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  1. This is an incredible feature worthy of being placed in the wish shop, but it has its own issues, in particular, the crowded places problem. I've observed this during Chewett's cake party and Steno's April Fool's event. If there are few people in one spot (1-3 players) it looks fine, but more than that, they just cover each other. Mur's solution to this was to increase the intervals between the colored dots that represents the players, but it creates another problem where one can't actually point out where that player is. I may have a solution for this, it follows the same mechanics, only this time, if there are two (or three) or more players in a location, say the GoE, it will become a shaded place on a map (I used orange because, well, Mur) the more people there are, the bigger this shade will become. An example image: GoE at this point will have several players on it, hence the size, while MDP will have fewer than four or so. Now, when you hover the cursor over the shaded section, it will display the coordinates along with the playernames who are presently in that location. See below:  This is just a mockup, the shade color can be changed, the colored dots can even be beside the playernames in the box to distinguish what Mindpower they belong to. This will be easier for those who purchased this feature and can be very useful for a plethora of different things, or if you exhaust your locate spell, too. Let me know what you think.
  2. This looks like it's digital art and I think gonzalocsdf used to make digital drawings, he's been inactive for quite some time now. Your avatar is most likely moved in the avatar shop, if that's the case you can contact whoever is responsible now for avatars, I would suggest you ask Fire Starter but I don't think he's active at the moment. If you want to check if you uploaded it or not, you can go to your profile page, scroll down and click "upload avatar,' there you can see all your uploaded artworks, if any.
  3. Lazarus

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    May I ask what is the purpose of disbanding a major contributing factor to players staying longer? I don't know about anyone but I see no purpose for it, this will do more harm in MD than good. Live Help Operators have been incredibly helpful to my experience and the now-previous LHO's were very competent. Syrian, for one. Whether you think it or not, LHO's are essential to this game now more than ever as the interface is completely turned upside down, even us older players are still struggling to find which button is for and where to find them. New players need the most help and they start in the GWI, what is the replacement for this? The Guardians? They are not LHO's and they can be if they want to, but the Live Help Button as you said will be removed, how are the new players be able to get help? They can't just message a random person on sight because they may not be qualified or knowledgable enough to give advice. We don't have "until further notice" because we all know how long it will take based on our collective experience as to what it means, players are coming in more and more and they would need help and some form of guidance. This is another unnecessary change to make. This should not be taken personally, I just want to understand your abstract, Mur.
  4. Honestly, I think it should be removed as the boots in the Vale of Oblivion already gives too much Action Points, this will just be another non-functioning baggage and will just confuse and frustrate people with their hard-earned heat. I vote for it to be removed.
  5. This needs to be repositioned for now if you're not planning on adding anything important to it, it completely covers the playernames and arrows in some scenes for 7-8 seconds and it's pretty annoying. Scene Notifications
  6. It's possible that you've already purchased all the items under that category and couldn't remember, Kinetic Memory is a fairly new feature in the MD shop so that's what stayed, or it could be a bug. The creature you're referring to is the colored Animated Tree btw.
  7. Once it's filled with heat and clicked, it takes a player to the Caves of Torment instead of giving AP boost.
  8. An absolute favorite of mine; 'There Will Be Blood' with Daniel Day-Lewis playing Daniel Plainview. Telling you why would be distasteful and disrespectful to the movie. Edit: I thought you were asking about a favorite character.
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