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  1. So I am thinking of coming back, because I am lonely or something Also, more importantly, this game does not work on the vast majority of popular web browsers. It does not work on chrome, and it is all weird and slow on firefox. I feel like this probably sucks for a lot of people, not just myself. So how's it going anyway?
  2. Thank you for the feed back so far... I would still like to implement something for reference, especially for players who cannot afford expensive creatures. It appears to me that an economy is trying to form within MD. Surely there already is one, albeit chaotic and somewhat open to interpretation. Why do we have coins? Why do we have premium creatures? Why do we have items? The market is full of potential value, but when that value is not well known, then not as much trade happens. Therefore, the current situation seems to be this : there is a lot of value just setting out there, not being used. If something were implemented, coins, creatures, and items would begin swapping hands much more frequently. This would allow the enrichment of the MD world.
  3. I should mention that of course, you are correct an exact price cannot be named. What I propose is a reasonable range of prices. Much like an MSRP, for example. There are many other things that may be taken into account, but if there is a general range, then people at least know what they have to shoot for.
  4. If you are interested in helping, please let me know.
  5. Kafuuka, why don't you let me see what you already have? I will hound individuals about the things you do not have, and see what I can come up with. Also think the market idea would be great
  6. I would like to create a collection of standard creature prices found across MD. As many creatures as possible, in terms of silver coins. Age and tokens also should be taken into consideration. I will admit I got this idea for selfish reasons, but if the list is made it could benefit many, especially newer players. If there is already a list somewhere, then I apologize for redundancy. Grene.
  7. Feel like it is reasonable to get the requested accounts back. Seems sad that all the creatures will be wasted (is this true?) Couldn't something productive be done with them?
  8. Note how Grido refers to you as "little one" He has a reputation. Just so you know.
  9. Ignatious

    New Idea

    Not that this has anything to do with your idea, but while we're at it... I think it would be cool to organize the list of players in an area by MP level.
  10. Think I may have caught this idea from someone else but... What if there were a set of standardized, easy quests on every RPC "Q" page. Example : A quest to go get your documents, which rewards a standard amount, something pretty easily acquired, like a silver coin or whatnot. Again, this exact same quest would be viewable on every RPC. These simple quests could be limited to MP3 levels in order to encourage people to stay interested in the game, and involved. Obviously getting your documents is a one time deal, but you could potentially even have repeatable, easy quests.
  11. [quote name='Kentor' date='11 June 2008 - 03:26 AM' timestamp='1213179979' post='9643'] I contribute to Wikipedia and maintain a few articles there, and I would not consider Magic Duel notable nor would the vast majority of the more significant contributors. I think you guys have a significant misunderstanding of what Wikipedia is. Wikipedia is not an indiscriminate assortment of articles. It is not a source of news, nor a place to document what you believe is interesting. It is not an outlet for original thought, primary research, or even direct documentation. It is not a manual, not a directory, and most definitely not a place for advertisement. Wikipedia is a free open encyclopedia that is provided in a variety of languages. Stop and think about that for a second. You are trying to submit Magic Duel as part of an encyclopedia, a game that hasn't even reached the end of its alpha cycle that has a relatively small user base and has never once been mentioned by a vetted reputable source in any context even in passing. It doesn't matter how unique the game is, or whether it's excellent or horrible -- it must be notable with objective evidence to support that claim. [/quote] Is this incorrect?
  12. So there is no current reward for this puzzle? I was also trying to turn them all black...maybe I will try orange before advancing to MP4.
  13. Not sure what I think about the rp kid thing. I have met one or two I really enjoyed. They add spice to rp. I am thinking of Interview with the Vampire. Remember that vampire kid, who was really messed up? Maybe MD kids would be like that... Not really sure though, haven't had the desire to play one myself.
  14. Soooo what is the motivation behind destroying Bob anyway? Moved to a more appropriate topic - Z
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