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  1. I, Madamme Marcus Lazarus III; Chieftess of Loreroot, Empress of Necrovion, Daughter of the Eclipse, and the Alpha female of the Powerpuff Triad, hereby give Princess Fang Archgay my blessing to lead us into the full conquest of the realm. With dedication, perseverance and enough sass, I believe we can achieve the promise land, that is the divine MagicDuel realms in all its glory. One Ring to rule them all! Hail feminism!
  2. Auction closed. I'll be idle at Way of Cleansing and I'll send you the CTC's in forum PM as soon as I can. Topic can now be closed. (Should've been Aug 1 @,00:00)
  3. Ledah and MRAlyon's bids so far are the highest. This auction will end tomorrow at 00:00 server time.
  4. 14th Anni Hollow Warriors' age, they're supposed to be over 4k age if memory serves, and I think Aia made a topic about it.
  5. Need some space, and coins... Auctioning off various creatures. Starting bid is next to the creature name. The Nutcracker - Starts at 4 GC | Age 2718 | ID 604489 | Black Aramor (8th Anniversary) - Starts at 4 GC | Age 2282 | ID 806158 | Hollow Warrior I (14th Ann) - Starts at 2 GC | Age 103 (unfixed bug) | ID 869606 | Hollow Warrior II (14th Ann) - Starts at 2 GC | Age 103 (unfixed bug) | ID 869607 | Please post bids on here, I will try and update this whenever time allows. Auction will end on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 at 00:00 server time. Winners must submit the payments within 24 hours after the auction ends.
  6. Mine as well. I assume Wookie magic has lost its effect.
  7. Since most of us are on mobile most of the time, I think it would be helpful for combat-active players if there is a feature on the slider page where you type in the percentage of personal skills rather than being stuck at 50% all the time when attacking.

    1. fallen god

      fallen god

      Well, that should be a simple fix by changing how the slider is coded, so I think that'd be part of the port eventually. Chew's doing some major refactoring, so that could be an easy fix once he's done with that.

  8. I have Santas, Nutcrackers, 8th and 9th Anniversary Aramors and some Anniversary Hollow Warriors, Coins and Credits, or maybe an Avatar/Artworks from Lazarus, to trade for Necrovion Horsemen or Wind Drachorns. Please send forum PM if interested.
  9. Looking to trade Silvers, or Credits for 3 Birds (additional aged Sharpshooter if you choose credits) aged enough to reach max level, they have to be untokened. Post offers here or send me a forum message.
  10. He didn't, it was a misunderstanding on both sides, I've talked to him already so no worries. When he does lift the ban and the problem is still there, I might just delete Puffin and have MD accessed on a computer. Thanks
  11. http://storenow.net/download/3d0926afeb9710a42d7213101a498b7d/20190417_202701.jpg I've messaged Chewett and Syrian about this but failed to come to a solution. I tried turning Lazarus as Syrian's worshipper and it didn't work, even when I removed Imperius as her worshipper because of alt issues. I have no idea if it's because I'm using Puffin, or Lazarus' trade ban (which isn't clear why he has it) or it might just be a bug.
  12. Thank you for this quest Aia, it was very challenging and rather difficult to find a solution for, I'm not a 'quester' myself, but upon reading this one it had inhabited me for a couple of days that I felt like I just had to give it a go, or else the universe will implode. It was very well done and absolutely deserves a sponsorship and/or a reward far more valuable than what is currently on the table. I enjoyed every second of frustration it gave me. 😊
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