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  1. Hmm... Any interesting stuff lately?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. mirus


      so would you be around for curiosity this time? :) the realm could also do with more ppl online! 

    3. Imperius


      It's better off without my presence trust me lol, but I'll be back when things get exciting

    4. mirus


      haha alright! :)

  2. From the album Art

    Been messing around lately with realism for commissioned artworks
  3. Will be around for a short while because curiosity

    1. Ars Alchemy
    2. Imperius


      I don't get your reference

  4. If you were to close it, then the time of humans in Necrovion must come to an end, it has lost most of its mystery and intrigue since it was opened and it's better off permanently closed.
  5. What's a Murmuration?

    1. Maebius


      Starlings Have Many Shapes Here = SHMSH?
  6. Unfortunately no because of those pesky guards, but I'll find a way.
  7. *Imperius Blackbeard joined the game*   Death to the noob MP3's who wields thy enemy's torches! 
  8. I am a proud member of Fat Banana Earth Society. This will disprove your flat Earth and spherical Earth theories. You may dismiss this as a joke but can you prove this isn't legit? [attachment=4833:FB_IMG_1453675715283.jpg]
  9. The Lucifer Principle is quite a good read, would recommend. 3.5/5

  10. Deal done, this can be closed now.
  11. Bump! Still needs 2 heated BP's (25k atleast)
  12. I'll gladly offer my help for judging the entries Pip, plus I'll sponsor another Gold Coin.
  13. Your BP's are overpriced I won't take them, but I can buy one Imp from you.
  14. Want To Purchase these colorful critters, should be heated, doesn't matter the age. PM price or post here. [Heat should be over 9000°C for each]
  15. I want to see the screenshot.