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  1. Though joining an alliance is the optimal choice when it comes to universal combat, fighting an MP7 at your stage is your best option for now, as alliances are not formed for that purpose alone. The realm is mostly composed of MP3's and MP5's, perhaps it's time to also make some changes/revisions in the MP concept.
  2. "waka waka waka waka wak... awaka waka..." - Pac-Man
  3. Lazarus


    Waiting for enlightenment in global village I think is a lost cause, we can barely even take care of ourselves yet. Us-themming has its roots in the evolution of our species, which makes sense looking back millenias in the past, but I think it is nothing more than a neighbourly extension of kin-selection. I think we needed to craft certain kinds of iron-age myths and beliefs that forms cultures and traditions to control thousands even millions of the members of our society and we feel the need to preserve them, so to succeed, we create borders as to not let wandering Janes and Joes who we deem as aliens enter our turf. Imperial expansion and resource allocation is also a major contributor to this global monopoly and in some cases, it's driven by our own collective narcissism. Borders I think is founded in trust, without the concept of borders, we'd still be trying to expand our realm by waging war with each other for whatever reason, even with this we're still trying to broaden our backyards bit by bit by creating "china towns" or any form of seclusion within a foreign land. So to answer your question, borders can be necessary if it's main purpose is to filter out people who we suspect will cause disorganization, but not necessary enough to welcome change, if these migrants are adaptable then there will be no need I think, but then again this entirely depends on what kind of upbringing they have and what practices or culture they grew up in.
  4. You make changes as big as this, be prepared for complaints, I don't even think anyone here is complaining, I think they're just pointing out some issues as you instructed them to do. Nobody even asked that you change the interface, you did it on your own volition because of your one of your newfound motivation bursts. This will stagnate again soon, guaranteed. Personally, I don't like the interface change and I don't think this is the kind of change that is MD needs right now.
  5. A lot of the stuff in the MD Shop are useless, but yes.
  6. I was thinking in terms of credits but yes, Silvers are better
  7. I'm big on creature names, I don't know if anyone feels the same way about it like I do, so I suggest an MD Shop feature that lets you do a creature name change with limited availability (e.g. 10 or 15, like creature slots). If this had been suggested before or it already exists then there's no need to.
  8. Ah, I didn't realize I was "Lazurus," I thought you were talking about another player. Bid withdrawn.
  9. I, Madamme Marcus Lazarus III; Chieftess of Loreroot, Empress of Necrovion, Daughter of the Eclipse, and the Alpha female of the Powerpuff Triad, hereby give Princess Fang Archgay my blessing to lead us into the full conquest of the realm. With dedication, perseverance and enough sass, I believe we can achieve the promise land, that is the divine MagicDuel realms in all its glory. One Ring to rule them all! Hail feminism!
  10. Auction closed. I'll be idle at Way of Cleansing and I'll send you the CTC's in forum PM as soon as I can. Topic can now be closed. (Should've been Aug 1 @,00:00)
  11. Ledah and MRAlyon's bids so far are the highest. This auction will end tomorrow at 00:00 server time.
  12. 14th Anni Hollow Warriors' age, they're supposed to be over 4k age if memory serves, and I think Aia made a topic about it.
  13. Need some space, and coins... Auctioning off various creatures. Starting bid is next to the creature name. The Nutcracker - Starts at 4 GC | Age 2718 | ID 604489 | Black Aramor (8th Anniversary) - Starts at 4 GC | Age 2282 | ID 806158 | Hollow Warrior I (14th Ann) - Starts at 2 GC | Age 103 (unfixed bug) | ID 869606 | Hollow Warrior II (14th Ann) - Starts at 2 GC | Age 103 (unfixed bug) | ID 869607 | Please post bids on here, I will try and update this whenever time allows. Auction will end on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 at 00:00 server time. Winners must submit the payments within 24 hours after the auction ends.
  14. Mine as well. I assume Wookie magic has lost its effect.
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