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  1. Item 1: Anni creature 2018. Price: 20 plushies Item 3: Silvertongue stone. Price 10 plushies Item 11: 13th anniversary piece of cake. Price: 2 plushies - total of 32 plushies
  2. Item 6: 12th anniversary creature. 25 plushies.
  3. Item 6: 12th anniversary creature. 20 plushies.
  4. Shemhazaj

    Molima bug

    all went well. Molima's both hungry and productive now time to lvl it up thanks again for fixing it.
  5. Shemhazaj

    Molima bug

    Molima started eating bones. Everything seems to be in order now. Will confirm after enough bones are eaten to produce the spores.
  6. Shemhazaj

    Molima bug

    sure thing. thanks for looking into it
  7. Shemhazaj

    Molima bug

    Chewett, if you have time to check the molomas again, please check mine as well. It's condition is unchained since I posted the first time, just now it's inactive for 6 weeks now. thank you in advance
  8. personally, I never found DoT useful.
  9. Shemhazaj

    Molima bug

    hello is there a "fasting" time period before molima becomes productive? it seems my molima is not in the mood to eat and/or produce anything and it's been over 2 weeks since I have enough bones for it to munch on. Other (un?)important details: lvl: 1 Name: Molima Crit ID: 851848 It has been transfered. it's upgrade-ready
  10. Actually the organizer of the contest can decide the rules, Chewett doesn't need to be bothered with that. Perhaps we should allow Azull to compete. As an MP7 he can fight with any MP lvls when he chooses to and can't be attacked if he doesn't want to. But surely he can still still play other vital support roles as well as win if he so desired it
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