write on books with multiple pages as a physical item.
    Sun Orb - Turns the scene from Night into Day for a short time.
    Training Dummy - Creates an unkillable monster (Empty Aramor type thing) with a low attack reset time (or none) to train rituals on. No losses or wins can come from it.
    Sketching Pencil - Used with paper, allows the user to capture a player's avatar or a scene in their inventory. This can be viewed at any time. Requires heat.
    Incense Holder - Allows the user to burn herbs using heat, providing various effects, more random for unidentified herbs.
    Fungal Transposer - Converts 10 flowers into an edible mushroom which gives a small boost or restores missing vitality/AP/EP.
    Fungal Transposer - Converts 10 flowers into an edible mushroom which makes the user hallucinate. (Could be used for fun stuff like the Nightshade or to see things like the carnival or defeated monsters again?)
    Cold Mold - Coverts water into Ice, which reduces personal heat or the heat of a creature.
    Dueling Sword - Allows you to duel with another, rock paper scissors style. Players pick the consequences of losing out of 3 options, and the number of rounds up to ten. Both must agree to duel.
    Erolin Shard - Sacrifices VP and fills with heat, which can be transferred to items, but not yourself.
    Cleansing Brew - New tea recipe or something, cures debilitating effects. Uses minerals or crystals, water and heat.
    Flower Identifier - Converts the Flowers resource into a type of flower, or turns multiple into a bouquet of flowers.
    Treasure Hunt Shovel - Allows you to bury items and dig for them.
    Warm Cloak - Prevents Erolin loss.
    Viscosity Torch - Channelling Erolin heat reduces the room's viscosity over time. Each regeneration has an impact.
    Viscous Oil - Increases Viscosity in an area. Made from a mixture of herbs.
    Heat Pebble - Reheats cold tea for more heat.
    I have many more, though don't wish to take up the whole thread.
    Edit: A particularly evil idea came to me once I'd finished and posted this...
    Frying Pan - Converts baby creatures into yummy meals. Eggs become omelettes. Elemental eggs become elemental omelettes. Young Knators become Fried Knator Steak, and you can get some Grasan Rump too if you want. Requires heat, maybe some oil too.       Just an idea  
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    Lazarus reacted to Aia del Mana in A New Moon, and a new Knight of the New Moon   
    Herewith find a log of the recent occurrence at Wasp's Totem, which did find occasion to be bathed in nightfall.
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    Lazarus reacted to Sushi in Scene Redesign Challenge   
    This is my first time coloring a scene, and I like to focus on small things, even it can be unnoticeable & time consuming.

    I don't exactly remember the first day of my journey, it was a long time ago...but I still remember the mixed feeling about it.
    It was like playing an escape room, so many puzzles and hidden messages around me, I can't wait to click everything and search for clues. but there was no one in the Paper Cabin, then I met the Shades and the little girl (in story mode)...well, little bit creepy but I like it very much, the unknown is beautiful.

    Also the Paper Cabin was like a safe room to me, I was extremely curious about the "outside world", but I always go back there when I feel lost. Although it's not the place for beginners anymore, it is still one of the meaningful place in MD.
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    Lazarus reacted to Tipu in THE JAIL   
    Ho yes i am going to brag about the most beautiful and amazing place in the whole of MD - The JAIL.

    So whats so wonderful about it ? Tipu is going share inspiring Adventures of his Jail tours.
    Its completely nature-free place no trees no plants filled with disgusting carcasses odors.
    The art work is incredibly stunning filled with Darkness. Well there r *spoiler* scenes to roam around. Also have few cells which r designed only for VIPs, dare to enter one such Vip rooms at ur own risk. As u move around further deep, u will face ur fate yes its the Jail's main gate. Rumors say it holds the secret of the Prison Itself. Outside this main gate lies the Dark pit. Human body parts have been unearthed over there.

    Walls of the Jail tells the stories of most infamous characters of the MD such as Fiju, darklordassasin, Death Ray, Adam Riddle. Their Brave and Honorable memories have been carved in the Jail walls. Entering a Jail is not a easy task. Only deserving ones like me been rewarded with a Jail visit. Even a WP can't get u there. Remember Jail is the shrine for Fugitives dare step in their holy place u will seal ur fate.

    Entertainment : Well u can play with ur pets yes those cute and adorable Jail rats. Counting Jail bars. Clicking the clickables and if u have a jail mate then u can play the famous jail Tag game " I scratch ur a55 u scratch mine ". Hunting monster spiders and rodents. 'carving note '- Journal of ur incredible life carved on the walls of the jail. Updating ur Hate page list. Raging juniors and many more.

    Must do: Most of the jail visitors had forgot their Tooth brush but they have nothing to worry, in jail u get a natural tooth brush ho yes the famous Rat's tail. Its bristles is made of natural fibers of a 100 yr dead rat's fur which is tasty too. What unique about this brush is u don't need a Tooth paste cos' essence/auras in the dead rat's tail is so strong that no living organs can survive hehe.

    Sad Part of the jail : There is no Female jail warden to boast the morale of Good minded fugitives. Also no water and gym facility too. The Fugitive right groups r working on these issues.

    Location : Its secret even to the Jail in-mates but a frequent visits will unlock its own identity hehe.

    How to go : Simple do exactly opposite to whats written in the announcement. U can even win a Free ticket for ur buddy if u share any bugs / spoilers / alts abuse and such.

    Fugitives : Well Jail is the only land that gives power to its citizens when entering other lands instead of giving neg effect like (-Ve ). U can't be attacked. U can so skilldmg. min. of 6 players r required to put u down. In fact it gives u a Semi-demi god powers muhaha.

    More will be added as time passes by ....

    by Ex-Fugitive , multiple times jail visitor - TIPU
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    Lazarus reacted to Ungod in Let's design... a radar?   
    I'll quote from ann. 4626:
    There is a feature that i wanted to add for many years, but i waited for artworks and never managed to get/do some that i liked.
    The weirdest things bug me -  and that glowing thing with letters in it that stays between 'boxes' does. Let's design something that Mur will (hopefully) like and put in the interface. 
    There are no rewards for this, I have not been asked to do this and chances are we'll fail. However, it's your chance to design an interface thingie.
    Here's my idea:

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    Lazarus reacted to Vicious in Where have the years gone?   
    Gosh, it's been quite a while since I've spoken to anyone here. Even the odd person I kept in touch with, I have the last messages sent... A year ago. 
    I'm reading over stuff, thinking about the past and the people in it. It's weird to think that other people have been getting on with their own lives. I kind of imagine the people that "lived" here as not ever really ageing or changing in the least. Obviously, I watched people change in front of my eyes and just didn't really ever notice it. I wish I could hear everyone's stories since the last time I spoke to them, to see if everyone else has changed as much as I imagine they have. I'd be surprised if they hadn't to be honest. 
    I'm don't know how things are going at the minute. I haven't asked, I don't really want to. In my mind, this is the place it always used to be back when I used to frequent it. There's honestly a special place in my heart for the people and places here, and it makes me tear up a little to type that, feeling silly as all heck as I do. I don't know whether this is a Hello, or a Goodbye, or what else it really could be. Something I can't put into words. That's a bit unlike me, these days. I like to think that I'm just a tad more articulate, flowery, expressive, whatever.
    I've had a lot of issues with expression in the past. Perhaps I wanted people to notice when I radically changed? I don't think they did, or they were kind enough to not point it out in a rude way. Maybe that's why I chose this sort of shapeshifter persona, despite how outright irritating that must have been back in the day. I loved to play characters and switch things up, and I think a lot of that was finding myself, as sappy as it reads to my own eyes. I guess my real point here is just in a way that I probably gave off a lot of wrong impressions. I don't mean that in a fake way. I'm not really planning on re/kindling up a bunch of friendships. I didn't know how to get across what I wanted sometimes. Fake hostility probably came out a lot as real hostility. This applies to EVERYONE I ever spoke to at any point. I can't say I've ever... Really, truly, actually despised anyone here, or even remotely disliked anyone for longer than a minute. No, not even you.
    It's bittersweet to read over things. Surprisingly, more sweet than bitter. I can't put my finger on it. I feel detached from who I used to be, though as a few people have alluded to in the past, I'm a different person entirely publicly and privately, normally. 
    Maybe some of you haven't had a break (and I type that assuming this is going to be read by anyone, I'm fairly sure it isn't.) Maybe you're thinking about what a random little thing this is. I sure am! I've been gone for years though, I think, and think I needed to say something, though I know I've said things along these lines before, but perhaps not as heartfelt as it is now, with all the experience and knowledge I've gotten under my belt since those times.
    Anti-climax. Apologies. Sorry for being an annoying little s- sugarcube. I appreciate beyond what I can express in words all the things that you did for me though, intentionally or not, well-intentioned or not.
    I love you all, best of luck in whatever you've moved onto since we last spoke, and I hope you're all as young-at-heart as you were back then too. Here's to... I guess... Seven years ago?
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