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  1. He didn't, it was a misunderstanding on both sides, I've talked to him already so no worries. When he does lift the ban and the problem is still there, I might just delete Puffin and have MD accessed on a computer. Thanks
  2. http://storenow.net/download/3d0926afeb9710a42d7213101a498b7d/20190417_202701.jpg I've messaged Chewett and Syrian about this but failed to come to a solution. I tried turning Lazarus as Syrian's worshipper and it didn't work, even when I removed Imperius as her worshipper because of alt issues. I have no idea if it's because I'm using Puffin, or Lazarus' trade ban (which isn't clear why he has it) or it might just be a bug.
  3. Thank you for this quest Aia, it was very challenging and rather difficult to find a solution for, I'm not a 'quester' myself, but upon reading this one it had inhabited me for a couple of days that I felt like I just had to give it a go, or else the universe will implode. It was very well done and absolutely deserves a sponsorship and/or a reward far more valuable than what is currently on the table. I enjoyed every second of frustration it gave me. 😊
  4. I found what I think might be level 2 avatars; Fyrd Argentus' and Nava's old one which I'm the author of, sadly I had no idea how it worked, I purchased Nava's to keep it in my vault but it swapped Fyrd's so I lost it, then I lost Nava's, now I have nothing. *rolls eyes* I thought there'd be a separate category selection for level 2 ones. It might be a bug like Samon said, I don't think this is intentional, I'm hoping it gets fixed soon. That's a lot of credits spent by the way...
  5. I've been shuffling/re-shuffling avatars from the MD shop and the same set of avatars kept appearing over and over again for about 3-5 times, and each time it cost 1 credit. Is this how it really works? Also, how can I view level 2 avatars? I've already unlocked the feature from the MD shop.
  6. I see Ivorak from time to time, I think he's the only active one left of the Archivists.
  7. What are the rules of the Heads Contest again? If my memory serves, I think the tokens are melted and you got to have your ritual slider down to 0% so it's just a matter of strategy than based on stats. I was the sole winner of the 2013 HC simply because there were no other participants besides the 6-10 players who were actively gathering heads, I don't think my character was that strong but it's evident that it is because of lack of players engaged in it. My suggestion is if you are going to continue these types of fighting contests, it has to be based on the influx of new players coming in otherwise it wouldn't make any sense to have it held every month or however frequent it is. Judging on what I've observed so far, I would suggest that the regular HC can occur every 6 months or so and BHC being annually. It's an interesting contest and I would dislike for it to be abolished.
  8. I currently have no knowledge how much it is or if it's even purchasable, but I would like to buy/acquire one for a project. Send me a forum message if you have an offer.
  9. http://scrollsoflazaru4.wix.com/lazarus

    It has been seven years since the last I saw Lazarus' unfinished personal papers, it's very nostalgic, now I've got to somehow surpass the complexity of it with this new character.


  10. Imperius

    Alt Issues

    I'm having the same issue as well, for someone who had a lot of alts, the system recognized VorniC, MRAlyon and a player named Dalleman as my alts and therefore could not fight nor trade with them. I have no other accounts other than Imperius.
  11. When your character takes possession of you during the middle of the day and starts saying things like "Marind was probably drowned by Mur" as you drink a glass of water during your lunch break.
  12. That makes more sense. Speaking of uniqueness and feminism (as per this topic's tag), I know of a book where you can get moral values from to add to your repertoire of feminismy allure for your novel. This book is the epitome of moral integrity when it comes to this subject, even the author made hid her real name so as not to be bombarded by people of how good of a human being she is:
  13. I can't take credit for the fact that I draw well because I didn't choose the talent when I was born, but thank you, although I see every forms of art as 'cool' even if they're not up to anyone's standards. I think what you wrote is cool and humorous, it's clever that you've managed to have people see past what you just did, and I'm still undecided if you're actually serious about this lol. I hate that Mur has this effect on people.
  14. Alright sure, thanks Beak!
  15. Looking for: 2 Elementals 4 Birds 4 Trees All should be aged and heated enough to advance to their final levels. Will pay in Silvers. Please PM if interested.
  16. It would help giving her some background story as to why she thinks this way, perhaps a degree in gender studies or men with snouts surrounding her would suffice.
  17. Imperius

    Free Will

    Maybe you're living on your own "universe" Nava, since I don't think anyone here understand what you're trying to say. You use too much words yet they contain nothing of substance. Anyways, I don't believe that we have free will, but I'm looking for a strong argument against it.
  18. Imperius

    Free Will

    Nava, the last sentence in your second paragraph doesn't make any sense. The word darkness is vague, and from the way you used it, I could only think of the Jungian 'shadow' archetype when talking about accepting/supporting that side of our nature, but that's the stuff of depth psychology. However, the first paragraph makes sense. Is it only freedom if it's conscious? It certainly feels like it, but to be honest, I don't have an answer for this because whether we are or not, we cannot say that it isn't influenced by the subconscious or any other events that takes place in our brain. Imagine these two scenarios Fang; 1. You get out to get to school so you get good grades, work at a financially and intellectually rewarding job so you can live a good life by our society's standards. 2. You get out to get to school so you get good grades, but your friend Alex stopped you and asked you to hit some blunt because it's 4:20pm and it's also legal now in Canada, you then hit some, got late for school but promised to make up for it, which you did, so you can live a good life in the future by our society's standards. What is the difference between these two scenarios? Nothing. You're still in your path because you decided to follow it. Why did you follow it when you can choose not to? It sure feels like you're free, yes? This is what's wrong with compatibilism, it solves the problem of free will by ignoring it. A puppet is free as long as it loves its strings. You cannot say that the subconscious or the unconscious is besides the point when they are exactly the origin of our choices/intentions. We cannot be conscious of an intent if it doesn't arise in our minds first.
  19. Imperius

    Free Will

    After reading Robert Sapolsky's book 'Behave' and various other articles about the topic of human nature, I find myself torn between two contesting questions; are we the agent of our own actions? Or are our decisions just mere products of our own chemical processes? Is free will an illusion? If I decide to slap my wrist to prove that it was my choice to do so, am I really the author of that decision and not influenced by synapses triggered in my brain (e.g. proving myself that I have free will)? If you decide to have coffee this morning instead of tea, what made you choose coffee when you can freely switch to tea anytime you want? Did Charles Whitman shot and killed 16 people out of his own volition and not because of a tumor pressing on his amygdala? I saw nothing about this subject on here and I want to know what your thoughts about this topic are. I also want to avoid philosophical/scientific jargon so it can be better understood by readers so as to not be confused, although the nature of this topic is naturally confusing.
  20. Sushi has the most amazing pieces of artworks I've seen on here in a long time

  21. What if Pinocchio said that "my nose will grow?"

    1. Dhyone


      Any attempts to assign a classical binary truth value to this statement lead to a contradiction, or paradox. This occurs because if the statement "This sentence is false" is true, then it is false; this would mean that it is technically true, but also that it is false, and so on without end.

    2. Mallos


      invalid argument leads to lack of understanding IE paradox

  22. If a quiz is quizzical, what's a test?

    1. Mallos


      if a pear is a fruit then what's a paradox?

  23. From the album: Art

    Been messing around lately with realism for commissioned artworks
  24. Imperius


  25. If you were to close it, then the time of humans in Necrovion must come to an end, it has lost most of its mystery and intrigue since it was opened and it's better off permanently closed.
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