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  1. Imperius


  2. Imperius

    Fate of Necrovion

    If you were to close it, then the time of humans in Necrovion must come to an end, it has lost most of its mystery and intrigue since it was opened and it's better off permanently closed.
  3. Imperius

    Torch team - Capt Jubaris

    Unfortunately no because of those pesky guards, but I'll find a way.
  4. Imperius

    Torch team - Capt Jubaris

    *Imperius Blackbeard joined the game*   Death to the noob MP3's who wields thy enemy's torches! 
  5. Imperius

    question the obvious - round earth or not?

    I am a proud member of Fat Banana Earth Society. This will disprove your flat Earth and spherical Earth theories. You may dismiss this as a joke but can you prove this isn't legit? [attachment=4833:FB_IMG_1453675715283.jpg]
  6. Imperius

    WTP 3 Imps and 3 BP's

    Deal done, this can be closed now.
  7. Imperius

    WTP 3 Imps and 3 BP's

    Bump! Still needs 2 heated BP's (25k atleast)
  8. Imperius

    Project: BIOweapon

    I'll gladly offer my help for judging the entries Pip, plus I'll sponsor another Gold Coin.
  9. Imperius

    WTP 3 Imps and 3 BP's

    Your BP's are overpriced I won't take them, but I can buy one Imp from you.
  10. Imperius

    WTP 3 Imps and 3 BP's

    Want To Purchase these colorful critters, should be heated, doesn't matter the age. PM price or post here. [Heat should be over 9000°C for each]
  11. Imperius

    Public Response to Blackshade Rider

    I want to see the screenshot.
  12. Imperius

    question the obvious - round earth or not?

    Junior, I don't think someone is interested about your equational mindblasting post, we talk English here not numbers, we're not as smart as you. Anyways you can't find out if the Earth is flat or not unless you find it out yourself, these "solid" proof uses common sense, if it makes sense then it must be true, if not then it must be a conspiracy built for the shadow government Area 51 and Kim Jong Un is secretly a monitor lizard. Anyone seen the Vsauce explanation for this? #TrustMichael This made me open my mind if anything else in the galaxy is flat, because why not? We don't have solid evidence that they aren't. So here's another theory: [attachment=4753:FB_IMG_1451952963127.jpg]
  13. Imperius

    question the obvious - round earth or not?

    Take a look at the UN's logo, that's how the real map of the earth looks like for flat-earthers. I also read from somewhere that both the North and South Poles is guarded by the military and cannot be accessed, they say the North Pole is projecting this Sun and Moon illusion, for what? I don't get why these people would lie to the public, seems like a lot of work for me. My best guess is ancient aliens bruh, they was ancient aliens reptilian grey illuminati Zionists who wants to enslave mankind using the central banks and petrodollars.
  14. Imperius