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  1. Sushi has the most amazing pieces of artworks I've seen on here in a long time

  2. Lol so my mom just threatened me that if she sees me watching porn again she's gonna smash my face on the keyboargH5jal&@&5Yg98io#$yw

    1. Tipu


      How did your mom came to know ...dude using earphones,,,,safety first hehe.

  3. Medusa's hair is made of snakes.

    Does the carpet match the drapes?

  4. Would a Fly without wings be called a Walk?

  5. What if Pinocchio said that "my nose will grow?"

    1. Dhyone


      Any attempts to assign a classical binary truth value to this statement lead to a contradiction, or paradox. This occurs because if the statement "This sentence is false" is true, then it is false; this would mean that it is technically true, but also that it is false, and so on without end.

    2. Mallos


      invalid argument leads to lack of understanding IE paradox

  6. Is Christopher Reeves the opposite of Christopher Walken? 

    1. Mallos


      "these boots are made for walking"

  7. If a quiz is quizzical, what's a test?

    1. Mallos


      if a pear is a fruit then what's a paradox?

  8. Imperius


  9. Imperius

    Fate of Necrovion

    If you were to close it, then the time of humans in Necrovion must come to an end, it has lost most of its mystery and intrigue since it was opened and it's better off permanently closed.
  10. Imperius

    Torch team - Capt Jubaris

    Unfortunately no because of those pesky guards, but I'll find a way.
  11. Imperius

    Torch team - Capt Jubaris

    *Imperius Blackbeard joined the game*   Death to the noob MP3's who wields thy enemy's torches! 
  12. Imperius

    question the obvious - round earth or not?

    I am a proud member of Fat Banana Earth Society. This will disprove your flat Earth and spherical Earth theories. You may dismiss this as a joke but can you prove this isn't legit? [attachment=4833:FB_IMG_1453675715283.jpg]
  13. Imperius

    WTP 3 Imps and 3 BP's

    Deal done, this can be closed now.
  14. Imperius

    WTP 3 Imps and 3 BP's

    Bump! Still needs 2 heated BP's (25k atleast)
  15. Imperius

    Project: BIOweapon

    I'll gladly offer my help for judging the entries Pip, plus I'll sponsor another Gold Coin.